• Pinkazoid Comic Made Video!

    This had to happen, that comic was too good for it not to.
  • P For Pinketta // Brony College Presentation #3

    P For Pinketta Above, Another Brony Presentation below! I'm not sure if you guys are sick of those yet! (the former or the latter)
  • Bonus Portugese Ticket Master CD

    Someone sent me this Megaupload of the Portuguese Ticket Master episode found on the bonus CD they were giving out a few months ago.  It's actually pretty well voiced! I was surprised! Though I admit, I'm not sure what a good Portuguese voice actor actually sounds like.

    You can find it for download below if you are curious!

    Portuguese Ticket Master
  • Music: Pinkie's Singing Telegram BGM Free+Instrumental

    For those of you who collect these, both in one post this time! Now go remix a million different versions of them!

  • Music: Hydra Pulse

    From the same person who made "For the Lunar Republic", comes another really well done song.

    I think I've played For the Lunar Republic around 50 times now..
  • Alabama Tornado Donations

    Are you ready to once again take on the reigns of FRIENDSHIP?  I've received a few emails from people over in Alabama, and it sounds like a warzone down there.   Me, being completely oblivious to the world thanks to these ponies, didn't even realize it!

    Perhaps you are in my shoes and also live behind a wall of pastel equines that block out real life current events.  If that is the case, then you should probably check out some of the real news sites out there!

    Or you could just watch the storm on youtube.

    If you are interested in giving a helping hoof, check out the donation site below!

    Volunteers of America Donations
  • MLP Chess

    Chess brony has created this massive reworking of classic chess, for Ponies.  He has described it below, in detail (In fact the entire thing was submitted as a story post, which was surprisingly helpful, if a little confusing).
    Description: MLP Chess is a thing known as a chess variant. In chess variants, the general idea is the same as chess (turn-based, boards, pieces) but there are certain elements changed, such as the setup, different pieces and even turn order. This is one of the milder ones, meaning that it plays a lot like FIDE, *the* chess.
    MLP Chess

    Additional Tags: Chess variant
  • PMV: Oh Neigh You Didn't // Giant Rock

    Good news! I finally found a good width/height for youtube videos, so no more random sized embeds all over the place!

    Anyway, On Neigh You Didn't above, and a Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Pony Parody of Giant Rock below!

  • Persian Pony Competition

    Aspāvar over on ponychan is hosting a competition to drum some interest up for a Persian indie game.  The rules are copy-pasted below!

     Make MLP fanart involving Persian themes.
    I don't care if it's a Prince of Persia crossover (Luna in a Warrior Within armor, lol), or Achemenid portrayal in pony form, the Simorgh, or just drawing Garshasp becoming friends with the FiM-cast.
    Just surprise me.

    Here are the price charts:

    1st Place: Garshasp on Steam (19,99€)
    2nd+ 3rd Place: a $5,99 GoG game of free choice
    4rd+5rd Place: a $3 game of free choice on Steam.

    Dead line is 18th May which is also the release day. and make sure to add either GoG or Steam ID in your email bar.

    If you are interested in commenting on his ponychan thread, you can find that here! 

    Or Email him here!
  • 10% Off at Hasbrotoyshop.com

    Looks like the Hasbro Toy Shop has another one of those 10% Coupon events going on, this time with MLP Toys Specifically.

    Apparently typing "MLPTEN" in the code box at checkout activates it!

    Sadly they don't have any of the hard to find toys that most of us are searching big lots regularly for, but they still have some stuff!

    You can find the site here!

    Apparently it lasts until 12/31/11, so no rush! 

    Thanks to Watching the Moon for the tip off!
  • Comic: Cuteness 9000

    I still say Twilight is cuter than Fluttershy, but what can you do?

    And the source! (thanks to those that emailed it!)
  • Spike Pilgrim Vs. The World Pops Up On the Facebook Page!

    The Spike Pilgrim video from yesterday has appeared on the official Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Facebook page.  It's a shame the movie is a bit old now, hopefully some people will see it posted up!
  • Weird Al Tweets Ponies Again!

    Weird Al has responded once again, this time to Pony Polka 2!

    I really hope the guest appearance thing happens for season 2.  I can only imagine how ridiculous that episode will be, especially if they really are planning to ramp everything up for it (According to Flashinthepan at least).
  • DA Pony Fanfiction Community

    Deviant art now has a budding pony fanfiction community.  If you are already set up over there, you might as well check it out!  If anything I'm sure some people would be willing to proofread your stuff!

    You can find the DA page below!

    MLP Pony Tales

    This might be where I send people for editing after the pre-read process determines its needed,  though I still really like Ponychan.   

    I know it's a bit more strict here than it used to be with the pre-readers for authors, but we will see if the desperation for content outweighs the need for quality come summer! I feel bad sending you guys off for editing in email, but lately the reader base seems to have become much more...picky.  I've seen a few stories that would have been perfectly fine a few months ago get attacked in comments, especially when it comes to grammar. 

    Anyway, stop reading those dusty old books and go make some friends! ...To read more dusty old books with!
  • Wallpaper Compilation #7

    Another wallpaper pack for you guys, this time from MilesPrower024 over at DeviantArt.

    Have a gander!

  • Comic: Pony Invasion

    I'm pretty sure everything would be made better with ponies.  As I play Assassins Creed Brotherhood, that image of the Rainbow Dash assassin keep popping up in my head.  It would be so..glorious. 

    Also another I need a source for!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #72

     Yep, everything is totally better with Ponies edition.

    Lots of stuff emailed to me this time, without sources. Email me if you know who did them!

    1 Source-Need

  • Story: Family

    [Sad] Rarity time! She doesn't get nearly enough fanfiction.

    Author: Larathin Bradley
    Description: When a unwelcome guest shows up at Sweetie Bell's birthday party, Rarity realizes the past has one heck of a long reach. Will she be able to deal with the past, or will the life she's so carefully pulled together come crashing down?

    Additional Tags:  Family, Past, Courage, Rarity, Abuse
  • Rainbow Dashie Paper Craft

    I used to save these back in the day, but never got around to trying to make one.  I'm pretty sure this will be the first.  Below, you can find the template and instructions on how to make a paper dash of your very own! Courtesy of Kna on Deviant Art

    Rainbow Dash Printable Template
    Template  Instructions

    Have fun with it!
  • Story: Dr. Whooves and the Schoolhouse of Fear

    [Crossover] More Dr. Whooves time!  They better do something with this guy in season 2!

    Author: Blueshift
    Description: A Description of the Story On one of the darkest days of her life, Derpy needs a hero. Unfortunately what she gets is Dr Whooves. There are many low points in the life of the mysterious Thyme Lord from Gallopfree. This is one of the worst
    Dr. Whooves and the Schoolhouse of Fear

    Additional Tags: Madcap, Muffins, Timey-Wimey
  • Story: Indoctrination (Updated Complete!)

    [Normal] We don't get many stories in the second person (outside of that ponychan shipping compilation)!  Also /r/ing more everypony images.

    Author:  Fickle
    Description: You find yourself acting as an audience through the eyes of a normal human on Earth. However, after a few nightmares and dreams, you can't get the thoughts and hallucinations of ponies out of your mind. Are they just strange visions and feelings or just more so? You might even learn something important on the way... My first story ever so tell me what you think~!
    Indoctrination Part 1
    Indoctrination Part 2
    Indoctrination Part 3
    Indoctrination Part 4 (New!)
    Indoctrination Part 5 (New!)
    Indoctrination Part 6 (New!)
    Indoctrination Epilogue (New!)

    Additional Tags: Learning, happiness, true friendship, conversion, dreams