• PMV: Smells Like Equestria/ Ponies on the Moon/ Horseplay 4

    I have a rule: when in doubt, post Lyra. She is upset because her sandwich got stolen, so I am consoling her with the following music videos:

    1.) Smells Like Equestria
    2.) Ponies on the Moon
    3.) Horseplay 4

  • Comic: Love Without Wings / Enter the Poniytrix

    This is a two part comic.  Click the image above for the direct link to part one, and the image below for part two. 

    Also some Luna Matrix/1984 crazyness after the break! I'm not sure if this is part of a series or something!

    Sources: Mutlu-Poni / Sparky Velt(No link!)

  • The Greatest Most Powerful Trixie Plushie Ever!

    Sorry everyone, blogs over.  This was my goal all along, and it is now complete.  The Great and Powerful Trixie really is the Greatest and most Powerful plushie ever. 

    Now I know you are all probably wondering: "but Seth! How could you possibly abandon us for this obnoxious loudmouth of a pony?!  We were best friends!". 

    I was just using you.


    Anyway have another picture if this AMAZING Trixie.

    Look at that smug ass look, and those brilliant, determined eyes.  This is a real mare right here folks.  

    The artist and commissioner wish to remain anonymous due to work load!
  • Comic: Hey Pinkie Pie ,,,

    It's an earth pony thing I guess! Click the image for the full size, or hit up Valcron's DA below!

    Source: Valcron
  • PMV: Reading Rainboom / Staring at the Sun / More Ponycraft

    This is a mix of PMV's and a tour of Ponycraft.net.

    It's a pretty entertaining server if you ever have that urge to join in on one of the huge minecraft brony communities!

    I guess #1 was inevitable..

    1.) Reading Rainboom
    2.) Staring at the Sun
    3.) Ponycraft.net

  • Bronyville Second Life Server



    You should tell me about stuff like this!

    It looks like ponyville has been built from the ground up over on Second Life.  I've never been a fan of the game, but this is REALLY tempting (Client already downloading doh!)

    But what would Second Life be without Ponies?   Apparently, these templates are relatively easy to customize as you see fit. 

    Yes, that is in fact Twilight Sparkle with a umbrella hat on the left.  Some of it is still a work in progress, but it looks like they have made leaps and bounds in terms of progress.  Connection instructions and more images can be found after the break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #109

    Dancing edition! Downgraded from Great and Powerful edition after a sudden realization that Great and Powerful edition might be a bit inappropriate considering the subject matter.

    Source 1
  • Remix War Round 2!

    Not a Clever Pony's Remix War II is under way! If you are new, or didn't get a chance to see the results of the first one, you can find them here!

    The general premise is to choose someone else's pony remix, and add your spin to it, be it with a techno beat addition, or a straight up dubstep revamp of the entire track. 

    If you are interested in joining, you can register by emailing Not a Clever Pony at:

    • The name you want to go by
    • Your youtube channel link
    Check out the Google document below for all additional information!

    Remix War II Rules/Deadlines/Information

  • Starctaft VS MLP Bullethell Game

    This is...glorious.

    Looks like it IS released!

    You can find the download here!

    You can find it embedded after the break

  • My Little Pony Convention Information

    About a week ago, I created a post about an official my little pony convention on Rhode Island. 

    Someone who has been on the pony scene for years has created what is essentially a guide for bronies who wish to attend.  It explains various events that take place, and essentially prepares you for what to expect.  If you do plan on checking the convention out, I'd suggest reading through the article.  You can find it below!

    MLP Convention Guide for Bronies
  • Cereal Receives Some Comparative-Rarity Jewelry

    Exactly what it says on the tin.

    Remember this post? The creator, Comparative Rarity, took to heart the advice to make something more testosterone-friendly, and created a new variety of these bracelets.

    As a show of support to the blog, Seth, Phoe, and I were sent free bracelets in our choice of colors, because Comparative Rarity is awesome. I have taken it upon myself, therefore, to embarrass her as much as possible with a complete unboxing of my package, even though she never asked for one. Because I am a classy gentleman like that.

    The entire unboxing, in photos, is after the break!

  • Story: Blank Flank


    Author: Colour Paletta
    Description: What would the life of a pony be if he or she had grown up without ever earning their cutie mark? Can it ever be too late to get one?
    Blank Flank Chapter 1

    Additional Tags: Artist, Friendship, Loneliness, Taboo, Blank Flank
  • FiM Live Musical on the 22nd

    They sure do use these vectors for just about everything!

    I am not sure if this is the same play that I linked a while back, but something is planned for the 22-23rd up in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada during the CapitalEX event. 

    It sounds like only three of the mane six will take part in the show.  Have a copy pasted excerpt from the site!
    My Little Pony…stars Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash & Applejack in a live, interactive, musical adventure. Twilight Sparkle is a light violet unicorn pony with an indigo mane and tail and pink and purple streaks, in the pursuit of knowledge. Applejack is an orange earth pony, with a blonde mane and tail, very dependable and down-to-earth, but also has a stubborn side. Rainbow Dash, a sky blue pegasus pony, with a multicolored mane and tail, very brave and bold, but also mischievous and proud.
    You can find the mane page here

    Thanks to Alberta Brony for the info!
  • Poetry Compilation

    Poetry time! I have no clue what to classify this as, and I usually turn single poetry submissions down (so don't send yours!) but this is a full on compilation! 

    The entire set can be found at this Google Document Link.

    This has been building up for a while across two threads, one from each of the pain pony image boards.  You can find those in the links below!

    Fimchan Poetry Thread
    Ponychan Poetry Thread
  • PMV: Ultimate Foaldown / Filly to the Future / Reading Rainboom

    Yep, preeety random!

    1.) The Ultimare Foaldown of Ultimane Despony
    2.) Filly to the Future
    3.) Reading Rainboom

  • Nightly Roundup #11

    Yah, it's Trixie time.  That side bar on the right that no one uses just took 2 hours to file away into the archives, I deserve it.  Stupid star ratings take forever to assign. 

    ON WITH THE NEWS! After the break.

  • Story: A Study In Rainbows (Updated Story 2, Chapter 7)

    [Crossover] If anyone has a better Sherlock Holmes crossover pic let me know! All I can find it Fluttershy in a hat. 

    Author: Thanqol
    Description: Returning from Zebrica, Rainbow Dash finds her lot cast in with the brilliant and eccentric detective, Rarity, as they unravel a crime most foul.

    Starring Rainbow Dash as Watson, Rarity as Holmes and Fluttershy as Lestrade.
    A Study In Rainbows Chapter 1: Miss Rarity
    A Study in Rainbows Chapter 2: The Art of the Dress
    A Study in Rainbows Chapter 3: The Murdered Mustache Mystery
    A Study in Rainbows Chapter 4: A Point Becomes a Line 
    A Study in Rainbows Chapter 5: A Justification for Fashion
    A Study in Rainbows Chapter 6: The Truth 
    A Study in Rainbows Chapter 7: Reichenbach Falls  

    Additional Tags: Mystery, humour, fashion and crime!

    Story 2 After the Break!

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 24

    Tears Can Be Cute, Too Edition. Or "Phoe needs to learn that when an idea inspires her, she should run with it without fear". This is the 3rd or so topic that I was convinced beyond all reason would wind up being controversial and hated, but I ran with it anyway because I thought the potential imagery was so strong. And every time, instead of that controversy, I get a ton of amazing art. Tonight? Oh my goodness gracious me, tonight. Absolutely incredible, the things you have drawn. Prepare to be rocked from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other, and then back again by these 161 soulful and expressive ponies. Our grand total for the event is now 4,518, which easily puts us within striking range of 5,000 by the end of this event. It's officially our goal!

    Now filled with renewed vigor, energy, and purpose I link you once again to the submission guidelines for the night. And don't forget you can drop me a line at phoe@equestriadaily.com if there's anything I can help you with! And thank you all for confirming to me that it's worth constantly adding this boring little paragraph every single night.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony dancing. After getting all of the negative feeling out of their system, the ponies are feeling great and want to express that boundless joy to the world. Also, Pinkie just bought the latest DDR game, and is throwing a party to celebrate. Everypony's invited. This doubles as your opportunity to dry drawing a pony in a Gala style dress if you're interested: I'm trying not to do any more "dress a pony in x" themes, but that one still interests me.