• Bud-Light Style Pony Commercial

    This is mainly for the voice-overs, which are awesome. The video is just a slide show, relevant, but simple.
  • Poll Results: You are RARITY! What do you do?

    The one reset for some reason when I was modifying the HTML on the side with all the new horizontal rule tags.  I have no clue what happened.

    It was just for fun anyway since I couldn't think of anything and /co/ couldn't either!

    Feel free to suggest stuff in the comments for the one after the next one.
  • Episode 26: The Best Night Ever - Announced!

    Another one popped up on AOL TV

    The final episode of season 1 finally has a name!

    Episode: The Best Night Ever
    Synopsis: The ponies' expectations for the Grand Galloping Gala may be too high.
    Air Date: 5/6/2011

    This title could have meanings it's not even funny.
  • Pony Mare-a-thon #3!

    Marathon rescheduled!

    Another pony mare-a-thon is scheduled for SATURDAY at 7PM PST  in an attempt to make up for the lack of a new episode.

    Aside from some technical difficulties at the MASSIVE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE trying to get into the channel last time, it's still a lot of fun!

    You can find the channel below!
    Pony Mare-a-thon 3
  • Story: The ULTIMATE Ponychan Collaboration

    [Random][Grimdark][Shipping][Sad][Normal] Is your computer badass enough to handle 23,000 words, and 80+ images of pure pony pleasure all packed into a single google document from an entire chan board of authors?!

    Cause mine isn't =[

    Anyway it is really huge, crashed my browser twice, so you have been warned. 

    I need a new computer....

    The ULTIMATE Ponychan Collaboration
  • Comic: Wont Get Foaled Again

    I lol'd, but I feel bad about it!

    Poor luna!

    This is Madmax's April Foals entry btw!
  • Story: Thermodynamics of Love

    [Shipping] I love these long stories. More cute, socially awkward Twilight stuff!

    Author: Kitsune.Tales
    Description: When it comes to solving problems with reason, there are few ponies as talented as Twilight Sparkle. However, when two of her best friends reveal their feelings for her on a very special pony holiday, will Twilight's reason be enough to decide which pony she loves?
    Thermodynamics of Love
  • Comic: April Foals Day

    This is actually a full on 6 page comic for the April foals event, so I'm linking to it from the other post and giving it it's own spot. 

    You can find the entire thing after the break.

    *EDIT* Uploaded Larger Versions.  Text should be easier to read if you open them now.

    Artist : Humphrey
  • Drawfriend Stuff #51

    These star wars ponies are awesome edition.

    Is there anything out there that doesn't become at least 20% cooler with ponies?

  • Pinkie Trigger - Corridor of Cupcakes

    I...Don't know if this is beautiful or not, but it's something!

    Fixed the sizes, woops. I had this on auto.
  • Comic: Outlaw Pony

    [Crossover] Nostalgia goggles...activate. I'm linking to the DA for each part on this one.  Also you can see the actual scene from the show this is using after the break.

    Artist : Princess Crimson

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5

  • April Foals Competition Submission Post! (16) Pics, (46) fics.

    Submissions are CLOSED!
    Thanks everyone for your submissions!

    Please move all discussion of entries to THIS POST!

    Voting will begin on April 2nd, so people have time to read through everything and choose their favorite (and since tomorrow you will have a huge gap of no update time to do it! ;p)

    These stories are almost full size stories, so I will probably take the top 6 or so and give them their own separate story posts. 

    Everything will be found AFTER the Page break! 
  • Stories: A Start / My Hero /The Bet

    Three short stories in this post.  The first one is a normal Twilight/Trixie Story, and the second is some Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash Shipping, and third is some Snips/Snails/Fluttershy normal stuff. 

    Author: A.J

    [Normal] A Start
    Description: Determined to become more powerful than Twilight Sparkle, The Great and Powerful Trixie decides to study up on her magic skills. But without a teacher, she must turn to the one pony she'd rather not have to face again.
    A Start

    [Shipping] My Hero
    Description: Rainbow Dash is having trouble sleeping after the Best Young Flyer's competition, but what's Fluttershy doing awake so late?
    My Hero

    [Normal] The Bet
    Description: Snails is caught by Fluttershy after losing a bet to Snips.
    The Bet

  • Episode 25: Party of One, Announced!

    Aol Video currently has the 25th pony episode listed. Unfortunately no plot summary is available.  But we have a title... and a date... so that is good right?

    Episode 25: Party of One
    Synopsis: Pinkie Pie frets over the lack of response to her party invitation.
    Air Date: 4/29/2011