• Story: Fair Feather Friend (Updated Part 5)

    [Normal] Rainbow Dash needs a pet in show already!

    Author: Bobcat
    Description: Rainbow Dash is acting suspiciously.  Why is she sneaking around Applejack's farm?
    Fair Feather Friend
    Fair Feather Friend Part 2
    Fair Feather Friend Part 3
    Fair Feather Friend Part 4 
    Fair Feather Friend Part 5 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Rainbow Dash gets the bird
  • At The Gala Recording Photos!

    Daniel Ingram has posted a bunch of really neat photos of the recording session for At The Gala on his Facebook page.  If you are at all curious about seeing the faces behind all the ponies we obsess over, check out the gallery below!

    At The Gala Photos
  • Story: A Hop, Skip, and a Jump! (Update: Side Story 6

    [Shipping] Some Applejack/Fluttershy Stuff!

    Author: HiddenBrony
    Description: Fluttershy ends up spending all morning feeding the animals, and finds she has run out of food at home. Heading into Ponyville, the shy mare finds a fearsome storm is moving in, and finding an open shop is going to be tricky!
    A Hop, Skip, and a Jump!
    A Hop, Skip, and a Jump! Part 2
    A Hop, Skip, and a Jump! Part 3
    A Hop, Skip, and a Jump! Epilogue

  • Rarity Flash Game

    Just in case you weren't satisfied with that "customize a pony" game from earlier (Which 403'd for some reason even though the link works for me!), the Finnish MLP website has another one for you to try out.  It is essentially the same one the US MLP flash game has, but in this one your OC pony gets to hang out with the mane cast in some random scene after creation.

    So far I've seen..
    1.) Bathe with the Mane 6
    2.) Party with the Mane 6
    3.) Buck Apples with the Mane 6

    I am not sure if there are more!

    Anyway enjoy, its stupid short, but mildly entertaining. 

    Finnish Rarity Game

    Thanks to Nanaki for the tip!
  • PMV: People Love John Coulton // Ponymite

    PMV time!

    1.) People Love John Coulton
    2.) Ponymite

    All after the break!
  • Discussion: Your Dream Season

    We have seen countless discussions on season two predictions, and various other things, but I haven't seen a dream discussion yet.

    So here is how this works.  You are now the CEO of Hasbro, and everyone below you mindlessly follows your Celestian godlike status without any questioning at all.  Season three is yours to do whatever you want with.

    What do you do with our beloved ponies?

    Feel free to take advantage of the anon posting if you are embarrassed about your Super Saiyan, Mary Sue, Twilight SparklexNaruto crossover.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #82

    Luna Flying edition, because it's awesome. 

  • Another Pony Generator!

    Super Saiyan pegasus pony?  Yep!

    Another pony generator has popped up.  I would say "email me your ponies and I'll compile them" but I'm too busy with everything else!

    Actually how about this... Email your ponies to Cerealvelocity@equestriadaily.com

    And he can compile them!  Yay Cereal!

    Feel free to use the various other generators if you want.

    Anyway you can find a link to it below!

    Pony Generator
    (NOTE: COPY AND PASTE THE LINK, it errors otherwise) 
  • Comic: Zecora's Stripes

    Well, that explains it I think!
  • FiM 5 Pack $9.99 at Toys R' Us

    For those looking to mod some molded ponies, or anyone who hasn't already bought it,  the FiM 5 pack is currently on sale for ten bucks.  These are the only pony toys I have bought so far, (aside from the Mcdonalds ones) and I can definitely recommend them from a quality perspective.  They are very much worth the sale price. 

    Hell I might even buy another set just to make one of those badass nightmare moon customs.

    Anyway, I'd recommend hitting the actual store up if possible!  There is totally an achievement for it!
  • Season 2 has both 24 and 26 episodes...?

    Finally an excuse to use the inception image!

    Anyway a recent email from Daniel Ingram has me and a few others confused...

    As I posted a few days ago,  his resume says 26 episodes, but the Topdraw Animation website still lists 24.  Parallel Logic emailed him asking about this, and the response is pretty mysterious to say the least...

    Full Email after the break.
  • Ponies Invade Second Life

    A brony over on Second Life has released a reskinnable pony template for everyone to use.  It is currently in beta and he is looking for people to test it out. 

    He has it up in the marketplace post, but more to give instruction (He isn't actually selling it right now). You can find all information on downloading/applying it on the page below, or copypasted after the break

    Second Life Ponies

    these things sure to have an over-abundance of plot...


  • Send me Cakes!

    Do you have, or have you seen a Friendship is magic cake?!

    Well I'm compiling them, because cake is delicious.

    So send me cake, and I'll do a huge cake post!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #81

    Recovery edition!

    This was originally drawfriend #80, but my draft got destroyed by the blogger outage. 

    Unfortunately I don't have time to go re-locate all the sources for it (I usually do it when I find the image and delete them when I create the post).  I still have a bunch of email to go through and achievements to update before work tonight.

    Feel free to send me a list and I will drop it down at the bottom!

  • Cutie Mark Crusaders Power Metal // Ponies Take All

    Cutie Mark Crusaders time!
    1.) Cutie Mark Crusaders Power Metal
    2.) Ponies Take All

    Both after the break!
  • Blogger Restored Posts.

    How has this Rarity image not been used on a fic yet?!

    Anyway I'm just manually restoring the posts lost on the 11th since blogger seems to have skipped me.

    You can find them all below! Please go star vote stories you have read (assuming they need it since apparently some apparently kept their star votes!)

    Common Sky-Fanfic
    Cupcake Maze-Game
    Calling the Shots- Fanfic
    Jack and the Ponies -Fanfic
    Trix of the Trade- Fanfic

    Yep, pretty much all fics. That's how this pony draught is going to work though I suppose!  Who would have thought.

    I omitted one of the Trixie stories, since it really needed some editing anyway.  It was at the top of the front page for a full 14 hours so I'm pretty sure it got plenty of attention.
  • Cheerileeos

    She just looks so...happy!

    Guys, I think I'm falling for Cheerilee.  Even her name sounds cool now...so unique.

  • Writefriend Podcast

    Pride (a writer who does a lot of the live readings that pop up around here/ponychan) is starting up a podcast specifically for fanfiction.

    He currently has a beta episode out if you guys are interested in checking it out over on his  Ponychan thread!

    Also in other voice-acting news, the Storybook Project for Equinox has lost its primarily female voiceover.  If anyone is interested in playing Luna for a day, feel free to hop over to the thread and post!
  • Story: Spike is Missing


    Author: Xerorythic
    Description: Spike goes missing, and the main cast sets out to find and save him, finally culminating in a full on fight scene.
    Spike is Missing

    Additional Tags: Battle, Adventure, Explosions, Light Comedy, Fantasy
  • Minecraft Equestria Tour

    The main Mylittleminecraft.com server has set up a massive railway covering the entire world to show off their various cities/pixel arts. 

    I have resisted buying this game for a while now, but my resolve is slowly fading with every pony server video release.  I've played it before, and literally 12 hours went by without me realizing it.

    This just looks so...awesome.

    Anyway keep up the good work! I better see some Trixie pixel art and her wagon in the next vid!

  • Music: DJ D-Dog Louder // Steven Magnet: What a World

    Some more music for you guys!  This time various voice-remixes

    1.) DJ D-Dog Louder
    2.) Steven Magnet: What a World

    Both are after the break!

  • Hey! Everypony!

    Click past the page break for some hot, steamy clopfiction!

  • Story: The Tale of Equestria

    [Normal] History time!  As told by Spike

    Author: Dave Van Domelen
    Description: Discussion of how Celestia could even have a nephew leads to Spike recounting an old story about how ponies came to be.
    The Tale of Equestria

    Additional Tags: legend, origins, princesses, canterlot, court