• Derpy Hooves AMV

    [Grimdark?] What did I just watch?

    Why did I post it?

    I don't know.
  • Story: His Name Is Mac (Updated Part 3!)

    [Shipping] Big Mac is a PIMP tonight.

    Author: Black Murder Heavangelon
    Description: Between any two ponies in PonyVille, none are more distant than the farmer stallion and rainbow maned pegasus. But after recent events have played out, the two ponies are about to get closer as Dash takes it upon herself to get to know Macintosh better. But as she further involves herself in the business of the farmer, she soon learns that there's more to Big Macintosh than he lets on, and that he has more to hide than a few extra words.
    His Name Is Mac
    His Name Is Mac Part 2
    His Name Is Mac Part 3 (New!)
  • Music: Super Ponybeat: You Gotta Share

    Ponybeat remix from Eurobeat Brony of you gotta share!

    Here is a download link!

    Super Ponybeat: You Gotta Share
  • Drawfriend Stuff #50

    Master Sparkle Edition (Also my desktop for the past 2 days, so awesome!)

  • Pony Minecraft Server in the Works

    There are a few pony servers out there right now, but they tend to..explode with trollan.

    So this guy took it upon himself to set up a dedicated server for it!  This might get me back into minecraft... though that would mean this site would be ignored as my OCD takes full control and the perfect skyscrapertemple shaped like Trixie's hat would become my new life.

    You can find the temporary website for the server below, as well as more information!
    Pony Minecraft Server
  • Story: The Game Has Changed

    [Crossover]  Just a quick Tron oneshot! I think it was inevitable with this image at least.

    Author: Freightrain
    Description: When a program unlike any other appears on the Grid, Clu decides to go up against it in a Lightcycle competition. However, he get's more than he bargained for. (Rainbow Dash vs Clu(2).)
    The Game has Changed
  • Derpy Mail Stamps Have Arrived!

    Purple Tinker would like to let everyone know that her stamps have arrived, and are available now for purchase!  Copy paste incoming!

    "The first bunch of DerpyMail stamps are IN, and they'll go FAST!


    Type 'A' (Pictured above) : maximum order is 10 per brony. These are a bit more colourful than Type B, but not as clear. They are VERY CHEAP as I got a great deal this time: $0.84/stamp, $8.40 for a sheet of ten. Available quantities are: TYPE A STAMPS ARE OUT OF STOCK!

    Type B-------->
    "Type 'B': maximum order is 20 per brony. 200 are available, all 'Prototype Orange'. These are a bit less colourful than Type A, but a good bit clearer. They are slightly smaller (less wide) than the Type A stamps. These are $1.15 per stamp or $22.80 per sheet of 20. They are shaped a bit differently than Type 'A', having the serrated 'stamp edge' only on one side.

    All stamps are being sold at cost, and all FIRST COME (and paid), FIRST SERVED. Email prpltnkr @ gmail.com if you want some!"

  • Story: Love is Abloom

    [Shipping] Spike and Applebloom?! That's not how you spell Rarity!

    Author: DarkJester
    Description: A romantic tale of a love-struck pony and her attempts to impress the dragon of her dreams.
    Love is Abloom
  • Comic: Twilight Sparkle's Name

    That name... The one reason I can't mention my favorite pony irl! At least Trixie's isn't immediately equated with sparkly vampires!

    Comic is huge again, so the link is below!
    Twilight Sparkle's Name

    Also some bonus 4th wall antics
    Follow that Pinkie
  • Custom Pony Tutorials

    So you want to make CUSTOM PONI?

    Well Custom Anon on DA has the a series of guides to help you do just that! Enjoy!

    Custom Tutorial Part 1
    Custom Tutorial Part 2
    Custom Tutorial Part 3
    Custom Tutorial Part 4
  • Story: Climax Pegasus!

    [Crossover] Rainbow Dash meets Viewtiful Joe time!  This crossover tag sure can pull off some random pairings!

    Author: Bookish Delight
    Description: Movieland's greatest villains have joined forces and set their sights on Equestria! It's up to the Magic of Friendship and the Power of VFX to combine and strike back in a heroic display of color and special effects! Let's Go Into The Action!
    Climax Pegasus!

    Additional Tags: Viewtiful Joe, Action, Tokusatsu, Video Games
  • Story: Staggering Against the Wind

    [Shipping]  Ravamped X2!  Les do it!  Scootaloo time! (And yes, I got sweetie/scoot mixed up, don't ask how, I just did. )

    Author: Vanderblast

    Description: Scootaloo meets her first crush, and the cutie mark crusaders try to give her the confidence she needs to talk to him.
    Staggering Against the Wind
  • Story: The Eternal Night

    [Grimdark-War] Another long one! This one with some Ancient Luna/Celestia Focus!

    Author: JS
    Description: A story set 1,000 years before Friendship is Magic, dealing with Luna's transformation into Nightmare Moon and Celestia's battle to stop her.
    The Eternal Night
  • Ghetto Thread Finder

    Powered by TRIXIE!

    Someone on /co/ requested this, and I have no clue at all if it is going to work.  It's all up to you guys!  If it looks like it's useless I can just delete it.

    Below, in comments, some enterprising anons are volunteering to post the current /co/ general thread every time a new one pops up. 

    This is just temporary until the archive has returned.

  • Poll Results: Are You Male of Female?


    Lauren Faust must have hidden some subliminal...something in this show.  It's almost scary. 

    That or females are scared of this site.