• Nightly Roundup #15

    Oh Lyra, you so silly.


    After the break! 
  • PMV: Pinklejuice / Batmare Begins / My Little Expendables

    Movie Trailers and Cartoons time!

    1.) Pinklejuice
    2.) Batmare Begins
    3.) My Little Expendables

  • Story: Sweet Apple Capers


    Author: The RPGenius
    Description: Pinkie Pie wants some apple strudel, and by Celestia, she's gonna get it!
    Sweet Apple Capers

    Additional Tags: none
  • 3D Spinny Fluttershy

    Because no one does plot like this guy!

    Click above for the link! 
  • Very...Strange Ponychan Contest

    So a while back, an image popped up on ponychan...

    As you can see, someone over at the merch department of Hasbro typo-ed Fluttershy as Shutterfly.  An honest mistake right? I mean, just because I work at Blockbuster doesn't mean I know even half of the movies we rent out.

    This is ponychan though! And stuff like this tends to spark.. things.  A new contest has popped up.

    The general premise is to draw/photoship/animate Fluttershy into a half pony, half fly, abomination. That's right! The most loved character in the show is apparently lacking insectoid features. 

    But why would you take part in such a crime against nature?

    Well, the person running the competition is so psyched about turning our cute little nature lover into a demonic ponybeast, that they are offering the rare, Fluttershy blind bag toy to the winner. 

    You can find the ponychan thread here if you want to give it a shot!
  • Music: Luna's Fury (Dubstep) / WWU Rock Cover / This Is My Jam

    Music time!

    You guys will not convert me to dubstep! Stop trying! Not even Trixie dubstep will do it!

    Also trying out Soundcloud embeds. Lets see if this works.

    1.) Luna's Fury (Fan Music) MLP Dubstep
    2.) WWU Rock Cover
    3.) This is My Jam (Soundcloud Embed! Enable Script!)

  • Story: The Princess Pony Bride

    [Normal][Shipping] Fluttermac zomg

    Author: 25 or 6 to 4
    Description: When the power goes out in town and nothing to do, the Cutie Mark Crusaders draft their new buddy Goliath the Cranky Minotaur into telling them a story. What will he concoct, and will it be any good? To quote another Rob Reiner flick, this story goes up to 11
    The Princess Pony Bride (All Links)

    The Princess Pony Bride Chapter 1
    The Princess Pony Bride Chapter 2
    The Princess Pony Bride Chapter 3
    The Princess Pony Bride Chapter 4
    The Princess Pony Bride Chapter 5
    The Princess Pony Bride Chapter 6
    Additional Tags: Princess Bride, minotaur, fluttermac
  • Luna Celestia Flash

    Next on my list: Figure out how to embed flash files in Blogger without lagging the hell out of the blog!

    This is awesome, click the image above for the full version.

    Or you can click this link
  • Drawfriend Stuff #111

    It has been a while since we had a Trixie drawfriend edition edition!

    I love this image so much, It needs to be a 1920X1080 Wallpaper (hinthint)

    Inb4 too many Trixie drawfriends, there have been at LEAST 10 since the last one. 

    And just a reminder: If a source is missing, please email me if you want to change it!  I can't really keep up with comments on this site anymore.

    Source 1
  • Bestpony is terrible

    I'm pretty sure this is the greatest, most powerful website ever. least powerful site ever.

    You can't find this masterpiece failure below, because it's gone.

    Have some Trixie.
  • UK/European Pony Commercial

    Looks like our favorite little equines are officially heading to Europe.  The Boomerang channel will be starting up season one on July 4th.  The commercial can be found below!
  • Pinkie Pie Bouncing


    It's x:30

    Time for a ridiculous flash image.

    You can click above to find it!

    Or below!

    Veggie on DA
  • On To Ponytown / Pony Roll / Ponyworld Theme

    YTPMV time!

    1.) On To Ponytown
    2.) Pony Roll
    3.) Super Mare-io Land - Ponyworld Theme

  • Story: Adventures in Cake Making

    [Adventure][Comedy] This is the first time these tags have ever come together. A groundbreaking achievement if I do say so myself!

    Author: Foxxy
    Description: Winning the title of Fillydelphia Baking Queen is never easy.
    Adventures in Cake Making

    Additional Tags: Carrot Top is easily distracted
  • Side Pony Customs!

    We sure do celebrate the side ponies!  Or at least this post does.  I'm praying that they do something with the more famous ones for season two.  They really deserve it!

    Also some custom berry punch after the below, the canon town drunk! 

  • Story: The Sun Doth Not Shine, The Moon Doth Not Glow

    [Adventure] So much Celestia and Luna! I really hope they have a presence in season two!

    Author: Daetrin
    Description: The mistakes of the past cast long shadows. As the mistakes of a thousand years past threaten Equestria once again, Princess Luna joins Twilight Sparkle and her friends to close that chapter in history once and for all.
    The Sun Doth Not Shine, The Moon Doth Not Glow

    Additional Tags: Short, Danger, Magic, Speed, Physics
  • PMVs: Mustache Feeling // Ponyland // Your Horoscope for Today

    Some more PMVs for your daily pony consumption. Have some Rarity.

    These posts are, like, my only chance to write whatever I feel like. Last time I did, I got a fic out of it- and a pretty nice one, too, so that was cool. I just don't really have any other place on the blog to express myself, and, well, Seth doesn't usually read what I write before I post it. Phoe has her Training Ground posts, Seth has the rest of the blog, and I've just kinda gotta make due with what I've got. It's fun in the way that a restriction can be fun if you turn it on its head. Like bondage. But I'm not going to talk about bondage, that's Phoe's schtick.

    I dunno what I'm trying to say to you, really. I'm not good at being entertaining. Whenever I try, there's always that voice in the back of my mind that says, "Cereal, this rant isn't pony-related, stop bothering the big ponies and go to bed." Because, of course, these posts are scheduled far in advance, and sometimes late at night I've got a lot on my mind and sometimes I just like the sound of my own typing.

    I haven't got a point. I'm not trying to tell anyone anything, or be depressing, or sarcastic, or anything like that. I'm just a pony talking to the internet.

    All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.

    Go about your day, ponies. Life is what you make of it.

    1) Mustache Feeling
    2) Ponyland
    3) Your Horoscope for Today

  • Vocal Cover Compilation Post

    Did you know I can't sing? It's true. Voice of a banshee.

    I have here three videos. The first is a single-pony vocal cover of Winter Wrap-Up, the second is a remake of Art of the Dress, involving making forum signatures (weird, I know, but he pulls it off), and the final video is from iBringDaLULZ. All after the page break, of course. In that order. No refunds.

  • Nighty Roundup #14

    Coming to you live from deep within Princess Celestia's sugar mines, I have somehow also been placed in charge of the news for tonight. At least that means the return of Lyra! Now if you'll excuse me I'm being whipped by the overseer, so instead of being witty and charming let's just dive right into tonight's headlines:

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds Day #27

    I am taking over tonight so Phoe can sleep, because I don't sleep anyway!

    So far this event has been amazing.  After the 30 days are up, we might roll without another set of challenges after a short break... It has been a lot of fun.  I really want to participate too!  Confound this blog taking my free time.

    I'll use a Lyra for the sake of continuity, and because I can appreciate her minty freshness just as much as the next pony obsessed lunatic.

    Anyway, the Entires/Links/Topic/ect can be found after the break!

    That's a whole lot of Celestia Wanna-be's! 173 to be exact! The nerve of someponies.