• Comic: Great Moments

    Sadly blogger is resizing the crap out of this, so here is a link to the full comic.  Some epic derpy hooves stuff.

    Great Moments

    And with that I'm off to work! See yah in 6 hours, feel free to email me more stuff to upload tonight.
  • My Parfect Day

    A Live reading by Derpy Hooves herself.

    You can also find the Link to the actual story below

    My Partfect Day
  • Drawfriend Stuff #31

    This is too much work for free but I love you edition.

  • Pony Parents confirmed, and On The Way

    This shouldn't be anywhere near as exciting as it is ohmigoshrainbowdash.jpg

    Also ponies confirmed for not reproducing via magic, but doing it the old fashioned way. In after /co/ shitstorm and inb4 /co/ nightshift shitstorm.
  • Staremaster Music Instrumental/Normal.

    Music time!

    Below are a few links Spittie Pie sent me. 

    Hush Now Quiet Now MP3

    Hush Now Quiet Now Instrumental Version of Sweetie Belle's Part.

    Both Versions + a .Flac version

    Now we just need the super ponybeat version and we are SET!
  • Poll Results: Who is Your Favorite Side Character?

    Poor Trixie, beaten by a Zebra...
  • Weekly Wrap Up! February 19-26

    I think it's time to start doing these, to give everypony's content a second chance to get noticed! I will do them (hopefully) every Saturday.

    Like everything else on the website, I'm sure as time goes on these will get more organized and color coded and such.  For now I'm not really sure how to split up the stuff.  Let me know in comments if you want to see anything modified.

    Everything from the last week is here.  I'll make it look nicer in a bit, but I have some stuff to upload/have to dig through the archives now :)

    All lists are from oldest to newest-derp
  • The Staremaster Discussion

    So... that one was completely unexpected.  I don't want to spoil it for anyone, so no episode summaries or anything yet.

    Feel free to use this as a "side" discussion from the light-speed traveling /co/ posts that I'm not even bothering with right now.  (I think /co/ is about to pass /v/ in population thanks to ponies..)

  • /co/ Pony Posts break the 6000 mark.


    Over 6000 posts a day to be exact.  I don't think /co/ has ever had this much traffic.  Not even Avatar and Wakfu could come close.

    And it's all about colorful ponies and friendship.... who would have thought?

    This does have some negative implications though, mainly the fact that it's near impossible to keep up with this stuff now!

    If I miss your fic/video/fan art/news/whatever you can still always Email it to me. Please check THIS POST first for guidelines on what to send with it to make the process cleaner though, especially if you are sending fanfiction.

    For those wondering wtf this means, it's all going down on This Board which you have probably seen referenced here a million times by now.  And you can use the Archiver to find what the current thread is, though post numbers have currently exceeded the poor thing's capability to keep up.

    Actually on second thought it's probably a terrible idea to link that, feel free to attack me in comments if it was and I'll remove it.
  • Comic: I Got Better

    Holy crap Madmax you are a comic MACHINE

    You really should think about starting your own comic website.  You could be the pony version of Penny Arcade at this rate. 
  • Comic: Socially Akward Twilight

    Poor Twilight, she just doesn't...get it.

    I accidentally deleted the email I got this in, if anyone has a link to the artist so I can give them credit let me know. Along with a title, I need that too.
  • Comic: Playing with Ponies

    I need a real title for this. Anyhow more Madmax comic awesome, this time about those dudes with their 48 minute pony review. 
  • Story: Deadpool and Ponies (updated)

    [Random] See this is where I run into a dilemma... Does this get both tags for being a crossover and random?  I don't know.  Maybe it deserves one over the other more?  I'm just going to keep it random, since it is very random! 

    Author: Needed
    Description: Pinkie Pie is throwing a birthday party for herself, and is inviting everyone! However, Twilight is suspicious about this party after last time and decides to get some "Hired Help". Any feedback is appreciated, don't hold back.
    Deadpool and Ponies
    Deadpool and Ponies Part 2
  • Story: Filly Fantasy VII

    [Crossover] It was inevitable I guess.  Filly Fantasy 7 now exists!
    Description: A parody of Final Fantasy VII, MLP-style.
    Filly Fantasy VII