• Turntable Turnabout part 2 is out!

    My new favorite story series thing, which I should be ashamed to admit. 

    You can find both chapter 1, and the new chapter 2 below.

    Turntable Turnabout Main Page
  • 1080p Feeling Pinkie Keen time!

    Derpy in GLORIOUS HD

    And Still waiting on the download link, as well as the full episode uncut on the menhlo youtube channel. It seems like the order every week is Pensivepony->1080p ponies 2 parts->full 1080p episode on menhlo->mentos download link.
  • Toy: Molded Singles Found in Canada

    For those Canadian Bronies out there, apparently a store called "Zellers" has finally started carrying these.  Unfortunately I do not live in Canada so I'm screwed.

    They are $2.99 each, and apparently really freakin tiny (like a little more than an inch high).  I don't know how accurate that is, but $2.99 for something that small sounds kind of crazy, even if ponies are involved.  

    Apparently Zellers is the Canadian version of Target, so hopefully we will see these in the US soon.
  • Episode 19: A Dog and Pony Show Announced!

    Rarity kidnapped by dogs? What?

    Oh well, Rarity episodes always rock.  Just don't google diamond dogs, you will be scarred for life.  Apparently my Living in a cave got out and diamond dogs is in fact a good thing.

    Synopsis: Rarity is taken by a group of Diamond Dogs and is forced to find gems for them.
    Air Date: 2011-03-11
  • Derpy Hooves now Canon?

    Hoooly shit.

    All of my dreams just came true. 
  • Current Pony Posts Per Day Updated

    That..spread fast