• Story Event Poll Results

    So. It looks like you guys have all picked D by a narrow margin.

    Remember when I said that there was an option in the list that you really didn't want to choose? Well, guess what? You chose it. D was that option.

    Click past the page break to see what's behind Door Number One.

  • Amazing Fic Reading Checklist.

    This is definitely something all of you fan fiction readers should check out.  Page-Turner has compiled every single story in the archive, complete with type tags/characters in spreadsheet form.

    This is in itself is useful, but he also added a column that allows you to mark the ones you have already read.  With 491 fics, it can be a bit confusing at times to keep track of them all!  This should help a ton!

    You can find the Google Spreadsheet below

    Fic Reading Checklist

    In it's current state, you cannot edit it. This is simply a template.  You will need to make your own copy.  For those that have no clue how to do this, simply...

    1.) Click File
    2.) Click "Make a Copy"
    3.) Let it finish loading and save it.

    Thats it, pretty easy right?

    Once you download your copy, the spreadsheet also has other useful features.  You can completely filter certain types of stories by clicking the blue arrow in the upper right hand corner of the title box for that column.  If you don't like grimdark for example, simply uncheck grimdark.

    There are a bunch of other neat things you can discover on your own, but until then enjoy it! I'm adding it to the story archive permanently for those that miss this post.
  • The Origin of 'At The Gala'

    Apparently the animators of the show like to parody existing musicals!

    This is similar to what they did with Art of the Dress, which was based on another musical called Putting it Together.

    Both the original and the Gala songs are below the page break.

  • Story: Slender Mane (Updated Complete!)

    [Grimdark-Horror] Scary story time! Are you Rainbow Dash enough to read it?! 

    Author: Chicken Vortex
    Description: A malevolent force has come to Equestria. Can Twilight stop it? Can anyone?
    Slender Mane
    Slender Mane Part 2
    Slender Mane Part 3 
    Slender Mane Part 4
    Slender Mane Part 5 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Paranoia, Hallucinations, Schitzoprenia, Sociophobia, Multiple-personality Disorder
  • Equestrian War Chant

    It actually syncs and goes with the music!

    This is...so rare!

    Equestrian War Chant

    Check out the embed after the break
  • Vocal and Instrumental for Pony Pokey and At the Gala

    I'm out of Scratch images. She better come back for season 2.

    Have some Derpy instead, though I know I'll regret using this when the next Derpy story pops up!

    Anyway all embeds are after the break. More for the collection in the archive that people don't know exists!

    Pony Disco Instrumental
    Pony Pokey Vocal Only
    At the Gala Instrumental
    At the Gala Vocal Only

  • Reimagine: The Game - Ponies Hidden Everywhere

    It's not really 100% Pony, more of an "internet meme platformer" I guess?  Anyway there are ponies in various levels, so that's pretty cool at least! So far I've only found Rainbow Dash, but I don't really have time to play through it right now.

    It's actually pretty fun once you get passed the initial "WTF" of the inception level and realize what exactly the game is trying to accomplish!

    Reimagine: The Game

    Also Dashy/Twilight after the break ^^ 
  • Applejacks

    I love these pony cereals! I hope Rarity gets one.

    Artist is MoongazePonies over at DeviantART.
  • Discussion: What Kind of Pony Game Would You Prefer?

    There have been plenty of fake game screens and pictures floating around for a while now.  What kind of game would YOU prefer to play a pony in? 

    Genre Ideas:
    Western RPG (Open World-Oblivion)
    Japanese RPG (Linear Story-Final Fantasy)
    2D Fighter
    3D Fighter
    Platformer (My personal pony dream game, Ratchet and Clank style!)
  • Story: The 4th Crusader

    [Normal] Derpy and Dinky Time!

    Author: Crimson Bristle.
    Description: The Cutie Mark Crusaders get a new member. Things, naturally, take a turn for the chaotic.
    The Fourth Crusader

    Additional Tags: Normal, fillies, comedic, shenanigans, failponies
  • Music: Main Theme: Farewell Mix

    Luna is sad, and she only had 30 seconds of air time in season 1.

    Look what you have done.

    Anyway another awesome remix from iamnotacleverpony after the page break!

  • Story: Hell Hath No Fury

    [Random][Comedy-Black]  Inb4 my entire front page is Flutterage

    Author: Aquaman52
    Description: The quiet ones are always the ones closest to the edge.
    Hell Hath No Fury

    Additional Tags: Flutterage knows no boundaries.  None.
  • Forshadowing Take Two!

    Cereal isn't a bad dragon, he just made a bad decision.

    So I'm re-posting it. 

    I don't think ANY cartoon has ever had such an awesome cast of characters.  Hats off to the creators.

    Now onward to season 2!
  • Music: At The Gala // Pony Pokey

    Shadow Ark ripped the MP3's for everyone!  You can find them over on ponychan for download!

    At the Gala // Pony Pokey MP3's

    Or separate download links, though ponychan is just a right click save link!

    At the Gala
    Pony Pokey

    Rainbow Dash still has the best part, just sayin.
  • Web Comics Plugging Ponies

    I guess I'll compile all of these! A bunch of web comic artists have recently thrown ponies into the mix, so have a few!

    Above, you will find So...You're a Cartoonist?

    And below the break, we have...

  • Toys: Applejack's Truck

    Yep! That's right!  Applejack's truck is now available for purchase!

    The same one she uses all the time in the show to carry her apples around! What would she do without that truck... she would have to use a wooden cart! How primitive. 

    She also acquired a new cut out Twilight Sparkle, similar to Scootaloo's Rainbow Dash. I guess the poor earth pony has horn envy or something.

    thanks to ultramanseven for the report.
  • PMV: Alternate CMC Performance // 12 Hour Marathon // Want You Gone

    PMV time! And a randomly assigned Luna to go with them!

    Alternate CMC Performance (For those that were around a few years ago!)
    12 hour Pony Marathon Stop Motion (SO MUCH PONY)
    Want you Gone

    Everything Embedded after the Break!
  • News Post Time!

    Season one is over!  D:

    If you are like me, you probably spent all day at work sad that the next pony episode is way off in the horizon.  Just because we have a huge gap doesn't mean the fun is over, though!

    This show has evolved past being just another internet meme/phenomenon. The amount of content created in just a few short months is astounding... just look at any of the archives!  Lauren Faust has given us an amazing world to work with, and it's something we can't take for granted. I doubt any of you want to see MLP fizzle out.

    I'll be hosting events as long as people are still willing to contribute and join in. This site won't go anywhere. It might slow down a bit with the lack of news and episodes to rip apart for pony music videos, but I will still do my best to keep it going, even if that means creating ridiculous onion news and selling myself for content!

    Now on to the plans... after the break!

  • New Season Most Likely to Air In The Fall!

    December?! Pff! That's Winter!

    This isn't 100% confirmation, but it's at least uplifting news.  I really didn't want to wait until next year!

    Now off to digging through the nightly emails.  That hasn't dropped in number yet at least! 
  • Pony MMO Concept Sketches #2

    The 2D Pony MMORPG is still truckin!  Urimas just sent me a new set of concept sketches to showcase some of their designs for ponyville.  Now that they aren't distracted by all the new pony memes every single episode spawns hundreds of, their focus is 100% on building the game. 

    They are still looking for a few more people to help though if you are interested!  Spriters, Artists, and Coders are more than welcome to apply for the team. 

    If you are interested in helping out, check their forums below, or bother Urimas on his DA page

    MLP  Online Forums

    More Concept art after the break!

  • Ponychan's Friday Poll

    Seth has like no news posts planned for today.

    *implying I didn't just go back to bed before scheduling them* -seth

    I'm not sure if this has been reported before, but a Ponychan pony regularly holds a Friday Poll that tracks different statistics and community responses over time. At the moment I believe it is still collecting responses from yesterday, so, feel free to drop in and add your opinion to the mix.

    By the way, I implore you to try to find a scene of Dash talking to Spitfire that didn't include at least one wingboner. Because I can't find one.
  • Story: Forgiveness

    [Normal] Luna time!  You know what that means!  Get your stars ready...

    Author: Dark Side of the World
    Description: Luna stands watching the moon and wonders if she even deserves to be forgiven for her crimes. Celestia soon comes and tells her sister why she is willing to forgive Luna after everything she's done.

    Live Reading Part 1
    Live Reading Part 2

    Additional Tags: Sisters, Luna, Celestia, forgiving
  • Season 2 to "Knock Our Socks Off!"

    The director of FiM (You should probably bookmark his Twitter, I know I did!) recently tweeted the following:

    My socks are totally ready to be completely knocked off!  Lets do it!

    Season 2 can't come soon enough... I'm glad the director of the show knows about us.  Hopefully Hasbro does too, and gives the next season tons of room (and budget) to play with.

    You can find his Twitter below!

    MLP Director Twitter Page

    Thanks to Mortal Jack for the report!
  • Chibi Ponies

    That's a lot of cute right there!

    Ponies of Doom over on DA Apparently makes these for each generation of pony.  They are about 2 inches tall, and resemble something called "takara" figurines.

    They are also for sale!

    Check out a few more pictures after the page break.

  • MLP Tinychat

    For those just looking for a simple chat room to talk about ponies in, the Ponychat channel is looking for more people to hang out with! 

    If IRC is too intimidating for you web 2.0 people, this might be right up your alley!

    You can find it below

    MLP Tinychat
  • Another Synchtube Marathon!

    Just in case you missed last nights Filly Marathon, Isaac Shark is running another all day finale marathon today starting at 9:00 AM PST.  It's expected to last 9 hours, so bring some popcorn!

    You can find the channel link below.

    Synchtube Marathon