• PMV: My Little Saints Row / Pony League Unlimited / The Ponies Who Don't Do Anything

    Trailer time! And a bonus pmv just cause.

    1.) My Little Saints Row: The Third - Shock and Ponies
    2.) Pony League Unlimited
    3.) The Ponies Who Don't Do Anything
  • Custom Pony Compilation #24

    Source: Purple Tinker / eBay


    It's time for another custom pony compilation, folks. We're starting over at ten because I can't be flanked to go and look up the last one that we did when we were still in charge of that number. So it's ten. Deal with it, I guess.

    Click past the break for more plastic ponies than you can shake an apple at, including a really really awesome clay Rainbow Dash on a cloud. Holy crap it's awesome.

  • Game: Luna Vs. Fun

    The ever talented Egophiliac has teamed up with a couple of other bronies to bring you all a Luna game just two days after the release of Luna Eclipse.

    Hit up this page to play it. You will need to install Unity player, but it's tiny, and takes a wopping 3 seconds to download and integrate.

    So go play it! And hit up the Deviant Art page for more information. 
  • Comic: The Truth About Luna's Hair / What is fun?

    Click For Full  and Source
    The REAL origin story of Luna's new wavy hair!  I'm glad it has finally been answered.

     And more Luna below, just because.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #224

    Star Swirl the Bearded edition. 

    Have some art.

    Source 1
  • Story Updates October 23rd

    Story update time!  We have a pretty big set this time around, most of which are 5 star.  I notice most of the comments on these are people waiting for specific stories to update.  I'd suggest checking something new out if your favorites are still being written.  For the most part, stories on EQD should all be good in their own merits.  A few slip through the pre-readers, but the filter is pretty heavy.

  • PMV: L-O-V-E / 6 Ponies You'll Date In College / Sing Along to my ♥...

    Shipping PMV time!

    1.) L-O-V-E
    2.) The Mane 6 - 6 Ponies You'll Date In College
    3.) Sing Along to my ♥...

  • Story: The Clinic


    Author: CoffeeGrunt
    Description: A place for a pony to be what they want. To become, what they want. When Twilight and her friends stumble upon the most vilified organisation in the eyes of Celestia's court, how they will react? How far should a pony go for happiness?
    The Clinic

    Additional Tags: The Clinic welcomes all patrons
  • The Brony Show #24: Two Day Live Showing

    The Brony Show is doing a two part showing starting today.  Check out the copy paste below.
    "The Brony Show 24 Part 1 and 2
    Hey everypony! We're coming to you again with another great 2 part episode of The Brony Show because there's too much pony to be contained into one day. Our incredible host Circuit Mane is back fresh from Anime Banzai and will be talking about his experiences as well as commenting on the new Luna episode and playing some fun and hilarious PMV's I hope you're ready to laugh your plot off! And in Part 2 on Monday the co-hosts Hypermark, D-Pad, and FoxTrot will be sitting down with Valcron, the creator of Octavia: Slices of Life and giving a wonderful interview with him and his incredible work. Along with that they will be doing an awesome commentary on Episode 22 of Season 1 and whatever they come up with. Be very intrigued, and afraid! I hope you can make it to either part. They're both at 6PM PST - 9PM EST on both Today and Monday! Check it out at http://thebronyshow.net and enjoy the fun!
  • Pipsqueak's Favorite Princess

    I'll agree with spike on this one, but Celestia saves the day.    Check it out after the break!

  • Music: Lingering Pride / Lingering Pride / Watch Out

    I like how the lack of new music so far in season two has us remixing their voices into stuff instead.

    Have some rock, dubstep, and another I have no clue how to categorize!

    1.) Lingering Pride (Gilda's Theme)
    2.) Pinkie Cake - Time is Candy
    3.) 3ight8it - Watch Out

  • Sneaky as Hell Fruit Snacks

    It looks like Hasbro is finally rolling out some G4 pony fruit snacks.  Sadly, behind the cardboard Twilight Sparkle exterior hides a monster that few bronies can relate with.

    Alright, "monster" might be a little mean, but this definitely doesn't look like the Pinkie Pie I know and love.

    The box does list some actual G4 gummies, so hopefully we will see them soon!

    Thanks to Mr. Ben for the images.
  • Story: Applecores and Rainbows


    Author: CosmicWaltz
    Description: Applejack and Rainbow Dash attempt to turn their longtime friendship into a heartfelt relationship, without letting too many ponies in on the secret. Classic AppleDash shipping. You've seen it a million times, but you know you like it! A simple feel-good work that will make you smile.
    Applecores and Rainbows Part 1
    Applecores and Rainbows Part 2
    Applecores and Rainbows Part 3
    Applecores and Rainbows Part 4
    Applecores and Rainbows Part 5

    Additional Tags: Eh, here are some words
  • Mane Cast Trailer: Rarity

    I talked to Rarity earlier.  She's still sore about being cut from Luna Eclipse.  In fact, I couldn't get her off the phone until we negotiated her own post for the Mane Cast: Rarity trailer. 

    Check it out after the break!
  • Comic: Arise Chicken Arise


    It has been at least 3 days since we last made fun of Scootaloo, so have two comics specializing in it.

    Source / Click For Full
  • Nightly Roundup #136

    I'm pretty sure Luna hit pretty much every fanon personality in that episode at least once.  I wonder if we will see more of her now that she is technically re-established?

    Anyway, have some news. 

  • YTPMV: Medley of Ytpmv

    Just one this time around, but it's a doozy.  Pretty much every major YTPMV revamped and combined into one 6 minute video.  Check it out after the break.