• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 1

    Guess what? It's time to draw ponies! Are you excited? 'Cause I'm excited. I've never been so excited! Except for the time I went -- oh, right. Sorry. All right then, Heaven or Hell. Let's rock!

    The Rules of Engagement

    So here's the deal. Starting from right now, it is your job to draw ponies and send them to me. Every night at midnight, PST (that's Pacific Standard Time) I will pop out of the shadows and hand you a new assignment. Whether or not you take this assignment is up to you, but the more assignments you complete the more practice and exposure you get, so try not to shy away, either. You will have until midnight the following night to send in your work. For obvious reasons I'll be writing the actual post a bit beforehand, so if you're a late entry and don't see yourself right away don't worry, I'll get to it. For those of you interested, there's some helpful stuff over in the announcement post, like links to all those awesome tutorials. With that said, let's go over the rules:

    - Send your submissions to phoe@equestriadaily.com The subject line should include the phrase Artist Training Grounds, as well as the day you are submitting for. The body of the e-mail should contain an attachment to your picture, and the name you want to be known by. You must give me a name, or I can't post your drawing. These are the rules of Thunderdome.

    - You're free to interpret the theme of the day pretty much however you wish, as long as you work it in there somewhere. Be as literal or as open minded as you want. If you choose to go a spicy or a bloody direction with a particular theme, please keep it within reason. Overly explicit images will not be posted.

    - Any format you are able to draw in is fine. Digital art, a hand drawn sketch, whatever. If you handed me a doodle on a napkin I'd scan it myself. I'm cool like that.

    - Have fun. I command it.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony standing. Something very nice and simple to stretch your sketching muscles with. Ok? Ok! Hop to it!
  • Comic: On The Fritz

    Another comic! Slow news tonight.

    If you guys are afraid of FurAffinity, just keep clicking that Next button! Oh, wait, there isn't one. Well, anyway, here's page one and two!
  • Story: Adventures in the New World (Update Part 5!)

    [Crossover] Ponies on Earth! With Dr. Whoof!  This can't end well.

    Author: Silfer
    Description: After a miscalculation during one of Doctor Hooves' Time travel trips. The girls find themselves in a new world and in a new body.
    Adventures in the New World Part 1
    Adventures in the New World Part 2 
    Adventures in the New World Part 3
    Adventures in the New World Part 4
    Adventures in the New World Part 5 (New!)

    Additional Tags: The Pony Gang on Earth
  • Fillydelphia's Interactive Story Section

    Random image, go!

    Oni writes to let us know about the interactive story section of his Fillydelphia site. From the looks of it, you can use this system to create your own choose-your-own adventure style stories that others can read. It sounds awesome! If only I were a decent writer.

    Fillydelphia is here, and the ISS is here.
  • Twilight Sparkle Windows 7 Start Button

    Need more ponies on your desktop? Look no further!

    Tinsin has created a Twilight Sparkle mod for your Windows 7 Start button. You can either apply it manually, or you can use this utility.

    The mod is here!
  • Classic Comic: Luna's Press Release

    Comic time! Blogger would have resized this, so it's hosted elsewhere!

  • PMV: PONIES the Anthology

    This...is amaazing

    This is what these YTP things should all be like!

    24 minutes of completely off the wall pony antics and cultural references.

    You can find the video after the break.
  • Not a Clever Pony's Bandcamp Page

    For all of the fans of the crazy remixes/themes Not A Clever Pony creates, he has just opened up a new bandcamp page for all of his music. 

    You can find it below, along with a new version of his Princess Luna Lullaby as a way of sayings thanks to all of his fans!

    Not A Clever Pony's Bandcamp Page

    Princess Luna's Lullaby (Aftermath)
  • Drawfriend Stuff #90

    Why doesn't he release higher resolution images edition!

    Source 1

  • Newbie Artist Training Ground Event

    So you want to learn to draw pony do you?  But are you like the majority of us and completely lack any motivation to do so?  This event is hopefully for you then!

    It's much easier to get up and do something when everyone around you is involved! 

    So here is how this event will work...
    Every single day until the end of June, a drawing topic will pop up.  This can be anything from "Draw a pony staring at the clouds" to "Draw a pony battling a dragon".   As time goes on, things will get a bit more complex, but not too much so.  Our newest blog author, Phoe, (Welcome her! For she is the only thing keeping me and Cereal from all out troll war!) will be gathering drawings from everypony, and tossing them into a daily thread, which will also include the topic for the next day's drawing. 

    This event is about learning how to draw.  If you start off with stick figures, that's perfectly fine. The only way artists improve, is by actually doing it.  Everyone has the ability.  Some are more naturally talented than others... but that doesn't mean you can't acquire it. 

    What are the Requirements?
    You are NOT required to submit something every day, and jumping in/out any time you want is perfectly fine, but if you have even 5 minutes to draw a very simple equine model and post it, then it's at least 5 minutes of practice toward the noble goal of drawing the Great and P... er drawing amazing ponies.

    You can draw OC Ponies, The Mane Cast, Crossovers, Whatever you want!  Just keep it somewhat clean! Feel free to warp the daily topic to fit your needs.  If "Draw a pony playing checkers" is boring, go ahead and draw "Celestia and Luna battling it out with frozen versions of the mane 6 in an epic checkers match that shatters all of Equestria".

    Do these count toward Achievements?
    Yes, kill 2 birds with one stone!  I bet you are all slacking on those anyway!

    I don't even know where to start!
    Check out the Pony Drawing Guides! They are pretty extensive! That should give you a basic outline of how to mold a pony, though the only way to really get good at it is through repetitious practice, and this event is just that!

    When does it start?
    The First topic will pop up at 12:00 AM On May 27th (So Midnight tonight!)

    Why are there so many typos!?
    Because I have to leave for work in 10 minutes!
  • Story: It's Not Where You Go... (Updated Chapter 8!)

    [Normal] I still have... 0 snails pictures. So here is a quick Screencap.

    Author: Cottonmouth
    Description: When Snails has a disturbing revelation, he decides to take life into his own hooves. 
    It's Not Where You Go...(Chapters 1-7)
    It's Not Where You Go... (Chapter 8) (New!)

    Also, Cottonmouth would like to extend Special Thanks to PoorYorick and Larince for this one.
  • Daniel Ingram interview Over! Waiting on the Stream!

    It's over! I'll post the stream one it pops up in a bit for those that missed it.  Back to normal news.

    I totally managed to sort away half the media/fanfiction side bars in that time. ACCOMPLISHMENT!

    IRC is still up!
  • Comic: Don't Waste Summer

    They need to hire Madmax to redesign Luna for the show.  Shes so much cuter here!

  • Story News Stuff! Again!

    To help with the process of building the new sorting archive thingy, I'm bringing author tags back to every story on the site.

    Or at least the ones with authors who still actually come here!

    This won't happen over night, it will be more of a "I have 5 minutes of free time so I'll label things!"

    Anyway, if you have a story on the website that doesn't have an "Author: YourName" Tag, feel free to email me, follow this template though!

    1.) Author: Your Name (Capitalization where it is required!)
    2.) Link to your Story/Stories

    Nothing else! Just a simple text.  Example:
    Author: Sethisto
    Thats it! I will see your email, file it into my "author tag folder" and tag it when I have time.  Nice and simple.
  • The Brony Show Contest!

    The Bronies over at the Brony Show podcast are running a competition to deck out their cast with an opening jingle and title cards.  There are some pretty good prizes too, including brush-able ponies and gift sets abound!

    You can find all of the specifics as well as the contact information below!

    Brony Show Podcast Competition
  • Story: Getting Lucky (Update Complete!)

    [Shipping][Comedy] "I was smiling IRL all throughout."  Pre-reader #5

    Author: Chicken Vortex
    Description: “The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea” -Isak Dinse
    Getting Lucky
    Getting Lucky Part 2
    Getting Lucky Part 3
    Getting Lucky Part 4
    Getting Lucky Part 5 
    Getting Lucky Part 6 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Ship, Shipping, Science, Something, Snow cones
    Also His April foals entry after the break as requested
  • Daniel Ingram TV Interview! / 91.8 The Fan interview In A Few Hours!

    Starting at 7:19 in Part 1 and continuing on to Part 2 is a Daniel Ingram interview.  It has some interesting behind the scenes stuff that I think a lot of you composers/musicians would enjoy.

    TV Interview Part 1
    TV Interview Part 2

    It's awesome how close he is to the community now.  I really can't wait for season two.

    As always you can follow him at his Twitter or check out his Facebook Account or Website for more information!

    Also what's with the amazing offices they get over there in Canada?  I could LIVE in one of those.

    Also be sure to tune in to the live interview happening on 91.8 The Fan at 2:00pm PST!
  • PMV: Thank You For Not Moshing // Pony Witcher // Ani-mane-iacs

    Some really good crossovers this time around. At least the Animaniacs one! I might be blinded by the TRIXIE in the Witcher crossover.

    1.) Thank You For Not Moshing - Reel Big Fish
    2.) Pony 2: Assassins of Kings (Because Trixie is the best witch)
    3.) Ani-mane-iacs

  • Music: Peaceful Serenity // CMC Rock Cover // Rusty Pony Bay

    Some Peaceful Stuff to make you sleepy, then a rock ballad to wake you up! What a combo!

    Also some banjo Kazooie stuff

    1.) V.S: Peaceful Serenity [Fluttershy's theme]
    2.) Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme Song (Cover)
    3.) Rusty Pony Bay

  • Vocal Free Episodes 1-3

    For those of you who are into these vocal free episodes, Wingbeat Pony has released another set!  No embeds this time, just direct links (a lot of them!)

    Episode 1 (Friendship is Magic, part 1)
    Part 1
    Part 2

    Episode 2 (Friendship is Magic, part 2)
    Part 1
    Part 2

    Episode 3 (Ticket Master)
    Part 1
    Part 2
  • Story: Harmony Harmony

    [Crossover] Robot Unicorn Attacks meets MLP!

    Author: JenovaII
    Description: Eager for intellectual stimulation, Twilight makes her GREATEST INVENTION EVER! But what do her friends think about her creation?
    Harmony Harmony

    Harmony Harmony

    Additional Tags: Robot Unicorn Attack, Baby!
  • Story: Ascend Through Darkness (Updated Parts 7+8!)

    [Crossover] I'm pretty sure I don't have any Nazi Zombie pony pictures! So have some mysteriously looking dash stuff.

    Author: Ghost of Perdition
    Description: The apocalypse of the undead is upon Equestria. As the ponies struggle against the odds to survive, they receive help from an unexpected quartet of expert zombie slayers.
    Ascend Through Darkness (New 7+8!)

    Additional Tags: Call of Duty, Zombies, Humor, Crisis, Everypony
  • Season 2 Information Released!

    Hasbro has released some information about Season Two!

    I won't bother summarizing it- you need to read it for yourself!

    Words cannot describe. You're just gonna have to watch it.