• Drawfriend Stuff #525

    No vacation for website runners though!

    Have some art.

    And new banner by Liam Kenny!

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    Even a Princess needs a vacation

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    I really like your mane

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    For posters

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    Twilight Sparkle request for Megapatron

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    A Warm Evening

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    Wheatley Pony Doodle

    Source 7
    Twilight, Ponyville PD

    Source 8
    Optimus Prime and Princess Celestia

    Source 9
    Robin Hooves

    Source 10
    Body Swapped AJ and Twilight - Commission

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    MY Trixie!

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    Balloon Descent

    Source 14
    Flutter of Kindness

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    Bedroom AJ

    Source 16
    Never Doubt Your Abilities

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    Bass/Proto commission

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    The Stare

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    Source 20
    Still Beautiful

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    Takin' a dip

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    Octavia Stylish

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    PonyProse II Request

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    Speaking Your Language

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    Windy Mane Derpy

    Source 26
    Wildfire Fink

    Source 27
    Meynen and Twilight

    Source 28
    A Cowgirl and her dog

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    Friendship is....Delicious!

    Source 30
    Applejack in the Woods

    Source 31
    Fluttershy Watches the Sunset

    Source 32
    Don't Cry Fluttershy!

    Source 33
    I caught myself a Dash.