• Scripts (With Notes!) from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Seasons 2-9, the EG Movie, Shorts, and Holiday Specials All Auctioned at Ponyville Ciderfest

    In case you were all wondering what kind of amazing things were offered at that charity auction at Ciderfest that broke a whopping 100k, among the usual incredible fan merchandise was this peculiar pile of boxes they received from someone who worked on pony. Inside were the entire original scripts for all episodes across seasons 2-9, the first Equestria Girls movie, the holiday special shorts, and more. This includes the various little notes and doodles that the actual staff working on the show wrote while it was underway.

    The charity auction took all of them, split them up by season, and sold each.

    Apparently the pony archive is already working on archiving all of this for everyone to see, so if that project turns out successful we will get an update up with it! Things are about to get very interesting. 

    Get more shots below, including a few pages from a notebook included to tease it.