• Filly Synchtube Mar-athon

    Filly is going to be running a mareathon of season one + season two, tonight starting at 7:30 pm CST. This will run up to the new episode of season two, which will be live streamed by one of their mods.

    Main room: http://www.synchtube.com/r/Filly
    Overflow one: http://www.synchtube.com/r/Filly4
    Overflow two: http://www.synchtube.com/r/Filly6
    Overflow three: http://www.synchtube.com/r/Filly7
    Overflow four: http://www.synchtube.com/r/Filly8
    Overflow five: http://www.synchtube.com/r/Filly9