• DerpyMail USPS Stamps!

    Purple Tinker over on Deviant Art got the OK to create actual USPS Stamps with Derpy Hooves on them.  Now all we need to do is convince the postal service to ditch that lame bald eagle and plaster our favorite wall eyed Pegasus on the side of their car..thingys.

    You can find all of the information about it after the break, as well as an image of what they look like!

  • Story: Appledashed

    [Shipping]  I think we have officially used every variation of Applejack/Rainbow Dash in title form now! Written by Lurks-No-More
    Description: Applejack and Rainbow Dash, sharing the barn during a rain. Sometimes, admitting your secret love to your best friend doesn't quite work out the way you had hoped and dreamed...
  • Winter Wrap Up Without Background Music

    I thought I posted this before, but I cant find it anywhere... So have some Winter Wrap Up without the background music (or just really quiet background music), much like that Pinkie Pie one from a while back that everyone enjoyed.
  • On Friendship is Insolence

    Hey all.. I just got back from work.

    I honestly don't read grimdark or random, and cereal velocity wasn't on, so I just tossed it up for the masses after skimming a few words for grammar and reading the email that said it made fun of the whole lesbian pony obsession.  I only had around 30 total blog time minutes between showering and junk this morning so I wanted to get that derpy thing/renard music up.

    I didn't think it was going to be a mass author murder thing.  As you all know, I'm more than happy to ship female ponies all day long... In fact I've even tossed a few up anonymously, so I definitely don't support what the comments say the story was about..at all. I may even be standoff-ish toward m/m, but not to the point where I'd ever back something like THAT.

    I checked my email right before leaving work, saw the outrage, then read my pre-description comment and almost shit myself.  My bad... I didn't think it was ANYTHING like that.  I figured it was another one of those random "and then they made out" stories that are so popular on /co/.

    The post is deleted, and I've learned not to rush story uploads.
  • Lauren Faust's Charity Auction Updated!

    Yah, that's right... DERPY HOOVES

    What now internet?

    She also added a winged Pinkie Pie... that's almost too dangerous to imagine.  Poor Rainbow Dash would NEVER get a break.

    You can find the rules for the auction/other stuff below!
    Lauren Faust's Charity Auction
  • Music: More Renard Remixes!

    Alright, so Renard started off pretty rocky here for those of us who didn't listen to this stuff in the past... but here is some new stuff to make up for it!

    It's a huge remix of all the pony songs thrown into one, chiptune style. 

    You can find the link below.

    Galactic Dancing
  • Drawfriend Stuff #45

    SO MUCH PONI edition.
    Also link to this one on DA since its HUEG

  • Story: Heart of the Mountain

    [Normal] This is one of two incredibly long stories that I'm splitting between two days.  The other will be up tomorrow probably in the afternoon some time.  The author for both is "The Descendant"

    Description: Having returned to Canterlot for official purposes, Twilight and Spike grow increasingly ready to go back home to Ponyville. Yet, when Twilight recognizes signs of distress in the Sister Sovereigns, the princesses Celestia and Luna, her curiosity gets the better of her.

    What she finds shows her more about her teacher than she could have dreamed...yet places her in tremendous danger...
    Heart of the Mountain Chapter 1
    Heart of the Mountain Chapter 2
    Heart of the Mountain Chapter 3
  • Story: A Party Cat-Astrophe (Updated Part 2!)

    [Crossover]  Pinkie Pie in a non grimdark, non shipping story for once!  I never thought I'd see the day.

    Author: Twinkletail
    Description: Pinkie Pie's constant parties begin to wear on her friends' nerves. The attendance at her parties wanes, until she meets some new party guests who might give even the premier pony partier a run for her money.
    A Party Cat-Astrophe
    A Party Cat-Astrophe Part 2 (New!)
  • Story: Intervention for a Unicorn

    [Shipping][Random] Lyra and Bon Bon time! It's a shame the recent episodes have separated them =[ Written by Lovecraft.  Do emoticons need a period after them?
    Description: Sometimes, it's difficult for ponies to admit when they have a problem.
    Intervention for a Unicorn

    Intervention for a Unicorn Alt Google Docs link
  • Video: The Lord of the Ponies, Fellowship of the Brony

    Following the trailers-made-better-with-ponies trend, comes another one based on the Lord of the Rings trailer from WAY too many years ago (I'm getting old..)