• Comic: My Little Poe

    Edgar Allen Poe and My Little Pony?  Unfortunately, it is too large for here, so the link is below as always!

    My Little Poe
  • Comic: Have Your Cake and Eat it Too (Updated Part 3!)

    So Meeeaan.
    The artist can be found below, as well as the rest of the comic.



    3 (New!)
  • Tons of Animated .gif Avatars #2

    Simbada over on Livejournal has released wave 2 of his animated forum avatars! Tons of good stuff in there.

    You can find them all in the link below!

    Animated Pony Avatars

    Megaupload of All of them
  • Story: Flip-Flop

    [Normal] We haven't had a Gilda story in a while.

    Author: Polecat
    Description: A short look through the eyes of everyone's not-so-favorite Griffon, Gilda, as Pinky makes a visit.

    Additional Tags: First-person, Conversation
  • Community Spotlight: Yaridovich Synchtube

    Way back in December, when the pony craze was slowly starting to build up on 4chan, a brony named Yaridovich created a channel over on a fledgling youtube streaming website called Synchtube.

    The channel has been going strong, 24/7, streaming both pony episodes and various PMV's.   You will almost always find 20+ people in the chat, all discussing ponies and generally having a good time.

    I know a lot of you newer bronies probably haven't been exposed to it yet. Give it a shot! It's especially fun on new episode day when everyone fangasms over every little detail. 

    (Due to overcrowding, the link has been deleted for now!)
  • Choose Your Own Adventure, Pony Style

    A brony over on Ponychan going by the name of Lightsideluc is currently hosting a "choose your own adventure" style pony post!  It looks like people are having fun with it so far, so if you are interested head over to the link below and join in!

    Choose Your Own Adventure Pony Time
  • Winged Pinkie Pie Auction Final Bidding Taking Place!

    Holy crap, it's currently sitting at $3,050! That's insane! Even the legendary Derpy Hooves only managed to break 2k!

    5 Hours remaining as of right now,  for those overly rich bronies out there who are interested.  

    (*Edit*, ended at over 4k! Insane!)

    Winged Pinkie Pie

    Also check out the other 2!

    Applejack : Currently $1,375.00
    Twilight Sparkle: Currently $1,362.00 (You guys better not let AJ win!)

    And Derpy, which is over

    Derpy Hooves: $2,150
  • Drawfriend Stuff #69

    1 Source

    Giant Mecha Pinkie Pie edition. We are all doooooomed.

    Slow news day today, which is weird considering yesterday I could barely keep up! 
  • PMV: Dash - Your Gonna Go Far Kid

    I was skeptical at first, but it does actually kind of sound like dash! Interesting!
  • Change Your Playstation Network Passwords!

    I know, It's not ponies, so have a derpy in a dress, and discuss different ways Derpy can break things. 

    Anyway, Sony has officially confirmed that personal information was leaked in the recent Playstation network hacking.  I'm not sure what they can possibly do with a million passwords and accounts, but it's probably a good idea to change your info on there if you haven't already.

    Check out this page on Kotaku for more information

    I won't archive this, it's just a warning thing.

    That concludes our public announcement! Back to ponies!
  • Story: In The Club With a Bottle Of Wine // Bad News Apple

    [Shipping] Two stories from this new authorOne sad, one shipping

    Author: Gabriel LaVedier
    Description: Everybody goes out to Ponyville's only nightclub. Except Applejack. And then, one night, she's there, with some wine, the flashing lights, and the one pony that can make her do anything.
    In The Club With a Bottle Of Wine

    Additional Tags: Wine, Women, Song, Club, Gaga


    Author: Gabriel LaVedier
    Description: A stranger comes into Appleloosa to deliver a bit of news to Braeburn, which will change his emerging life forever.
    Bad News Apple

    Additional Tags: Appleloosa, Western, Huckster, Bigotry, Family
  • TF2/Source Spray Compilation

    A brony named Enlino Sent me a rar filled with .vtf/.vmt team fortress sprays.  It can be a pain to create these sometimes, so hopefully we can fill TF2 up with all sorts of pony sprays now that the technological blockade is gone! 

    A few of them are animated, and it looks like they are all transparent.

    There is also a readme included for those that have no clue what to do with them!

    You can find the .rar below!
  • Story: Fashionably Faux (Updated Complete!)

    [Shipping] "A thirty-car shipping pileup... extensive and meaty... my hoof of approval"-Pre Reader #13. (Did I do that right?)  This is also a kind of a side story for Swapped.

    Author: Prince Shadari
    Description: Rarity feels lonely, having no pony to cal her own while it seems everypony else is finding love in some fashion or another.  Getting desperate Rarity decides to ask a certain cowpony out on a date...
    Fashionably Faux
    Fashionably Faux (New!)

    Additional Tags: Desperate love, desire
  • RainbowDash.net Split and Contest

    Rainbowdash.net is splitting up into two websites.  One will be devoted to Roleplaying, and the other for normal twitter-style micro blogging.

    For the RP side, they are looking to the community for a banner design.  It should be roughly the same size as the current one, and saved as a transparent .png.

    If you are interested in tossing a banner into the mix, you can send your submissions to webmaster@rainbowdash.net

    The deadline is May 11th, so you have some time!
  • 3 Minutes of Pony 2: Electric Scootaloo

    It's actually 7 minutes, but who's counting?

    Also unblocked shorter version for those in countries that block stuff!

  • Story: Forever

    [Sad] I think this is the first story on here with Photo Finish in a lead roll, how does that work?

    Author: Bobcat
    Description: Pinkie Pie has lunch with Photo Finish.  Why?  Read to find out. 
    Beyond Forever (Second Part, New Post!)

    Additional Tags: Ze magic requires sacrifice.
  • Author Compilations in the Story Archive

    If you head over to the Story Archive, you will see a new section way at the bottom labeled "Author Compilations".

    Midnight Shadow sent me a google doc of all his stories, and suddenly my half-asleep self decided everypony should have one of these.

    So authors, if you have 5+ stories, toss them all into a google doc in the same format as Midnight's and email away!

    Midnight Shadow
    Cereal Velocity