• Comic: Mix Up

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    I'm surprised it took this long to ponify Jayson.  Daniel Ingram has had a pony for a few months now.

    I have to admit... I didn't really understand the potato thing much at first.   Why does the demigod of ponydom roll with a golden russet avatar?

    After a bit of research, I found out just how noble potatoes actually are. Have some interesting potato facts:
    • The average American eats 126 pounds of potatoes a year.  I'm pretty sure I double that though with how many ridiculously delicious french fries I consume.  
    • New York consumes more potatoes than any other state.  
    • In 1802, Thomas Jefferson was the first person to serve French Fries in the United States
    • All 50 states grow potatoes
    • The largest potato ever grown was a whopping 7 pounds
    • Potatoes are in fact vegetables
    So there you have it!  Something so vital to the American way of life surely deserves such an illustrious position!
  • Poll: Would You Watch A Long Arc Style FiM Series?

    For those of you that listened to the podcast, this was pretty heavily debated in the last 10 minutes, which we had to cut off due to time constraints. 

    FiM is obviously a slice of life style show.  It doesn't have much going for it in terms of continuity, and for the most part can be watched in any order.  This is usually the nature of childrens television. 

    A good amount of us are in our 20's and used to long series arcs, be it a DVD box set of Sopranos or a 100 episode Anime. 

    So what do you guys think?  Would you watch a series about your favorite pony traveling across Equestria and growing as a character? 

  • Music: Legend of Celestia - Title Theme! / Sunset / Giggle At the Ghostly a capella

    Sounds like the Legend of Celestia game is truckin along nicely. The selection below is the mane theme of it. You can find the website here!

    Number two is a massive 15 minute musical collaboration with various images/themes that go with it. 

    And three is some a capella crazyness.

    1.) Legend of Celestia - Title Theme!
    2.) Dr. Dissonance x Vafrous Coyote - Sunset
    3.) Vafrous Coyote befriends Eurobeat Brony - Giggle at the Ghostie

  • PMV: Friendship is Wholly Inappropriate / May The Pony Be With You / Princess Trollestia's dance

    Something about innocent little Fluttershy Gangsta rapping is hilarious.

    The Lyrics and syncing in number two are also pretty great.

    And as promised, number three is completely ridiculous.

    1.) My Little Pony: Friendship is Wholly Inappropriate For This Age Group
    2.) May The Pony Be With You [PMV]
    3.) Princess Trollestia's dance
  • Drawfriend Stuff #158

    Luuuna edition.

    She kind of unintentionally took over this one.

    Source 1

  • FiM Animators Cosplaying as Ponies!

    I talk to an animator for another show every once in a while, and one of the things he pointed out to me a while back was that the people working on a specific cartoon usually have a sort of "stigma" against actually being fans of it. 

    Once again FiM completely throws that idea out the window.  Maybe it's another reason why it's so amazing?

    The Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity all worked on season two doing layout/posing (Holding back my envy right now), and  Pinkie Pie is friends with the Fluttershy (even more envy).  

    They also dragged someone along who dressed up as Spike.  Apparently hes a professional break dancer or something!

    They wanted me to let everyone know that they love the fans, and they will be scanning the comments so feel free to send them ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF PRAISE! 

    A couple more images can be found after the break. As always with cosplay posts, if you don't like it, stay out of comments!

  • Music: Proud to be a Brony / Brohoof

    Number one is pony swag tier in terms of quality. It's definitely an impressive one.

    And some rap right after!

    1.) Proud to be a Brony (Embed broke!)
    2.) Brohoof

  • Music: Flutterwonder

    Why are Fluttershy songs always so awesome?  Pinkiepieswear just dropped this one off today.  It's amazing to say the least.

    Have it after the break!

  • PMV: The Equus Files / Hooves Commercial / Ponies are AWESOME

    Someone actually told me yesterday that his friend hates us because we crossover absolutely everything.

    I can't get enough of these though, even if they do involve a parody of a parody.

    Starting off with some X-files, followed by a ponification of this video (That you should probably watch first, or be prepared to be confused)

    And finally a mystery random video. No embed for that one!

    1.) The Equus Files
    2.) Hooves Commercial
    3.) Ponies are AWESOME

  • Song Recording Behind the Scenes Picture!

    Gaaah he taunts us again!

    This went up about 50 minutes ago at Golden Russet's Twitter page

    Rebecca is Twilight Sparkle's singing voice for those wondering. What else can you guys dig out of this one?

    And another image popped up!

  • Story: Black Equinox (Update Part 17!)

    [Sci-Fi] [Adventure]

    Author: J-Dude
    "Twilight knew Spike would start to grow up one day, but that doesn't make it any easier when it happens. She's sure Pinkie's right: he just needs some space, and he'll be just fine by himself while she spends some time with Celestia.

    But the Princess has her own reasons for calling Twilight back to Canterlot. Two travelers in the Everfree have woken dark forces beneath the Earth, forces of fire and steel..."
    Black Equinox: Chapter 1
    Black Equinox: Chapter 2
    Black Equinox: Chapter 3
    Black Equinox: Chapter 4
    Black Equinox: Chapter 5
    Black Equinox: Chapter 6
    Black Equinox: Chapter 7
    Black Equinox: Chapter 8
    Black Equinox: Chapter 9
    Black Equinox: Chapter 10
    Black Equinox: Chapter 11
    Black Equinox: Chapter 12
    Black Equinox: Chapter 13
    Black Equinox: Chapter 14
    Black Equinox: Chapter 15
    Black Equinox: Chapter 16 (New!)
    Black Equinox: Chapter 17 (New!)

    Black Equinox: Alternate

    Additional Tags: Big, Tragic, Dark, Battle, Sci-fi
  • More Derpy Voiceovers / Dear Derpy

    *Update* This sort of turned into a shitstorm, so I'm locking it down.

    Honestly I don't know why you guys are complaining so much about the Derpy voice overs.  Shes doing a pretty awesome job of it considering the character doesn't actually have anything to play off of. 

    Her response video explains it well enough though. 

    I don't want to disable anon commenting, because I know a lot of you prefer it.  If this keeps up though, I might have to require accounts. 

    1.) More Derpy Voiceovers
    2.) Dear Derpy

  • Pony Soundboard Massive Updates

    Kyrospawn's FiM soundboard has had some massive improvements added since I last posted about it. 

    I am disappointed at the lack of ventrilo/prank call pony videos on youtube.  Someone needs to correct this.  Not that I'm condoning prank calls or anything....

    Have a link!
  • Pony Stencil Tutorial Video

    For those of you looking to get into creating these stencil ponies, The_Velour_Fog recently created this really neat video on the entire process required in the creation of one.

    It's definitely a ton of work, but speaking as an owner of one, I can, without a doubt, attest to how awesome they are when complete. 

    You can find the video after the break!

  • Story: Lost Redemption


    Author: Turner Hoof
    Description: The past haunts Final Scroll, a Pony living in recluse in a far corner of the Everfree Forest. When a familiar, unwelcome presence begins to show himself, he'll be forced to either fight, or flee his past once again.

    Lost Redemption

    Additional Tags: Long, Tragic, Fight, Romance, Soldiers
  • Song Count for Season 2: More than 10, Less than 20

    Daniel Ingram recently confirmed the song count for season two on his facebook page.... kind of.  We have a vague estimate at least.   That's still a ton of new stuff to remix the hell out of though!  I can't wait!

    I used to dislike the music portions of Disney movies.  They always felt "forced".   The characters would be having a normal conversation one minute, and break out in song the next. 

    FiM on the other hand does it the right way.  Every single song feels like it perfectly fits the scene it takes place in, and they are all beyond catchy.  The crew behind this show never ceases to amaze me.

    And as a bonus, here are the statistics from our facebook page likefest!

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  • Nightly Roundup #69

    It's totally morning Luna. This site doesn't allow an actual nightly roundup.

    Have some news!

  • Charity Applejack Sketch Winner Reports In

    CommunistPrime, the winner of the official Applejack sketch from Lauren, writes in to let us know that, yes, he received it and, yes, it is awesome.

    Just in case you're confused as to what I'm talking about, in April several original sketches were put up for charity auction by Lauren to help the victims in Japan. We hosted several here, but the Applejack one was this one.

    Letter from Faust after the break!

  • YTPMV: Flutter Cove / Nightmare Moon has a Spartan / Flashy Dashie

    Wow a sparta mix. I'm surprised it took so long. Or maybe my memory is terrible and I don't remember one from 5 months ago.

    1.) Flutter Cove
    2.) Nightmare Moon has a Spartan Spacecloud Remix
    3.) Flashy Dashie