• Pony Toy Pickup Service

    A filly over on Ponychan who lives in Ohio where the Molded 4packs are popping up has opened up Pickup Order service for those that don't live in a location where the toys are available. 

    Currently she is charging the price of the toy +2-10 dollars commission depending on how much you order.

    You can find a whole bunch of information at her Wordpress below!

    Pony Toy Pickup Service
  • Poll Results: Which Filly Are You Most Excited To See in Cutie Mark Chronicles?

    That's right Twilight! Pullin ahead in the end!

    New after-this poll going up now, I figured I'd take this down early since it was already irrelevant.
  • Pony Marathon #4!

    The Filly Synchtube channel is hosting it's new episode, celebratory, all night pony marathon again!  You can find it below!

    Pony Marathon #4!

    First channel is full!  

    Pony Marathon #4 Alternate Channel

  • Baked Bads Cooking Video!

    Finally! A video example of the legendary baked bads! Hopefully this answers any questions on how to make these amazing feats of culinary prowess.
  • Fillies everywhere!

    Oh god, Pinkie teamed up with Cereal Velocity and broke the space time continuum.  Everypony has been reverted back to fillies.

    They also got about 20% cuter.
  • App: Desktop Ponies (Huge Updates!)

    The Desktop Pony application has seen some massive upgrades over the last week, including adding pretty much every pony from the mane cast as well as most of the more well known side ones.

    For those of you that have no clue what I'm talking about, someone released a program that makes ponies fly/walk around your screen a few weeks back, but it was limited to just Derpy and Fluttershy. 

    Below you can find a link to the ponychan thread, which has no only the program itself, but also a kit to build your own pony sprites for it! 

    Desktop Ponies
  • Comic: Silence in the Library

    A new comic by Don_Ko! Poor twilight can't get a break...
  • Story: Let Me Play Among the Stars

    [Normal] Luuuna

    Author: l0x0r
    Description: A look back to before Luna was Nightmare Moon. To how she acquired her cutie mark, and how she changed into a pony so full of anger that she transformed and had to be banished to the moon.
    Let Me Play Among the Stars

    Additional Tags: How Luna became Nightmare Moon
  • Valve Pops Pony Puns All Over Their New Update

    I love you valve. I love everything today though. This episode was amazing.

    Thanks to person in my email for pointing this out - who only left his real name!

    Apparently someone on the Valve team (Or maybe multiple people maybe?) has been bitten by the pony bug.

    You can find the link to it below!

    TF2 Hatless Update with Pony Puns
  • Cutie Mark Chronicles: Discussion

    The moment we have all been waiting for! (Or at least the REAL fans. Dash isn't THAT awesome... The Poll lies! .)  Filly Twilight Sparkle time!

    Discuss away below!
  • Venture Bronies and Deadspace

    I never did watch Venture Brothers, but I know a lot of you probably have, especially coming from /co/.

    Also a Deadspace Pony Trailer below!

  • Instrumental Sonic Rainboom

    It's funny how I never notice this stuff when I'm watching the actual show...

    Also a bonus of the Intro song (The other instrumental intro song on here had some vocals still) This one is completely empty!

  • Molded 4 Pack Finally Found in the USA!

    The Positive: It's finally here!

    The Negative: It's only in states with a store called Meijer! (These in particular were located in Michigan by Saleskital

    $9.99 is a lot better than $21.99 on amazon though!

    Hopefully some of the bigger chains will start picking these up now, assuming they haven't been there all along... but both these and the single ones appearing within 2 days ago is pointing in a really good direction.  We might even get blind bags soon and stop having to import that crap from Germany!

    I want my transparent sparkly Twilight Sparkle!
  • Story: Big Dragon

    [Normal] April Foals Winner number 5! 

    Author: Lucres

    Description: Pinkie Pie agrees to perform an epic April Fool's prank
    on behalf of a mysterious stranger.  It's unintended effects
    eventually put the whole town in danger.  Meanwhile, Spike just wants
    to fly...
    Big Dragon 

    Additional Tags: none 
  • Media Archive Rebuilt

    My OCD finally caught up to me, and I rebuilt the Media Archive

    If you guys have time, check it out and email me with anything that is broken.  It should be at least 20% easier to navigate now instead of just being a massive pile of random links, but chances are all that copy pasting broke some things.

    Err right off to bed...confound these ponies! 
  • Story: Reconnection (Updated: Lots of Additions!)

    [Grimdark] This is a continuation of the Severing series written by a completely different author, it brings some closure to that overly depressing fanfiction.  

    Be sure to read the Severing first or you probably wont know wth is going on!

    Author: A Fistful of Apples

    Reconnection (All Links!)

    Extra Scenes (New!)

    Alternate Ending: (New!)
    Rainbow Dash Puts Her Hoof Down

    Sequel (New!)

    Breaking the Circle
  • April Foals Competiton Complete!

    Hooray! April foals has come to a close! My poor side bar will once again be free to display questionably pony polls and other nonsense. 

    Thanks to everyone that participated! I'm sure I sound like a broken record when I say that I'm still amazed at how many people entered, but it's the truth!

    The winners of the final story competition are below!

    First place gets a Madmax Drawing, and second place will receive Portal 1.

    Also thank you to all the reward donators!  It made this whole contest a lot more interesting. 

    Here are the final poll results.  That was a crazy close last hour for the top 2, with a margin of only one vote for a good 10 minutes or so. 

    Grats to Blueshift2k! You totally deserve it! I'll send Madmax a message on deviantart letting her know you won. 

    Anyway thanks again for all the participation!  These ponies wouldn't be anywhere near their current internet phenomenon status without this amazing community backing it up.  If we keep this up, the 7 month pony drought won't be anywhere near as devastating to my equine starved brain!