• Music of the Day #2

    Another day, another batch of music in bed. I know, already? It's almost like an entire day has passed! And while you're busy having your mind blown by that little revelation, here's another one that will positively make your head spin right round, baby right round. Like an owl, baby. Right round round.

    Yes, that's right! We have more music for your listening pleasure! I hope you were sitting down for that one, because... woah. So this is Day 2 of Le Grand Experiment, wherein we deliver to you all of the music sent to us by a bevy of hardworking musicians for you to listen to, maybe get your groove on, and formulate your own opinions about. It's the greatest thing since sliced bread!

    Confused? Don't worry, everything is explained in this post. Please do read that one carefully, as it explains our new system and what you as an aspiring musician need to do to clear our sorting process. Remember - tell us your genres! It's the only way we can effectively advertise your tunes. Now then, let's begin!