• Added (5 star) to Stories in the Archive

    I don't know if it will make it easier at all, but I labeled every story that has earned a 5 star rating in archive with (5 Star). I'm still deciding on a color for it, or if I'm just going to keep it black.

    As always, if you see one that isn't actually 5 star (I'm sure some have fluctuated since I added the tag) then let me know. 

    Once I decide on a color, It will probably follow a 4 star, 3 star style of getting lighter the lower it gets or something.  I sort of did this on a whim this morning, so it's largely unplanned

    I did the entire thing in HTML (Blogger likes to "leak" html in interface mode, so It was just easier), so I'm sure there are a few bugs that I'm not seeing just skimming it, so let me know there too!