• Story: My Sweetie (Update Complete!)


    (Note: Story No Longer on Hiatus!)

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    Author: Big Mackintosh
    Description: After being adopted by Derpy, Sparkler can't help but feel unloved and unspecial in her new home, but Derpy is determined to show her just how special she really is.

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    My Sweetie: Magic Isn't My Thing Part 1
    My Sweetie: Magic Isn't My Thing Part 2
    My Sweetie: Magic Isn't My Thing Part 3
    My Sweetie: Magic Isn't My Thing Part 4
    My Sweetie: Magic Isn't My Thing Part 5 (New!)

    Additional Tags: depressed filly adopted for love

    Author Apology (New!)

    "BigMackintosh here, presenting the end of the story at last! I'd like to apologise for the length of time this has taken. It has been an incredibly long time coming and I have admittedly had plentiful opportunity to make it so. But like many, life has got in the way. The fandom has presented me multiple opportunities to take to new forms of works such as art and media which have equally taken my time. I have found many friends through the fandom and even the love of my life. So while this may the last you hear of me as an author, it will never be the last you see of me as a member among you all. Thank you all for your patience, please enjoy the story as much as I have enjoyed writing it!"

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