• Brony Music Video from Edge of Everfree

    A new Pony band is trying to get started up, so here I am linking them! This is their first music video, with more planned on the way, complete with all sorts of autotunyness. If anything, the lyrics are entertaining.
  • Comic: Oolatoocs

    Creepy Scootaloo Is creepy.

    But in a ridiculously cute way.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #68


    Someone please make this game edition.

    Also I need to find a faster way to do this. 
  • Community Spotlight: In Depth Overall/Character Analysis of FiM

    Introducing Community Spotlight!  I am not sure why I didn't start this sooner, considering I have been doing it all along anyway.  Lets make it official!

    Today we have Cosmic Space Frog, your average brony who has decided to analyze the hell out of everything FiM, with some psychological undertones to back it up.

    Here are a few of his articles so far!

    Overall Analysis
    Rainbow Dash Analysis
    Pinkie Pie Analysis
    Applejack Analysis (New!)
  • Comic: Derpy's Mark

    The comic was too big again!  Da Link below has the full version!

    Derpy's Mark

    Fixed with non-stolen link
  • Pony Pins Round 2 Finalized

    These are the final designs for the pony pins from a while back.  The Rainbow Dash ones are currently shipped/being shipped (Poor Dashie, she just can't escape it!).

    Each one is priced a bit differently due to size and complexity, you can find a spreadsheet of all of them below.

    Pony Pin Prices

    She will be closing pre-orders on the 27th, so if you want one, I'd suggest ordering soon! You can find the site for that below!

    Pony Pin Order Site

  • Suited For Success Rainbow Dash Custom

    Another awesome Gala-dress custom from Thatg33kgirl over on DA!  Just a few more to go!

    You can find the old ones below!

    Custom Twilight Sparkle
    Custom Pinkie Pie + Fluttershy

    I know I am breaking my 1 hour between posts rule a bunch today... Hopefully it isn't too spammy.
  • PMV: Party Pony Anthem

    6 minutes of pony lip sync and dancing! Can you handle it? The video creator would like to let everyone know that the intro wont make much sense unless you see THIS first, but I totally broke that rule and just watched the pony one, without any issues.
  • The Complete Works of Madmax

    An anon over on Ponychan has compiled/sorted a massive, 52mb Madmax rar, with pretty much every single thing she has ever drawn! 

    That is 198 images of pony awesome for those that don't follow the artistic MACHINE that is Madmax.

    You can get the link below!

    Madmax Compilation

    Also be sure to check her out on Deviant Art!

  • Music: For the Lunar Republic

    Inspired by a comment on the Luna's Lullaby comes another moon-pony piece, this time using a techno/dance style with a bit of "overthrow the tyrant queen" to spice things up!

  • More 3D Pony Game Models

    All my money...

    Just take it...

    I don't need it anymore.
  • Music: Fluttershy Modeling Remix

    Somepony finally did it.

    The first time I heard this song, I was sad to hear it only last a few seconds in the show.

    But this awesome brony has extended it to a full 3 minutes and 35 seconds.

    I love this community so much..
  • Giant In the Playground Pony Week

    The guys over at the Giant in the Playground Forums Hold a vote every few weeks that assign what avatars everyone will use.  This week just happened to be ponies!  And look at the monster they have created...

    Yes, that is 130+ Pony avatars.

    And they are still producing them.

    I was told I could invite you guys to join in the festivities and request a pony avatar of your own!

    Just hit up the forum post below!

    Ponytar Thread

    (Note: They don't have the best forum server ever.  If you get a 503 error, please don't spam refresh, it makes it worst!)
  • Toys R' Us Pony Event

    I'm pretty sure the majority of us are far from eligible for this, but the main piece of news here is the "Exclusive pony DVD".  I am really curious about what will be on this thing.

    Maybe one of you with kids can sneak in there and get one for us!  Scoot Fillysher style!  I doubt it will be anything amazing, but my curiosity will still eat away at me until I know.

    Sadly it's only in Australia, and according to Analytics I don't get many from there!

    Here is a link for those interested...

    Toys R' Us Pony Event
  • Popular Posts: Remove or Keep? And Other News

    You may have seen that huge pile of words and images on the left hand side bar labeled "popular posts".  It's something blogger has built in that takes the top 10 most viewed posts in the last 7 days and features them in order. 

    I added it mainly to test it, but it pretty much just chooses episode posts/drawfriend stuff! Go figure! Do any of you actually use it? 

    Also in other news, upcoming Drawfriend Posts are getting a bit of a facelift. All of the stuff currently queued (9 images right now) has a source attached.  Hopefully this will allow me to post a DA page or something for everything.

    I only hit /co/ once or twice a day now briefly (I think they hate me now anyway for some reason) so most of the drawfriend stuff will be from my normal, every-4-hour dig on DA/Penny Arcade/Allspark/Ponibooru/Ponychan/Fimchan/mlparena/furryaffinitywithsafesearchonohgod. I think that about covers most of pony image content out there.

    Anyway off to bed! I have some stuff set to start posting in a few hours. Hopefully nothing breaks!   
  • Story: Disarray

    [Normal] What goes in the mind of Derpy Hooves during every day life?  This attempts to answer that!

    Author: Tanner
    Description: The chaotic life of Derpy Hooves is given meaning and structure from a peculiar dream and a strange object

    Additional Tags: derpy, existential, fork, chaos, meaning