• Story: Divergence (Update Part 10!)


    Author: Seattle_Lite
    Description: A different approach to Rainbow Dash's story in Episode 2. The most loyal of ponies faces the most difficult test of her virtue; does she hold the greater loyalty to her friends wishes and esteem for her, or their safety and wellbeing?
    Part 1: Divergence
    Part 2: Confrontation
    Part 3: Evidence
    Part 4: Foresight
    Part 5: Bereavement
    Part 6: Gravity
    Part 7: Ambiguity
    Part 8: Horizons
    Part 9: Inquisition
    Part 10: Juxtaposition (New!)

    Additional Tags: Confliction, Perceived betrayal, Pathos, Enigmatic Luna, Black Belt is canon