• Pony Graduation Speech

    We haven't had a full blown graduation speech yet for ponies.  This one definitely has potential. 

    You can find it after the break!
  • 3 minutes of pony 3 / Love Everypony / Portals Are Magic

    The Media queue is massive right now. Just a heads up on that for those of you sending in PMV's/Music. I try to give everyone some spotlight, but I might have to start shrinking them a bit.

    This one features 2 YTP, a normal PMV, and a cute Flutterhsy portal crossover.

    1.) 3 minutes of pony 3: Electric Cheerilee
    2.) Love Everypony
    3.) Portals Are Magic zomg fluttershy
    4.) My Little Boredom

  • Custom WWXD Banners // 5k Cutie Marks

    Crimson Valor has created a gallery of 'What Would X Character Do' banners for general use. To be frank, though, I don't think we need them. It's fairly obvious:

    Pinkie would party.
    Twilight would read.
    Applejack would buck.
    Rarity would make a dress or something.
    Fluttershy would hide in a bush.
    And Rainbow Dash is the bush.

    The gallery for those is here. He has also created a gallery of 5k-resolution cutie marks for your vector needs. You can find those here.
  • Pony Shot Glasses #4: Great and Powerful Edition

    So I heard you like shot glasses...  but do you like GREAT AND POWERFUL shot glasses?  Anything imbibed through this pristine piece of lightning-fired engineering is guaranteed to send you straight to the moon, and possibly beyond depending on your alcohol tolerance. 

    It truly is the greatest, most powerful shot glass in all of Equestria!

    Also some Derpy, Luna, Rapidash Twilight, and Scratch below 
  • Story: The Neigh of Cthulhu

    [Crossover] Trixie time!

    Author: Corey W. Williams
    Description: The Great and Powerful Trixie, in an attempt to learn new magic, accidentally stumbled on the Necronomicon and unleashes dark forces throughout Equestria. Now the dead are walking, the sunken city R'lyeh is rising, and worse horrors are not far behind. Can Trixie and the citizens of Ponyville fend off cosmic horrors from beyond their dimension?
    The Neigh of Cthulhu (All Links!)

    Additional Tags: Horror, Comedy, Lovecraft, Adventure, Necronomicon
  • Music: Minecraft FiM Theme / It has to be a Curse / Winter Wrap Up Fandub

    Random rose! yay~
    First off is a Minecraft music block version of the FiM theme

    Also 2 covers, one for Bridle Gossip, with some pretty interesting lyrics, and a really good one for Winter Wrap Up! We have talent in just about everything in this fandom.

    1.) Minecraft - Friendship is Magic Theme
    2.) "It Has To Be A Curse" - A MLP Fansong
    3.) Winter Wrap Up - Fandub

  • 49 Card Yu-Gi-Oh Pony Set

    For those of you who are into the Yu-Gi-Oh scene, this crazy brony over on DA has created an entire card set for the game, including just about every pony you can imagine. 

    He has them all set up in one massive gallery, you can find that here!

    Now someone get going on a MTG set!  I haven't played in ages, but I bet Celestia and Luna would make awesome planeswalkers.

    Also a second set! 
  • Comic: Pony Puppet Pals

    I know some of you watched Harry Potter puppet pals back in the day! You can't hide it!

    And normally I don't do the screencap comics, but poor Lyra...

    (Click images for full comics)

    Source Russelh / Yikomega

  • Twilight Sparkleathon at the Filly Synchtube Channel

    Time to celebrate the best mane 6 pony around!  It's Twilight night over on Filly, with episodes and PMV's Dedicated to the greatest non-Trixie equine who has ever lived!

    The stream starts at 6:00 PM Pacific time, you can find it here!

    Alt channel: Filly 2
  • AP English Brony Survey Results and Presentation

    The results for that survey from a few weeks ago have finally popped up, as well as a full on 20+ minute presentation about it.

    It's pretty damn extensive, so if you skip the video, at least check that out.

    Survey Results

    The actual videos are both after the break! 

  • Custom Merch Mall

    This is now "The Mall"  I'll add some extra formatting/images for each one when I get home from work, but I think people were getting kind of antsy with their shop updates, so I'll toss out the plane text version now/  I have just been really busy lately, this site takes a lot of time!

    Huge updates to this post today!  Everything that wasn't here before will be labeled as (New!)

    If anyone else has a shop they want me to link, feel free to email it and I'll add it to the post.

    Kanti's Cute Store-Keychains
    Cutie Mark Express-Cutie mark only shirts
    Pony Only-Pony only shirts
    Brony Apparel-Quote Shirts/Mugs/Earings
    Wasd999- Shirts!
    FiM shop -Shirts
    Dashdrives- Pony Flash Drives!
    Elements of Harmony Jewelry -Bracelets and Chains, check deeper into the DA for examples
    Pony Butttons - Title Says it all!
    Fake Pony Nails - For your fingers duh!
    Wonderbolts Hoodie / WWU Vest  
    Pony Filly Pins (New!)
    Brony Patches(Includes some Charity Donation)-Custom Pony Mark Patches (New!) 
    Pony Shoes (New!)
    Ear Gauges (New!)
    Xexus -Pony Buttons
    Tangible Cute- FlutterPie's Charms & Keycahins! (Lots of New stuff!)
    PinkieKeenCreations- What Would (Cutiemark) D?" Logos
    Pony Small Pins (New!)
    MoonlightMagiks- Pony Laser Burned Medallions (New!)
  • Comic: Luna's Cutie Mark

    I'm sure you all remember the previous iteration of this comic! Egophiliac has done it again, proving that Celestia and Luna don't always have to be evil or grimdark or trying to destroy Equestria. I love the apples out of this.

    Blogger resizes this comic- to view it, check out Egophiliac's DA page.

    Fixed the Resize with my 1337 HaXXorz Coding skeelz -Seth
  • Story: Trouble Comes in Threes (Update Part 3!)

    [Comedy] CMC Time! The crazy fillies that somehow grew on everyone.

    Author: Slowpoke
    Description: In Ponyville, there are three little fillies who just can't help but drag trouble with them wherever they go.
    Trouble Comes in Threes Chapter 1
    Trouble Comes in Threes Chapter 2
    Trouble Comes in Threes Chapter 2.5
    Trouble Comes in Threes Chapter 3 (New!)

    Additional Tags: lighthearted and silly.
  • Brony Movie Night #5 is Live

    The Brony Movie Night event is currently under way.

    You can find the channel here!
  • Poll Results: What Part of Friendship is Magic Do You Take Part In?

    This is pretty surprising actually.  I didn't think so many people actually read the fanfiction here. 

    I'm also glad you guys aren't sick of the pmv dumps.  They do get sort of repetitive considering we have no new episodes to use for them.

    I'm sure the comments will center around one option there, something everyone kept bugging me to add.  I figured I'd just compile it. 

    Anyway onward to the next poll!
  • Story: Get Happy (Update Part 8!)

    [Crossover]  I don't think I could find an image for this if I tried.  Introducing a House M.D. Crossover!

    Author: Freestyle Fiasco
    Description: A grisly new disease threatens Ponyville, and the only hope to cure it resides with the mind of Doctor House and his team of Royal Physicians. But when the Doctor and his Physicians themselves fall sick one by one, who will stand up to be everypony's last chance for survival?
    Get Happy
    Get Happy Part 2
    Get Happy Part 3 
    Get Happy Part 4
    Get Happy Part 5
    Get Happy Part 6 
    Get Happy Part 7
    Get Happy Part 8 (New!)

    Additional Tags: long, disease, doctors, mystery, dark humor
  • Time/RocketBoom Both Report on the Brony Craze

    It looks like Time Magazine is jumping on the brony bandwagon, primarily just reporting on the Wired article.  It's still pretty interesting to see all of these major news channels baffled at the community as a whole.  Good work everyone! We are slowly taking over the internet. 

    Once we hit a certain threshold, Hasbro's toy department might finally see us as a viable market.   Right now we are probably still a bit too small, but every single website that reports on the fandom is a step in the right direction.

    You can find that article below!

    Time Magazine's Brony Article 

    Along with this, Rocketboom over on youtube has also created a small shout out to bronies.  It's a pretty good watch! I'll let it speak for itself after the break.

  • Story: Somewhere We Pocketed


    Author: Mistytail
    Description: Pinkie Pie is about to attend the worst family reunion ever and she knows it. She can't help but wonder: was there ever really any love in her family?

    Somewhere We Pocketed

    Additional tags:
    Family, Love, Hurt, Hope, Memento
  • Comic: You Remind Me of Someone... / Humans in Equestria?

    Comic time!  Above is some Human in Equestria nonsense , and below you can find some sad Celestia! (Click the images for the comics)

    Sources: Egopheliac / RizCifra

    Uhh, links should point to their respective images now.

    Some day I'll hire an editor, promise.

  • BGM: Stampede / Pony Hill / Train Raid / Preparations for Battle / Battle Of Appleloosa / Over a Barrel Ending

    Lots of Over a Barrel BGM's this time around. Newb sent a whole compilation of them. Enjoy!

    1.) Stampede
    2.) Pony Hill
    3.) Train Raid
    4.) Preparations for Battle
    5.) Battle Of Appleloosa
    6.) Over a Barrel Ending

  • Rainbooms and Beyond

    And then Dash actually wiped out all of pony kind.  

    Video after the break!
  • Clay Luna and Plushie Parasprite


    Also some Plushie Parasprite!  She is making a Trixie too, but I got tired of waiting for it!

    Sources: Luna / Parasprite
  • Story: They Never Fall Far

    [Sad] Maaaanehatten!

    Author: Kegisak
    Description: An excursion into Manehatten with his sisters finds Big Macintosh face to face with his favorite author, Silver Tongue. It just so happens that Big Mac is just the sort of pony that Silver Tongue has been looking for - someone he can tell a very special story.
    They Never Fall Far

    Additional Tags: None
  • Friendoff Submissions Are In!

    Random image for random news.

    As of three hours ago, all the Friendoff submissions are in. I'll start compiling them when I get a chance, probably sometime this weekend.

    Cereal out.
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 15

    I had to break my rules regarding sketch-style images in this space for today. Hopefully you'll understand why after the page break. Right now, let's talk about art! Myth ponies, story ponies, classic ponies, all the ponies of the rainbow. 164 in all! Come in, sit down, and learn a lot about antiquity! And some more recent things because you guys just love looking for ways out of what I ask for. It's part of why I love you, after all. You know what's disappointing, though? In all of the hullabaloo, not a single one of you gave me an image of Fluttershy as Yggdrasil. I lobbed this one underhand to you. For shame. Shame!

    Moving right along, let's go ahead and link the submission guidelines, same as always. And just like always, talk to me at phoe@equestriadaily.com if something goes wrong. It's hard finding new ways to say this every night. Almost as hard as coming up with interesting themes.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony standing in the wind. I think with all the action we've been doing lately, it might be nice to return to something a little more simple and serene. And deceptively difficult, from what I've been told by all the ponies I've spoken to who live in the world of art. I apologize for requiring so many scenery pieces. I know it's hard work but keep at it! You're all improving so much!