• Drawfriend Stuff #668

    Luna edition! Clearly we need a moonbase already.  How are we not mining up there by now? Completely ridiculous.  Get on it world governments! Don't make me start another space race with EQD's R&D Department!

    Have some

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    Trixie - Let me Handle this

    Source 3
    Come Fly With Me

    Source 4
    Bass Rockets_Commission

    Source 5
    Scootaloo Transforming into a Ponywolf!

    Source 6
    Escape from Castle Tiara

    Source 7

    Source 8
    Dear princess Celestia, this Christmas was....

    Source 9
    Merry Hearths Warming Eve

    Source 10
    Rarity greyscale 01

    Source 11
    Snowy Twilight

    Source 12
    King Sombra's door - Fluttershy's greatest fear

    Source 13
    Horse Anatomy is Not Bike Compatible

    Source 14
    Princess Celestia

    Source 15
    Sonic Rainboom

    Source 16
    Carrot Top

    Source 17
    An Octave Christmas

    Source 18
    ATG Secret Santa

    Source 19
    Xmas with filly Lyra

    Source 20

    Source 21
    Happy Holidays!

    Source 22
    Let's Make Some Ponies

    Source 23
    Artistic Flutty

    Source 24
    Once Upon A Time

    Source 25

    Source 26
    Reading is fun!

    Source 27
    Asleep on the Job

    Source 28
    MLPSecretSanta2012 - Ende26

    Source 29a
    Betrayal of Night

    Source 29b
    Betrayal of Night (colored)

    Source 30
    Alright, Let's Duel.

    Source 31

    Source 32
    Derpy Versus the Red Baron

    Source 33
    Wind Waker - King Sombra

    Source 34
    MLP Secret Santa 2012: Starry Dreams

    Source 35
    Drama Rari

    Source 36
    La Luna

    Source 37
    Chelltaloo and the Flurret

    Source 38
    Chaos At Work

    Source 39
    Hey Scoots, wanna go higher?

    Source 40
    Dead Master

    Source 41
    Battle Against Discord

    Source 42
    Night Dream Princess

    Source 43
    My Magical Caravan

    Source 44
    Derpy.png has crashed

    Source 45

    Source 46
    MLP: Good Night, Twily

    Source 47
    Post-Hearths Warming Cheer.

    Source 48
    Master of Chaos