• Story Update: Letters from Bubbly 11-15

    These letters are from wayyy back when Derpy was first discovered.  Something a lot of you new people probably never even got a chance to see. 

    You can find the main post below, as well as the new addition of letters 11-15. 

    Letters from Bubbly

    As always, please comment on the main post not this one.
  • Day N' Night AMV

    So now that Twilight Sparkle has been turned to stone, I guess it's fitting to have her sing a song about it. Kind of...

    Really good lip syncing, which is always mildly entertaining!
  • Pony Cut Out's

    So you want pony figures to play with but were too embarrassed to go to Mcdonalds?  Fear not! For RusselH over at Deviant Art has released some Pony Cutouts for you to use! Now you can have pony adventures in the comfort of your own home without ever having to deal with customer service representatives giving you a hard time about ponies!

    The image above is in lower quality due to blogger's resizing, so head on over to the link below for instructions/the full sized image!

    Pony Cut Out's
  • Drawfriend Stuff #30


    No but seriously its a really good drawing...
  • Story Update: Secret Tub Fun Chapter 4

    Pinkie pie time!

    You can find this one and the 3 others in the link below.

    Secret Tub Fun
  • Story: Murder in Ponyville (Updated Part 3)

    [Grimdark] Fluttershy mudered?

    Feel free to go completely berserk in the comments, this cannot be allowed.
    Description: Rarity is outraged by Fluttershy's insults to her and the dress she made, and she finally snaps. This leads to Rarity murdering her, and making her corpse into a fabulous new dress.
    Murder in Ponyville
    Murder in Ponyville (part 2)
    Murder in Ponyville (part 3) (New)
  • Poll Results: Where do you come from?

    I'm actually surprised there are so many other locations feeding the pony craze.  Though for some reason for the last few days I have gotten 600 hits from deviant art daily, but trying to follow the link back to it's location doesn't work due to their external link policy thing.  And I'm pretty sure it's not the ponies in lingerie posted on Ms. Fausts DA account (gdi anon are you serious..)

    But who are all of you OTHER people?! Post it below in the comments thanks!
  • Art: Color Reference Chart

    We had an older reference chart a while back, but this one definitely does a better job of explaining everything more clearly.  I'll add it to the Drawing Guide post as well once it archives. 

    So now you can go color poni! Huzzah!
  • Story: My Little Cimmerian

    [Crossover] Also Introducing the Crossover tag, where Sephiclop and Legolasso can invade Ponyville all they want.

    And this one just happens to be an...Age of Conan Crossover! I currently have 0 Age of Conan pictures, so how about some Trixie solving rubix cubes?
    Description:  What happens when you place Robert E. Howard's famous barbarian Conan in the land of My little Pony? You get this little slice of madness.
    My Little Cimmerian
  • Story: The Downfall of Celestia

    [Random[ Transformers and Celestia and Aquaman OH MY! Introducing the new random tag, where weird Scary Movie style stories and general ridiculousness go.
    Description: When Princess Celestia has manages to become even more powerful and threatens the whole universe, a trio of heroes stand up against her.
    The Downfall of Celestia