• Story Updates: The Party Hasn't Ended and Twilight/Trixie

    Alright I promised no more kissing, So here is pinkie just being obnoxious.

    I also promised I'd try to compile story update posts into one big post, but there aren't enough updates to do one big post so how about one small post with 2 stories?

    The first one is a fic a lot of people have been waiting for.  Part 2 of the Party Hasn't Ended (dash/pinkie shipping pic hence the thread image) by ButterScotchSundae

    You Can find the link to it's main post below!

    The Party Hasn't Ended

    And you can find the Twilight/Trixie story by fledgling writer Rent5dogs(I don't know what the name is supposed to mean) here.


    As always please comment on the actual posts, not on this one.