• Drawfriend Stuff #520

    More theories on Celestia's mane when it gets wet up above.  Also art.

    Have some more after the break!

    Source 1
    Sun Springs

    Source 2
    Towards the sunrise

    Source 3
    Glimmer of Hope: Special Edition

    Source 5Commission: LightningGrid

    Source 6
    GIFT Oops!

    Source 7
    Commission - Velox and Tsuni

    Saucy OC Ponies

    Source 8
    True Artist

    Source 9
    Night Time

    Source 10
    Team Pinkie

    Source 11
    TeiThePony is best android.

    Source 12
    Rainbow Dash

    Source 13
    Transformares Cutie Mark Crusaders

    Source 14
    Art is magic

    Source 15
    The Hundred Meter Spider Toss

    Source 16
    My Little Pokemon Trainer

    Source 17
    Pinkie Pie Jump

    Source 18
    Kiri: Celestia

    Source 19
    Twilight - Super Friendship

    Source 20

    Source 21
    Cake Club

    Source 22

    Source 23
    Friendship is Steampunk

    Source 24
    Zebra Fluttershy

    Source 25

    Source 26
    Spitfire Vs. Spitfire

    Source 27
    Princess Investia

    Source 28

    Source 29
    Can't Sleep

    Source 30
    Up in the Clouds

    Source 31
    These hooves are made for bucking...

    Source 32
    The Mane 6

    Source 33
    Epona pony my little pony

    Source 34
    Royal Discussuions

    Source 35
    MLP: Rainbow Dash

    Source 36
    Nightmare Moon

    Source 37
    Daring Jack