• Story: Timelords and Terror (Update Finished!)

    [Crossover] Another Dr. Whoof fic! I don't have any more images of him though, so have some Twilight who is also involved!

    Author: Hephestus
    Description: Doctor Whooves fic. First part of the first episode in a postulated 4-5. A series of unexplainable events get Twilight's mane in a twist. Suddenly she finds herself and her friends embroiled in a pan-dimensional conflict between two ancient races, one of which is planning to unleash an unspeakable horror from the Void in a desperate bid to conquer the multi-verse. The only hope for Equestria and the whole of creation seem to lie on the shoulders of a mysterious stallion and his impossible blue box.
    Timelords and Terror
    Timelords and Terror Part 2
    Timelords and Terror Part 3
    Timelords and Terror Part 4
    Timelords and Terror Part 5 (New!) 

    Timelords and Terror Entire thing 1 link

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  • Story: To the Nth Dimension

    [Random][Shipping] DashxPinkie has been done a bunch, but throw a random tag into the mix and...you get this!

    Author: Homfrog
    Description: Rainbow Dash flies faster than she’s ever flown before and gets trapped beyond normal space-time.  She doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to go that fast again. Strong DashiePie. 
    To The Nth Dimension

    Additional Tags: DashiePie, sugar rush, fourth dimension, multiple wingboner, Princess Celestia

  • Princess Luna's Lulliby // Cupcakes Around the World

    More fan compositions, this time involving Luna and Celestia!

    Also a cupcakes remix from Masterlinkx below!

  • Untitled

  • Comic: Rocks Rock

    More stuff from Don_Ko!
  • Hubworld Adds Achievements/Friend Lists/ect.

    Hubworld (The USA website for Ponies) has upgraded with achievements, friend lists, and a few other new features.  So for those of you who feel like grinding for a few hours, the My Little Pony game 6 new achievements to collect!

    They are pretty boring though... here is a list!
    Apple Awesome
    Get 100 Points in the Apple Awesome Mini Game
    Apple Awesome Silver
    Get 300 Points in the Apple Awesome Mini Game 
    Apple Awesome Gold
    Get 500 Points in the Apple Awesome Mini Game 

    Cloud 9
    Get 100 Points in the Cloud 9 Mini Game
    Cloud 9 Silver
    Get 300 Points in the Cloud 9 Mini Game
    Cloud 9 Gold
    Get 500 Points in the Cloud 9 Mini Game

    No Achievement for Flirting with Twilight Sparkle, sorry shippers =[

    The accounts are pretty...weird.  They actually force you to use pre-set names with number combinations at the end.  I already forgot mine. 

    Anyway you can find Hubworld Below!

    Hubworld Pony Game

  • FiM Piano Medley

    We have way too many talented bronies. It's almost scary.

    I also don't think bronies looks good, I think I'll stick with the grammar slaying bronys from now on!
  • Story: Blood is Thicker

    [Normal] This was actually written before the new episode! Luckily it remains pretty accurate!

    Author: Ciroton
    Description: Twilight Sparkle receives a letter out of the blue from her mother. She has left her the ages-old task of keeping their family tree updated, and hints to it being incomplete. Will she be able to discover this missing relative, or will she fail as her mother did?
    Blood is Thicker

    Additional Tags: Discovery, Family, Rejection, Research, History
  • French Pony Translations

    Yes, I know, Top Hat Derpy isn't French in the least... but Top Hat Derpy is amazing, and I have a severe lack of French pony!

    Anyway vivelepetLOL on youtube is translating all of the episodes into french.  I guess we can trade Wakfu with them or something!

    You can find the channel below.

    French Translations
  • Giant Minecraft Twilight Sparkle

    A Shrine befitting Twilight's divine status.  She really is the greatest unicorn~
  • Ponies Invading the Marine Corps+German Airforce

    Apparently a brony in the Marine Corps has been spreading ponies throughout his barracks!  These are some marker-drawn additions to the walls.  I guess a small segment of them almost got Pinkie Pie printed on to their shirts for physical training,  but unfortunately the higher-ups saw it at the last second and shut the idea down! The bastards!

    Apparently Dash has infiltrated the German Airforce as well!

    Any other military bronies out there?
  • Drawfriend Stuff #62

    I CAN'T DECIDE edition.

    This is probably my favorite drawfriend ever.  Derpy with a top hat and monocle (My new cell background), Pirate Sparkle/Piratejack.. it's too much!
  • Super Ponybeat: Cutie Mark Crusaders (Blank Flank Mix)


    This is probably my favorite one so far.

    You can get the mp3 file at his bandcamp page below, and check him out on Deviant Art!

    Eurobeat Brony's Bandcamp Page

    Eurobeat Brony's Deviant Art
  • Story: An Ancient Letter

    [Normal] One of the pre-readers said it gave him goosebumps! That's always a positive!

    Author: Scorch_Mechanic
    Description: While searching for a tome of nigh-forgotten pony lore, you
    accidentally dislodge an ancient scroll from its hiding place. Putting aside your former intentions, curiosity gets the better of you and you carefully unroll the faded paper...
    An Ancient Letter

    Additional Tags: Recursion
  • Pony Polka

    Weird Al is definitely 20% cooler with ponies.