• Vide: Panty Stocking MLP Opening.

    I have only watched 2-3 episodes of P&S, but this is one of the greatest crossovers I have ever seen.
  • Pony Text Notification/Ringtones+ 40 new tones!

    Someone just sent me 40 more ringtones.  You can get them all in this media fire link!

    40 New Tones! (NEW!)

    Or you can stick with the old ones, including a few new ones below.

    Text Messages (Use the All Files Link Below!)
    Rarity: Sonic Rainboom Laugh
    Rarity: It Is ON
    Rainbow Dash: 20% Cooler
    Pinkie Pie: Oatmeal, are you CRAZY?  
    Fluttershy: Yay-(Full Version, Long)
    Fluttershy: Yay-(Short Version)
    Trixie: Neighsayers
    Twilight: Prove it
    TwitchaTwitch (New!)
    TwitchaTwitch Version 2 (New!)
    Omigosh Rainbow Dash  (New!)
    Rarity Complaining (New!)
    ----All Files----
  • Music: Renard-Rainbow Dash Likes Girls

    I seriously got 7 emails about this. It's not really my type of music, but I guess its popular! So enjoy!

    *EDIT* I did some digging after uploading this since some people on gtalk told me this guy usually releases some really good stuff and..they were right, I'm hooked.

    You can find his site below!

    Warning: Kinda furry I think.
  • 8 bit Art of the Dress

    We got soundtracks, pixel art, where's my pony rpg?
  • Deletions and Modification Requests

    As always, If you authors/artists/ect need me to fix/delete something, feel free to email me.  I am always willing to fix up your story posts the way you want them to look, including the image used.  I borrow from drawfriend posts because I think having community stuff linked is cool even outside of friend-offs. 

    And on the topic of  Deletions (since I keep getting emails bleh).  Moderation on any forum/chan/board has always been my bane.  I hate seeing discussions closed due to some power hungry moderator thinking his/her user-base can't handle it on their own, so you probably have seen the flame wars that erupt, and me doing absolutely nothing about it.  This website allows anon posting for a reason, and I want to keep that in tact. I have yet to delete any comments, and I want to keep it that way.

    Sometimes the actual author requests that I remove their story, and I am perfectly fine with that. So far I have only deleted 2 story's on author request. It's not my content, I just post it and keep it neat and organized.

    Obviously if something illegal pops up, I will have to axe it, but that's common sense.
  • Fanfiction Vocaroo Readings

    Someone over at FiMchan is tasking himself with reading fanfiction out loud over Vocaroo.  So far he has only done cupcakes, but he is taking requests for more!

    You can find the post below, and a link to the entire cupcakes series (warning, it's still gruesome and terrible and horrifying and awful and...and)  

    Vocaroo Reading Post on FiMchan

    [Cupcakes Part 1-7]
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5
    Part 6
    Part 7

    Quest for Friendship Stones
    Part 1
  • Story: Singing to the Moon

    [Normal] Happy Luna is best Luna. I can't wait until her episode finally comes up and shes Pinkie Pie 2.0 who gets all the stallions.
    Description: Sweetie Belle sings to the moon. But her song attracts an unexpected guest.
    Singing to the Moon
  • Story: As told by Madeline (Updated Act 1!)

    [Sad] Some OC pony stuff by Lotte!

    Author: Lotte
    DESCRIPTION: A wandering unicorn with a broken horn walks the lands of Equestria in search of herself, her place, and the answers to some questions in her mind. A series of stories written as a Sociological exploration of Equestria Society. Insert art will be included in future entries.
    As Told by Madeline Prologue
    As Told by Madeline Act 1 (New!)
  • Story: Hostage Situation

    [Shipping...?] More Last minute friend-off stuff!
    Description: Spike is held against his will by three devious characters. How will he escape?
    Hostage Situation
  • Story: End of the Night Mare

    [Normal] A Twilight Sparkle Origin Story written by a new author, Diceguyd30. Also punz
    Description: A My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic story focused on the the defeat of Nightmare Moon over 1000 years ago, and Twilight's origin. It was an idea I had when I was trying to figure out why Celestia seemed to need Twilight to stop Nightmare Moon in the pilot episodes among other things. This story is the result of those musings. I hope you enjoy as it is my first time doing anything like this.
    End of the Night Mare