• Story: Of Insults


    Author: RavensDagger
    Description: While being bullied, Pipsqueak is pushed into a corner, unable to escape. In a desperate attempt to retaliate, he discovers his one true talent. What do you do when your greatest ability is to make others ponies cry?

    Of Insults

    Additional Tags: Pisqueak gets his Cutie Mark
  • Story Updates May 11th (Evening)

    Story update time! We have eight this time around. Find them below!

  • Ashleigh Ball Interview and Shoutout

    As many of you probably know at this point, Ashleigh Ball actually does things other than Rainbow Dash and Applejack! She is in an awesome band, called Hey Ocean, and they have a fan-site that did a pretty in depth interview into her music scene.  There are a few pony aspects, but overall, that isn't the focus of it.

    And if you are a fan of the music, be sure to go reserve a copy of their upcoming album over on their merch page!

    Anyway, check out both the interview, and a quick shoutout, after the break.
  • Massive Smile Project PMV

    I've been out watching Avengers all day, so I totally missed this one! Have the new Massive Smile Project PMV from the guys over at Brony Dance Party after the break! 
  • Pony Fantasy 6 Complete!

    A few days ago, we mentioned a project going by the name of Pony Fantasy 6, a complete revamp/mod hack of Final Fantasy 6, complete with new character sprites,  enemies, and dialogue.

    It looks like it is finally complete! Check out the intro video after the break, or head on over to the website! You will need an emulator to run it, info on that can be found on the page. 

  • Oops! EQLA Correction Regarding Tara Strong

    Source: madmax
    I just don't know what went wrong! The facts we posted in this post were a little off. Tara Strong is in fact confirmed for AM2, in June, and not EQLA in November. We're very sorry for any confusion this may have caused anyone.

    Their press release can be found after the break regardless.

  • Music Remix: This Day Aria Symphonic Metal / Friendship Is Magic' For Orchestra / Winter Wrap Up - Arranged for Percussion Ensemble

    A good amount of these songs that replace the backtrack on This Day Aria with x genre tend to class with lyrics. It's refreshing to receive one that actually accents them.

    Have some remixes!

    1.) This Day Aria Symphonic Metal
    2.) My Little Pony 'Friendship Is Magic' For Orchestra
    3.) Winter Wrap Up - Arranged for Percussion Ensemble

  • Plushie Compilation #59

    Shining Armor edition because his new bride can't get all the attention now can she? Besides, he looks ready to take on the plush compilation ahead! Are you?

    Zecora edition instead! Because Zecora is best zebra. 

    Plush time folks! Check after the break for some new plush ponies.

    Source 1

  • Shining Armor and Cadence Fashion Style toy Target Exclusive

    Over on MLP Arena, one of the pony fans recently received this as a gift from the people over at Hasbro Italy.  They aren't technically available in store yet, and from the looks of the packaging, they will be Target exclusives.  These in particular are "Fashion Style", meaning they are much larger than your average pony toy. 

    Considering the full toys are already floating around, I'm sure we will see them in stores soon for all the fans of the pair out there.  Hopefully this wave includes the Scratch/NMM/Trixie/Zecora/Minature sets too!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #423

    Twilight makes a pretty badass reaper/hoofboot wearer/vampire.  I for one request a series where Twilight is a badass reaper/hoofboot wearer/vampire.  

    Have some art!

    Source 1

    And new Limbo banner by Chuckthe2nd!
  • Story: Magical Pony Ultrasounds

    [Comedy] [Shipping]

    Author: AbsoluteAnonymous
    Description: This is the story of a certain pink pony who's decided that she wants to have babies like the Cakes, and of the much-enduring pegasus who must explain to her why that might not exactly be plausible for them. Will either of them succeed in their mostly-noble endeavours? Probably not. Dedicated to device heretic, who gave me the idea. Please don't take this too seriously.

    Magical Pony Ultrasounds

    Additional Tags: Potential children, misunderstandings, hilarity ensues
  • Discussion: Best Mythical Creature of Season 2

    Alright, I give up.  You all obviously love the finale, so lets do a discussion based on the finale!

    What was your favorite part?  Was it the unveiling of Chrysalis? Or maybe the villian song? 

    Discuss it below! I'll make a poll out of what I see the most down there!
  • Comic: Proud Parents / Shadow Puppet / What If

    I think I'm starting to know how you feel Twilight's dad. Why does time have to go by so fast and make me feel so old? Anyhow, have some more comics you guys!

    Click for full view.

  • Verify Tara Strong on Twitter

    Tara Strong needs your help!  There is a movement going on over on Twitter to get her account officially verified.  The only way to get it done is to let Twitter themselves know her account is legit.
    If you think you meet the criteria for verification and have not yet received a badge, please be patient. We are working within key interest areas to verify accounts that are sought after by other Twitter users. We don’t accept verification requests from the general public, but we encourage you to continue using Twitter in a meaningful way, and you may be verified in the future. Please note that follower count is not a factor in determining whether an account meets our criteria for verification. - Twitter FaQ
    So how can you help the queen of the brony empire officially claim her title?  All you need to do is post with hashtag "#TwitterVerifyTaraStrong".  If enough of you do it, it's bound to start trending, and hopefully Twitter will notice and give her the badge she deserves.

    So go do that! 
  • Story: The Farmer in the Dell

    [Sad] [Shipping]

    Author: Dave Bryant
    Description: Dale was a simple pony of the land, a widower with foals grown and moved away, and it looked like he would be the last of his line to work his ancient farm—but when an unexpected visitor literally drops in, everything changes for both of them.

    The Farmer in the Dell

    Additional Tags: Age no bar to relationships
  • Story Updates May 11th (Morning)

    Lots of updates tonight! Get them below.

  • Story: What Separates (Update Sequel Part 1!)


    Author: Zurock
    Description: An effort to analyze, explore, reflect on, and understand several real world concepts and themes by echoing them off the more harmonious ideals and reality of Equestria. In story, this is driven by a human soldier's arrival there, and the struggle of both sides to understand not only the physical nature of the others' reality, but the heart behind it as well.
    What Separates
    Melancholy Days (New Sequel Part 1)

    Additional Tags: Philosophy, Reflection, Education, Dialogue, Why
  • Nightly Roundup #315

    And yet another day passes as the world turns. Hope you all had a productive and wonderful day and if not there is always tomorrow! A lot of you are still making the push towards the end of school so best of luck to you as we march on into a new pony filled summer.

    In the meantime, have some news to chew over!