• Story: My Friend

    [Normal] Twist and Bloomberg? Glad it's not shipping...

    Author: Phoenix Reece AKA The Gentle Coltte of Leisure
    Description: What ever happened to Twist? When Applebloom made friends because of her lack of a Cutie Mark, Twist lost hers because she had one? What could go through a filly's mind when facing something like that. If only she had someone to talk to....
    My Friend

    Additional Tags: Featuring Twist, Bloomberg, and a bit of the CMC at the end.
  • Story: Pinky Science

    [Normal] Yay, an excuse to use this image! Kind of.. Pinkie sense is kind of force-ish right?

    Author: Stormy Brave
    Description: Months after the original twitchy tail adventure, Twilight writes to Celestia about just how amazing her friend Pinky Pie really is.
    Pinky Science

    Additional Tags: Pinky Sense Surprises Twilight Twice
  • Story: Solitary Sun

    [Sad] So much Celestia lately, I'm running out of images!

    Author: New DCD/Time-Diver
    Description: The Princess of the Sun... a mare who has lived for more than a millenia, ruling over ponykind with grace and fairness.

    Still, beyond that regal figure of hers, what secrets does she hide? What sadness  is concealed behind those eyes? What does her heart yearn for?

    The chains of "duty", for a monarch, can be cruel indeed...
     Solitary Sun

    Additional Tags: Celestia Loneliness Perspective Melancholy Sorrow
  • Comic: Twilight's Adventure

    Poor Pokey, he just can't control himself!

    Some Madmax to break up the wall of fics incoming!
  • WoW Brony Guilds (Updated: FOR THE HORDE!)

    I guess there is a pretty big brony following over on World of Warcraft now, with guilds on both the US servers and the EU servers.  So for those of you still addicted (ponies cured me of mine amazingly), you can find information on both below!

    Server: Arathor
    Faction: Alliance
    Guild Name: Friendship is Magic
    How to Join: Visit http://mlpfim.freesmfhosting.com/ or contact one of the following in game...

    Whíterose (Note the special í character)


    US (NEW!)

    Server: Sargeras (US)
    Faction: HORDE!
    Guild Name: Elements Of Harmony
    How to Join: You can join by either messaging Tzirah, Ditzydoo, or Applebloom. Or me registering on http://sargerasbronies.freesmfhosting.com/index.php

    Server: Darksorrow (How emo ;_;)
    Faction: Alliance
    Guild Name: Equestiran Order
    How to Join: Whisper Appledash and flutershy (or anypony else in the guild)

  • Music: Rainbow Dash Likes Colts

    A response to the Rainbow Dash likes girls song from a while back!

    Too bad everypony knows Dash goes both ways.
  • A Guide to Life from Friendship is Magic!


    Life got you down? Spending too much time sitting on the internet with no ambition?  Luckily, our favorite pastel equines are here to give us some much needed advice on improving life in general!

    I found this over on ponychan and thought it was pretty cool.  Lets hear some success stories! 
  • Story: Reports of Agent X

    [Normal] Tyrant Celestia just..fits. Poor Twilight is terrified of displeasing her.  You would think an apprentice would be more casual, not I guess something sinister goes on behind the scenes!

    Author: Cheddah
    Description: An ongoing series of letters written by a mysterious undercover researcher known only as Agent X, chronicling Equestria's secret lore and history, along with the origins of characters and creatures throughout the Ponyverse. VERY "Tyrant Celestia"-heavy!
    Reports of Agent X - Report 1
    Reports of Agent X - Report 2
    Reports of Agent X - Report 3 
    Reports of Agent X - Report 4 (Fixed)

    Additional Tags:   Equestria's secret past finally uncovered!
  • Cutie Mark Crusaders Piano Version

    I have had this song playing on my phone for the past week. Confound it Daniel Ingram you have ruined me!

    Also some lolipop after the break.

  • More Brony RL Meetups planned, (Updated with Seattle-Tecoma!)

    Purple Tinker, PK, and RoyGBiv are working on building out a network of Brony Meetup groups on meetup.com.
    Tinker took New York, PK took Portland, and Roy's building out Seattle-Tecoma.

    Anypony in the NYC metro area, go to http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-NYC
    Anypony in the Portland area, go to http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-Portland
    Anypony in the Sea-Tac area, go to http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-SeaTac/

    Also adding a few more below!
    LA Scifi and Comic convention

    If anypony is interested in sponsoring a meetup group in another city, Purple Tinker would like to talk to you about it! Email her at prpltnkr@gmail.com.
  • Drawfriend stuff #60!

    Dressmaking edition!  That's right, you are all obsessing over a show that involves dressmaking.  I hope you are happy.
  • MAST3RLINKX returns!

    Maste3rlinkx has returned from the ashes after his Hasbro ban on youtube! So far, even though the channel is now..100% pony, he appears to be still up and running.

    For those of you that have no clue what I'm talking about, Mast3rlinkx runs a popular youtube channel that hosts all sorts of stuff, including pony.  A few weeks ago his channel was deleted due to copyright from hasbro, though many believed it to be the work of trolls...which in turn created hysteria and panic throughout the pony youtube community.

    Luckily it was the only victim.

    Anyway it's back! With HD Pony! You can find it below!

    Masterlinkx Youtube Channel
  • Another Pony Platformer!

    This is more of an engine test according to the creator, but it's still pretty neat! Looks like it's using some Sonic graphics, so maybe a pony sonic-Replacer game isn't too far off!

    Anyway you can find the link below!

    MLP Platformer Test Game!
  • Story: Exiles Final Night

    [Normal] There haven't been many prequels yet to the whole nightmare moon thing.  I'm glad someone decided to do it.

    Author: StarLite
    Description: During the final 24 hours of Luna's banishment, she reflects upon her time in exile, and towards what is to come that night.
    Exiles Final Night

    Additional Tags: Luna, short, prequel, solo, depression
  • Story: A Magician's Attire

    [Normal] Great and Powerful Tri-Twilight?

    Author: Waterthrush
    Description: Following the events of Boast Busters, someone is poking through the remains of Trixie's wagon looking for an object of great personal value. Some important things are worth taking a risk for.
    A Magician's Attire

    Additional Tags: Short, Nighttime, Hat & Cape, Magic, Fantasizin
  • Lets Draw: Princess Luna's Descent

    I thought this was pretty neat. Shadowraven on Youtube recorded her drawing+painting of some really awesome Princess Luna fan art.

    So, now that you know all of those neat art secrets, go draw me some ponies! 
  • April Foals Event Round 9!

    Judging by the steady decline in votes, I think it's safe to assume you guys are as april foals'd out as I am! 

    Last preliminary round! Lets do this!

    Check out the Poll Brackets For Winners!

    Or all of the April Foals Entries

    Below are the Entries for Round 9! Comments below!