• Story: Timelords and Terror (Update Finished!)

    [Crossover] Another Dr. Whoof fic! I don't have any more images of him though, so have some Twilight who is also involved!

    Author: Hephestus
    Description: Doctor Whooves fic. First part of the first episode in a postulated 4-5. A series of unexplainable events get Twilight's mane in a twist. Suddenly she finds herself and her friends embroiled in a pan-dimensional conflict between two ancient races, one of which is planning to unleash an unspeakable horror from the Void in a desperate bid to conquer the multi-verse. The only hope for Equestria and the whole of creation seem to lie on the shoulders of a mysterious stallion and his impossible blue box.
    Timelords and Terror
    Timelords and Terror Part 2
    Timelords and Terror Part 3
    Timelords and Terror Part 4
    Timelords and Terror Part 5 (New!) 

    Timelords and Terror Entire thing 1 link

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