• Story: You Can’t Be Missed If You Never Left (Update Complete!)

     [Shipping][Sad] Twidash!

    Author: Staeg Masque
    Description: Many years have passed—ponies have moved on, and the Elements of Harmony themselves are now aged. One fateful day, Twilight Sparkle’s beloved student, a young filly named Marina, poses a question to her teacher and, through the story her teacher tells her, learns an important lesson about going after what one desires.
    You Can’t Be Missed If You Never Left Part 1
    You Can't Be Missed If You Never Left Part 2
    You Can't Be Missed If You Never Left Part 3 
    You Can't Be Missed If You Never Left Part 4
    You Can't Be Missed If You Never Left Part 5 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Stories, Love, Regret, Acceptance, Lessons
  • Comic: Perfect Pony Pets / Pony Your Wagon

    Scootalove is best love.

    Sources: Fadri / Raygirl 

  • Story: Solar Eclipse


    Author: The Lovely Penguin
    Description: When Princess Celestia ceases communication with her most trusted student, it's up to Twilight Sparkle and her friends to find out what's going on and how to stop the new threat that has arisen.
    Deviant Art
    Solar Eclipse

    Google Documents
    Solar Eclipse

    Additional Tags: epic quest, tyrant, evil Celestia, beacons of harmony, unity
  • Poll Results: Best Starting Episode

    I did it for the science, and some ponychan thing. 

    These seem like reasonable results.  Party of One should have a disclaimer of "Watch the whole thing first" though.   It does begin pretty girly with the whole party thing, and people not used to Pinkie Pie's songs might be a bit put off. 

    Hope that helped in your analysis ponychan people!
  • Android Pony Soundboard

    You guys requested it, and Lord Blaze has given it!  Below is a sound board for FiM.  Sadly for you iphone/windows people it is specifically for android, but hopefully something will pop up for you guys eventually!

    It currently has the mane 6 with 13 lines for each.  The creator plans to add a bunch of new ones to the mix, but decided to release it now since everyone wanted it so badly from the soundboard post.

    You can find the link below!  I downloaded it directly on to my android phone, but the readme for the more complex way of doing it is in the zip file.  

    Android Pony Soundboard
  • Drawfriend Stuff #115

    >Adamant that I wouldn't have 3 Moe Drawfriend main images in a row
    >Run into this.

    He knows my weakness.  So...powerful

    Also John Joseco edition. I wondered where he went! Apparently he was just stockpiling.

    Also plot is now hidden!

    Source 1- Moe
  • Diamond Dog Names

    Just in case you guys wanted to write legit fics about the diamond dogs, Lauren Faust has given them official names! 


    Now back to digging through 70 pages of ponibooru holycrapsomuchart. 
  • MLP Flash game Update #4

    The Mane MLP Flash game project has released a fourth update video for everyone to dig through.

    They are still seeking voice actors for a list of characters, as well as a few more flash artists.

    There are a ton of pony games in progress right now, but few have come this far in terms of quality, and overall potential.

    You can find the video after the break with more information, as well as a whole mess of links in the description on the actual page.

  • Comics!

    For those of you who missed out on the final night of the Artist Training Grounds, you also missed out on some pretty amazing comics. So amazing, in fact, that Seth told me I should repost some of them. So I am! As I think is standard for these things anymore, click the image to go to the full comic. The one you see above was done by Zach, and the one you see below was produced by Egophiliac, who seems to have run off with my heart and forgot to give it back. I mean, as a wise cyborg private eye once said, "Wowzers."

  • Brony Show Live Cast

    The Brony Show (Not to be confused with the other two brony shows) Livestream channel is hosting a live podcast at 6:00 PM pacific time/ 9:00PM Eastern. 

    You can find the channel here!

    And while you wait, have some other episodes:

    Episode 2
    Episode 3
    Episode 4
    Episode 5
    Episode 6
  • I, Brony

    Normally I lump these PMV's togeather just due to the huge load I get, but this one deserves it's own slot.  It does a good job of representing the steps most of us went through with this awesome cartoon, and uses that epic music score that ALWAYS works. 

    You can find it after the break! Hell yah Friendship is Magic!

  • Custom Pony Calendar Project

    July... will last... FOREVER! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Right, so. A brony by the name of Zu decided he was dissatisfied with the official pony calendars on their way out the door, and took it upon himself to make something a little less pink for those of you who are adverse to the color but still need help remembering that all the time is pony time. The project is a work in progress, so if there's input you can offer regarding the sorts of ponies you'd hang on your wall, now is the time to do it. A link to the artist's DA journal describing what exactly is going on and 30 million Trixies can be found after the break.

  • Professional Friendship is Magic Presentation

    This right here is a full on 25 minute presentation on my little pony at a professional marketing convention.  They are taking over the world! Look at fluttershy up there... she planned it all along.  That cute demeanor and her "animal care" job were just fronts for a secret pony propaganda operation she was running in her apple cellar. 

    Anyway, you can find the presentation below!

    Professional Pony Presentation
  • Adult Swim Forums Ponyfied

    Yesterday I posted Adult Swim's response to bronies, and it was generally negative.

    Apparently it was just Adult Swim being Adult Swim though! Their forums are now ponified.

    They have redeemed themselves in my book.

    You can find it below!

    Adult Swim Forums
  • Story: Celestia's Teeth

    [Comedy][Normal] Post this or I'll put my hands over my ears and scream about Trixie being a fictional character in a show for little girls until you do-Pre Reader #12

    How...Violent.  I think the pre-readers think I have an actual crush on Trixie or something. 

    Author: Abalidoth
    Description: Celestia makes sure to surround herself with the most competent staff
    in all of Equestria, but when they go too far in her service, she takes
    things into her own hooves.
    Celestia's Teeth

    Additional Tags: Trollestia, Bureaucracy, Food, Pranks, Character-Driven
  • Friendship is Magic Billboard

    Woah, this thing is awesome.

    Check out that smug ass Twilight Sparkle.  That's almost Trixie level right there.

    I hope these are the new vectors they use everywhere!

    This billboard will be showing up in LA tomorrow.  What better way to attract absolutely everyone?!

    You can find the facebook announcement here!

    Thanks to everyone that sent it to me!

    (Sorry about the delay, I promised myself I'd try to sleep for once, figures I pick the important news day) 

    Apparently Cereal created this post for 2:00 PM... so, have his response below! Sorry Cereal! News skips the hourly thing!
    The more promotional material I see for this show from the Hub, the more unabashedly excited I get for season two. Doubtless there will be some who think this is taking it too far, but I'm loving this. It's perfect for those who recognize the pun, too. I love puns.

    What do you guys think?

    Also the image it is based off of

  • Forza 3 Racing Competition

    Someone over on Forza 3 is hosting a brony racing tournament!  The prizes will be various custom cars for each of the ponies in the show. 

    If you are interested in joining in, check out their website here, and send a message to either Flutt3r5hy or Shaunnnnnnnnn(yes, 9 n's) on xbox live! 
  • 3D Minecraft Pinkie Pie

    I guess this was inevitable!  All of you slackers and your 2D flat ponies need to step up your game now!

  • PMV: Sexy Mare / Pinkie Pie Likes Space / Drink Applejack

    Uhhh, shes a horse guys... yeesh. Poor Rarity.

    Also some Pinkie Pie spaaaaace and drunk Applejack.

    1.) Sexy Mare
    2.) Pinkie Pie Likes Space
    3.) Wasted Applejack Rambles About iMacs and Pizza.

  • Story: Newbie Artist Training Grounds


    Author: Pineapple Skitter
    Description: I attempt to tackle the prompts in the "Newbie Artist Training Grounds" event with words rather than picture. One picture is worth 1000 words, so I'm sure that 500 to 1499 words are worth a picture after some rounding...

    Day 01: A Pony Standing
    Day 02: A Pony Jumping
    Day 03: A Pony Dressed as The Great and Powerful Trixie
    Day 04: A Pony Eating Fruit
    Day 05: Your Favourite Pony with Wings, Breaking the Sound Barrier
    Newbie Artist Training Grounds 01 - 05

    Additional Tags: Snapshots, Experimental, Puns, Commentary, inb4 first
  • Nightly Roundup #19

    Derpy Edition!

    I'm scheduled for a ton of hours this week at work.  Be prepared for typos abound as I post everything in a daze!  As always, feel free to email me when you see me completely butcher the spelling on something or forget to add a page break. 

    Onward to the news! I don't really have time for anything crazy on this one, so apologies if it's a bit boring.  It still gets the information across though.