• Comic: The Muffin Snatcher

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    Comic post: Muffin edition.  All things muffin up in here.

    The Muffin Snatcher Part 1
    The Muffin Snatcher Part 2

  • PMV: Pony Story / Rainbow Dash is AWESOME! / Scarflank

    Two movie trailers and Rainbow Dash being awesome, find it all after the break!

    1.) Pony Story
    2.) Rainbow Dash is AWESOME! True Story
    3.) Scarflank

  • Pony Game Compilation

    Magical ponies casting magical spells to solve their magical problems. It's magic! It's perfect fodder for tabletop RPG systems and other kinds of Saturday Night Fun. We've got a pair of such things sitting in our inbox right now and it's my job to share the gaming goodness with all of you (because Seth and Cereal don't "get" it), so let's not waste time.

    These are rather wildly different games with totally different goals in mind, so I daresay if you are any kind of gamer you will find something for everypony below the page break. Today's page break sponsored by Princess Celestia. You've tried the Restia, now try the Bestia!
  • Comic: I'm Always Confused

    Poor Derpy Hooves... She just lost everything that makes her special. 

    Also some Warhammer below!

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  • Story: Through The Eyes of Another Pony (Update Redone 5-6 Chapters!)

    [Human In Equestria] [Comedy][Adventure]

    Author: CardsLafter
    "So yeah, I'm a human.  And now I'm a pony.  No, that's not a joke, though I would laugh if it were.  All I did was party at my place and pass out, only to wake up in Ponyville.  Now you must be thinking I had one too many, and I'm right there with you.  But no drunken hallucination lasts this long and whatever the case, The Nightmare seems to have a problem with me.  A big one.

    So now, armed with my cigarettes and some cool unicorn magic, I have to fight off The Nightmare, my own Fanbronyism, and try to find the time to let the ponies give me a name.  I know, I suggested getting a pony name first, but they're pretty excited about that.  Not sure why.  All of the ponies in this town are crazy."
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  • Story: Gun With Occasional Pony (Update Part 8!)

    [Grimdark][Comedy] I'm pretty sure only squeak and a handful of others could get away with a story like this!

    Author: Squeak
    Description: I've gotten several requests to upload this fic to my DA, and I've mostly declined to do so. But you lot are very persistent, So I'm going go ahead and do it. But just so anyone who wishes to read this is aware, this fic was meant for the enjoyment of myself and a few friends throughout the fandom. It heavily references 4chan, and various other boards that have pony related content, and contains many grimdark elements. Any vicarious enjoyment is welcome, but keep in mind it's OC and not to be taken seriously.

    Squeak lives in The OC, a place where ideas are real. Ideas concerning one thing in particular, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. In this world, where imaginings are given form, and everything is pony themed, life isn't quite as 'Love and Tolerance' as you'd think. When a murder takes place, it launches a series of events going deeper than anypony could imagine.
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  • Story: Ponyville Gets Screwed

    [Comedy] [Random]

    Author: Jenohart
    Description: The rule of Discord may be over, but it left behind an unexpected legacy. Ponyville is no stranger to crazy ponies, but how will it cope with a being born from pure chaos?

    Ponyville Gets Screwed

    Additional Tags:
    Bizarro, Screwball, totally-not-Lyra, the 5th dimension

    We just got off bronyville, and look what they gave us as thanks!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #202

    Chess Edition! 

    Source 1

  • Story: Divergence (Update Part 10!)


    Author: Seattle_Lite
    Description: A different approach to Rainbow Dash's story in Episode 2. The most loyal of ponies faces the most difficult test of her virtue; does she hold the greater loyalty to her friends wishes and esteem for her, or their safety and wellbeing?
    Part 1: Divergence
    Part 2: Confrontation
    Part 3: Evidence
    Part 4: Foresight
    Part 5: Bereavement
    Part 6: Gravity
    Part 7: Ambiguity
    Part 8: Horizons
    Part 9: Inquisition
    Part 10: Juxtaposition (New!)

    Additional Tags: Confliction, Perceived betrayal, Pathos, Enigmatic Luna, Black Belt is canon
  • Animated Ponygiest Billboard

  • Music: The Great and Powerful Heretic / Nothing Special / In Her Stead

    Trixie being heretical, Twilight being emo, and Fallout Equestria being ridiculously popular. It's music time!

    1.) The Great and Powerful Heretic
    2.) Nothing Special
    3.) Fallout Equestria fanmusic) In Her Stead: theme of Velvet Remedy

  • Story: Variables


    Author: The Descendant
    Description: After his defeat at the hooves of the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony the stony figure of Discord was dragged far, far, far out of Ponyville where the good ponies could eventually forget the name of their tormentor...


    But, it seems, as the months have passed some creature in Ponyville has not been able to put aside what had happened. Now, that creature approaches, and it seems as though he'd like a word with the immortal spirit of chaos...


    Additional Tags:
    Spike talks to a rock.
  • Custom/Plushie Compilation #8

    Source / Ebay
    We don't get a lot of Applejack customs 'round these parts.  Hopefully she gets some love in season two.

    More after the break!

  • Bronytoons Presents Debut Animated Short

    Bronytoons is a fan studio in the business of producing animated shorts for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. We've seen people do animation for this show before, but not quite like this. What you're looking at now is the result of some highly skilled, focused, and organized ponies dedicated to maximizing the awesome output of the internet.

    They've just released their first short, Luna's Lament. I've watched it, and it's... breathtaking. Gorgeous and smooth; it's almost crazy to think that it was all put together by fans. The bar's been raised, everypony! Go visit their website, and see the video after the break.
  • Tails From The Office

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  • New Billboard on October 3rd + Halloween Episode Fully Confirmed!

    Source : Geekscape
    Apparently The Hub is releasing a brand new billboard for the second season of FiM, this time with a more horror style twist! Just look at that creepy ass Pinkie Pie! If you stare into her eyes long enough she will slowly fill your soul with cotton candy and delicious chocolate cake. 

    It has also been confirmed by Geekscape that October 22nd is in fact a Halloween episode, and will be shown a second time on the 29th. 

    I'm way more excited about Luna than I should be... I can't wait to see her actual personality.

    Also I forgot to say how FREAKIN AWESOME this banner is. The Hub is amazing.
  • Nightly Roundup #114

    DERPY edition.  It has been a while hasn't it? The poor girl seems to have lost some steam over the haitus.  I can't wait to see what they do with her in the rest of season two.

    Have some news!

    Also a reminder: The Fanfiction archive is on the side bar now ---> Click "Fiction Archive".  A couple people have asked me in email.  

  • Vocal Free Episodes 19+20+21

    It's actually kind of relaxing to just listen to the background music of each episode.

    Wingbeat has released another set, check them out after the break!

    1.) Vocal-Free MLP Episode 19 (Dog and a Pony Show)
    2.) Vocal-Free MLP Episode 20 (Green Isn't Your Color)
    3.) Vocal-Free MLP Episode 21 (Over a Barrel)