• Hasbro's Senior Global Brand Marketing Manager of My Little Pony Position Open!

    That's a long title right there! The main point about this one though, is the small blurb buried in the job description:
    As a key member of our team, you will ensure the brand essence and all expressions of "anything My Little Pony" is consistent across platforms…and become a part of making the My Little Pony brand a pop culture phenomenon!
    Looks like they are recruiting someone that understands it's relevance in pop culture. 

    The rest of it is actually pretty entertaining too, complete with "somepony" and a few other small references to the actual show. 

    Check out the full application here.

    Based on the job requirements, it looks like "blogging about ponies" for a year doesn't qualify me.  Maybe some of you marketing majors out there can pull it off though?