• Drawfriend Stuff #667

    Lightning pony edition, because even though I can't remember her full name right now, she deserves some love too!   That and this image is awesome. 

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    Mistletoe Plan

    Source 4
    Their First Christmas

    Source 5
    Pie The Equine Enforcer

    Source 6
    Luna's Rebel phase

    Source 7
    -black- Zecora Stained Glass Vector

    Source 8
    Celestia Discord Stained Glass -on black-

    Source 9
    Wonderbolts Officer Dash

    Source 10
    Wildfire's Secret Weapon - Coloured

    Source 11
    MLP FIM : Behind Blue Eyes

    Source 12
    Happy Holidays!

    Source 13
    Soarin sure loves his pie

    Source 14
    MLP: Good Night, Twily

    Source 15
    Post-Hearths Warming Cheer.

    Source 16
    Braeburn - Hey There!

    Source 17
    Secert Santa: Nyarmarr

    Source 18
    Do not miss me

    Source 19
    Christmas RD Thingie

    Source 20
    Low-Burning Candle

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    Source 22

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    Wake of Mist and Flame

    Source 24
    Mane Four

    Source 25
    Christmas Derpy

    Source 26
    Vinyl Scratch Portrait

    Source 27
    Present Ponies

    Source 28
    Derpy Hooves Stained Glass -on black-

    Source 29
    Queen Chrysalis Stained Glass -on black-

    Source 30
    NMM Stained Glass -on black-

    Source 31
    FOE Protectors of the Wasteland

    Source 32
    Waize Dis Barn!

    Source 33
    Princess Luna, Gala Gown

    Source 34
    Winter's Day

    Source 35
    Because Buck You!

    Source 36
    Nighttime Guardian

    Source 37
    Cadance is not Amused

    Source 38
    Shining Armor e Cadence

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    Source 40
    Then Derpy goes delivering fillies mail

    Source 41
    derpy hooves lineless art request

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    Boxing day with the Hooves Sisters

    Source 44
    MLP Secret Santa 2012: Prisma

    Source 45
    Vinyl says 'Happy Holidays'

    Source 46
    The End

    Source 47
    Galaxy Wonders

    Source 48
    Sleepless Indeed