• The Great and Powerful Trixie's Love Poem!

    [Great and Powerful] ONCE AGAIN, The GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie shows her supremacy, in absolutely EVERY category. 

    Almighty magical ability? CHECK!

    Supreme showponyship?  CHECK!

    The most beautiful mare in all of Equestria? CHECK!

    And now, add POETRY and LOVE to the mix!  The Great and Powerful Trixie truly is the most amazing equine who has ever LIVED!
  • Video: I'll Make a Man Out of You

    Or a Filly I guess in this case.
  • Equestrian Mythology

    As if gazing into The GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie's BEAUTIFUL purple eyes doesn't already answer the secrets of the universe, somepony has taken it upon themselves to analyze all of the random symbols and lore hidden in the background of Equestria.

    You can find the entire report below!
    Equestrian Mythological Survey
  • April Foals Poll Brackets/Winners

    Since we received a whopping 46 stories, I'll be dividing everything into 9 different polls, each 24 hours long.

    Check out the entire entry post HERE for descriptions on stories!

    Each round winner will be given it's own separate story post. 

    The top 9 will duke it out for the actual awards!

    Hopefully this helps people dig through the sudden MASSIVE INFLUX of stories.  I didn't check any of them for quality, so I'm sure there are probably a few bad apples in there. 

    Art will be treated a bit differently.  It will be broken into 3 polls, with 3 winners each, and one final poll with the best 6. 

    Round 1 Has already completed, you can find it, and the winners, below
    Round 1 Art Voting
    Entry 2, 4, and 5  Moving on to the Final round!

    Rount 2 is Over!
    Round 2 Art Voting
    Entry 1, 6, and 7 Moving on to the Final Round!

    Final Round Art Winners!
    First place!( Full Comic HERE)

    Second Place!
    Third Place!

  • I love you seth

    I love you guys too. Lets all love and be best friends forever.
  • Trixie Claims the Brony Wiki as Her Own!

    The Great and Powerful Trixie has extended her magnificent dominion to the brony wiki.  Bask in her glory, for Trixie shall soon lay claim to the entirety of the internet!

  • Derpy Stamps Sold out!

    Purple Tinker is all out of Derpy Postage stamps! Have some Copypasta!
    Just an update: All DerpyMail stamps are SOLD OUT! Thanks, everypony! Shipment #2 of 2 goes out later today, and that takes care of this batch of stamps! But don't worry-- there will be more stamps in the future, and they will look at least 20% cooler.
    The Great and Powerful Trixie Scoffs at your love of this "derpy"... What does SHE have that TRIXIE doesn't?!  
  • Video: April Fools Pony Parody

    The people over at Sonic Paradox who do parodies of sonic stuff went with a pony theme this april fools, along with this 9 minute parody of episode one!

  • Story: Dreams are Magic

    [Random] A story with that devilish purple unicorn nerd as the lead character... Also really long!

    Author: Fire Esper
    Description: "Twilight Sparkle practices Dream Magic, but an uncivilized pink pony messes it all up. Is three in one dream a crowd?"
    Dreams are Magic

    Alternate Tags: Dream, Adventure, Esoteric, Mind-bending, Romance
  • Websites Celebrating April Fools With Ponies!

    Like anything could POSSIBLY surpass the GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie!

    Feel free to toss The Great and Powerful Trixie links to websites with Ponies on their front pages today regardless though...

    1.) Sister Claire Comic
    Description: Everyone in the comic is now a pony!
    2.) Basil Market
    Description: Ponies have taken over the market!
    3.) Snafu Comics
    Description: More Pony transformations!
    4.) Sonic Paradox 
    Description: Pony Parodies instead of Sonic!
    5.) Dawn of War Forums 
    Description: Pony them and music!
    6.) Allspark Insider
    Description: The entire Insider .pdf is now pony!
    7.) The Otaku
    Description: Everyone's avatar is now a FiM pony!
    8.)  University of Maryland Baltimore County website!
    Description: You need to actually be logged in to see it, so a screenshot is above!
    9) Commander Kitty
    Description: More Pony comic stuff!
    10) Runescape
    Description: Pony Pets!
    11) Gaming Force 
    Description: Pony EVERYWHERE!
    12) Red Alert Paradox
    Description: Pony Mod
    13) Henshin Justice
    Description: Banners and stuff
    14) Aorange
    Description: uhhh NSFW?
    15) Zebra Girl
    Description: More Pony Comic!
    16) Random Domain
    Description: More Pony Comic stuff!
  • The Great and Powerful Trixie Vs Twilight Sparkle RP BATTLE!

    Like the GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie could POSSIBLY lose to that eggheaded teachers pet!

    If you want to see Twilight Sparkle get CLOBBERED, Check out the Twitter Pony RP page below.  The Great and Powerful Trixie's Victory will take place on Saturday April 2nd at 2pm EST!

    MLP Twitter Pony RP
  • April Foals Event Discussion Post/Day 1 Wrap Up!

    The GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie demands that you use THIS post for discussion of the stories/art in the April Foals Event for the sake of everypony's scroll bars!

    The GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie would also like to thank everypony who entered her AMAZINGLY well planned competition.

    Voting on the Stories/Art will begin in on April 2nd, and probably last a few days. All Entries can be found At This Post!

    Again, the Rewards Are...

    First place: Your Choice between the Humble Indie Bundle or Half Life 2 Episode 1+2 (2 available)
    Second: Whatever First place Doesn't choose.
    Third: Whatever is left!

    First Place: Custom image drawn by Madmax
    Second Place/Third Place: A Copy of Portal 1 (New!)
    Top 5: Their own story posts.

    Most of these stories deserve their own posts...  800 words is generally the limit for everything, and most of them beat that by a huge margin.  Obviously 46 story posts all at once would really kill the front page. I honestly wasn't expecting so many entries at such a high word count... maybe 10 max. Boy was I surprised!  You guys are awesome!

    Anyway, Discuss the entries from the event below! 
  • Story: The Great and Powerful Trixie!

    [Great and Powerful] The Great and Powerful Trixie in all her magnificence!
    Description: Not even CELESTIA can top the incredible, perfect, flawless, GREAT and POWERFUL TRIXIE!
    The Great and Powerful Trixie!
  • Drawfriend Stuff # The Great and Powerful Trixie!

    Bask in the genetically PERFECT proportions of the Great and Powerful TRIXIE!

    Few can match her PRISTINE blue coat and IMPECCABLE fashion sense!

  • The Great and Powerful Trixie has TAKEN OVER!


    For months The GREAT and POWERFUL TRIXIE has been planning her ULTIMATE COMEBACK!

    You thought you scared the GREAT and POWERFUL TRIXIE away did you?!