• Suited for Success available for download

    Thanks again to Mentos for uploading these for us.  I know I don't know crap about usenet!

    Sorry I was a bit late on these, Busy day today.  Now off to work for 6 hours! As always if you guys find anything interesting let me know in comments.
  • Story: A Private Affair

    [Shipping] Some Fluttershy/Pinkie shipping this time. An older one.
    Summary: Pinkie Pie is setting up a party, but Fluttershy is not quite sure she wants to go.
    A Private Affair
  • 50,000 Visits!

    How the hell did THIS happen?  I didn't expect Equestria Daily to be anything more than a few news posts a day, and when I wrote the 10,000 visits post, I expected that 1500 people a day to be the cap. 

    So why are there 6000 people a day now?  How many bronies ARE there?!

    I am about 3000 views late thanks to trying to photoshop something cool.  I gave up though, I'm definitely not an artist. I think Trixie is a good enough crowd pleaser anyway! (inb4 tomatoes)

    Not a ton has changed since the last news post.  It's been sort of slow for the past few days.  Thanks to all the writers resubmitting/adding summaries to their stories, they help out a ton and I'm more than willing to go in and edit every single one of the stories in the archive with your docs version/summary.  Hopefully I can get a side archive going or something, but I think the story archive does its job for now.  If you have any suggestions on categorizing it better, let me know.  I'm learning as I go.

    If you frequent the site, you have probably seen all sorts of my "experiments" pop up and leave.  Blogger has a lot of limits.  I really wish I spent the last 5 years just reading HTML books instead of wasting time with my associates degree.  The things you can do with that kind of knowledge on the internet are amazing.  Just editing my widgets through the HTML tab is teaching me a ton of neat tricks.  That being said, if you have any ideas for stuff to add let me know, and I'll try them out.  I'm not saying I'll be successful, but I'll give it a shot. 

    Thanks again everyone, and hopefully I'll L2photoshop by the time 100,000 rolls around. 
  • Minecraft Rarity

    Minecraft is dangerous.  It absorbed me almost as much as ponies for a good month!  I can't imagine COMBINING them.
  • Music: MP3 of Rarity's Song

    DJ P0n-3 makes music posts fun again.

    New link for this, not rapidshare anymore, but it doesn't split the song into 2 parts. 

    Art of the Dress
  • Poll Results: Who is Your Waifu Pony?


    Seriously?  You don't even know anything about the DJ! What if shes some heroin addict hermaphrodite hooker or something?

    On a serious note, sorry to all the pony-shipping haters for this one.  It has been requested 3 times though so I just folded and did it.  Not that I didn't find it entertaining...
  • Derpy Mod


    Someone needs to go ahead and post us a tutorial on what kind of paint to use for this stuff. 
  • Story: Pinkie's Great Idea

    Another one by Pacce! Enjoy
    Summary: An alternate ending to "Griffon the Brush-Off" where Pinkie tries a saucy prank to get on Gilda's good side.
    Pinkie's Great Idea
    Pinkie's Great Idea Alternate Ending to an Alternate Ending what is this I don't even.