• Drawfriend Stuff #19

    Holyshitawesome edition.  This WAS going to be Creepy Pinkie Pie edition, but then I saw this, and then I had a new wallpaper, and then I had to start drawfriend stuff #19 with it.

  • Comic: All Your Fans Belong To Me

    It's so true it's scary.  More awesome Madmax comic goodness.
  • Video: That's What Girls Do FMV

    Some more FMV's for you guys to balance out the armada of story uploads.  Enjoy!
  • Story: Everypony Loves Dash Chapter 3!

    More Dash shipping for you!  Check out the link below for the first 2 chapters and the new 3rd chapter

    Everypony Loves Dash
  • Story: Singing the Blues

    [Shipping] An Excuse to use this image?! I'll take it!  

    Author: Achesst
    Summary: Blues tells his friend about how he developed a crush on Pinkie Pie
    Singing the Blues
    Singing the Blues Part 2
  • Story: Number 12 Finished

    Squeak has finished her Dr. Whoof story, Number 12!  Go check it out below!

    Completed Number 12
  • Friendship is Magic is now a meme.

    I wasn't sure If this was serious news, but apparently its a big deal or something.  Friendship is Magic and all the awesome crazy ponies that go along with it have now entered meme status.

    This is probably a good thing, though I'm sure the influx of new fans will bring in all sorts of issues.

    You can find the know your meme page below

    Know Your Meme: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • Archive overhall/voting system

    The Story Archive is done.  Let me know what you think.

    I will be home in 5 hours to modify whatever you guys want (gotta go to work!)

    This includes Popular tags, and seperating shipping/grimdark/normal stories into their own sections within each character section.

    Some of this is obviously inaccurate, especially for the older junk.  The popular tags were a mix of comments (for newer stuff since no one used to comment on old stuff)/ Page views (for stuff with images, this is primarily from memory though when looking at the top 10's for the day in the stat page, so it's also all over the place) And how often it was discussed on /co/ (which can be based off of how often it was posted, which again makes it innaccurate).  The long series are usually the ones with the tag, with a few others thrown in from just piles of positive comments and "moar!", examples of that would be Ponies Discover /co/ and Porcelain Secrets. 

    The best thing you can do for this is leave your recommendations for current popular tags.  Future tags will be based on the newly added rating system that pops up at the bottom of every post.  so VOTE! If this doesn't work then I'll just axe it and go back to the old way, especially with how easy voting systems are to abuse. The authors do in fact read the comment section, so let them know what you think!

    And for the authors out there, when you leave me a docs please leave a summary, a title, and tags that go with it. I just don't have time to read every single story, so for the sake of keeping things organized it would be a huge help.
  • Poll Results: What is the Pony DJ's Name?

    I think we can all agree that the DJ name is DJ P0n-3 and the normal name is Scratch.  Sorry ClipClop and Deadhor5.
  • Story: A Gift

    [Shipping] A Rainbow Dash/Twilight fic by A.J.! Now with a new and improved title and part 2!

    A Gift Part 1
    A Gift Part 2
  • Story: Overnight Mail

    [Normal] Luna and Derpy hooves?! What kind of crazy combo is this!?
    Summary: Derpy and Luna swap jobs for a day.
    Overnight Mail
  • MTG Derpy Token

    Some anon on /co/ fixed up his 1/1 goblin token with something much more appealing. 

    Maybe hasbro will release an entire MLP card game later on...

    Or maybe that would be an awful, terrible, dastardly idea and we can just stick with custom goblin tokens instead.
  • Story: Fuchsia

    [Normal] Moar fics, this time with Celestia and another character.
    Description: need