• Nightly Roundup #666

    What's this? 666 roundups? Were you expecting something evil to pop up in this one? Have s̷̝̱̤̺̓͌̾̌̿̎̍ͤ͢͡ő̳̭̙͚̣̬̜͉̤̂̀͑̈̊͋̒͟ḿ̼͆̒̕͝ę̼̼̰͖̟̈́ͨ̆̅͂͝ Carrot Top instead. She actually looks pretty cute in devil horns. 

    I completely forgot to do the dnpuno╔╣ last night, so have it a l͈̠̟ͫͮͤ̕ḯ̺̍̑́t͔͖̝̏͐̈́̚͢t̯̥̠̄̎ͩ͟l̴̞̻̹͍͒͊̆̏͝ę͎̖̥̜̹͚͛͂̉̌̃ͩ ͊̓̃̓̂̊̔͑̚͏͇̹̘̮̖͢e͕̱̠͛͋ͅa̢̫̺͔̘̩̻ͮ̆͛̎̈ͥͪ̏̀r̨̥̬̹̠͕̜̋̊͑̽ͣl̖̝̘̃͠͞ͅy͚̺͓̙̯͖̟̿ͥ͗̌͐͡͡ today. 

  • Bronyville Episode 106 - Friendship Holds Its Horses

    It went something like this.

    Dear Princess Celestia,
    We sure are a passionate bunch, aren’t we? I mean sometimes we get our jimmies rustled. And sometimes it’s for legitimate reasons. Other times it’s surprising how fast a spike turns into a roaring fire and then goes out just as fast. This week we brought in so many friends! Pixelkitties, Bob, Xyro, Spazz, and Foalpapers all join us to talk much about the Equestria Girls trailer and the resulting backlash. Add to this other news, fic, and cool things and you have a jam packed show. Enjoy!
    Apple Cider
    PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.
  • Discussion: Which FiM Villian Would You Like to be a Minion For?

    It looks like you are once again stuck in Equestria.  Unfortunately, your portal/magic mirror/Tardis has landed in the middle of the first official League of Extraordinarily Cute Evil Villains council meeting.  Confused at this odd hairless ape, they have decided to lock you up until you are sufficiently evil, after which you will be given the choice of whichever villain you wish to become a minion of. 

    It's up to you! Maybe Sombra's history was always interesting to you? Or perhaps free cider any time you want with Flim and Flam is more up your alley? 

    Hit the comments up with your choice of new evil boss!
  • Flash Fanfiction Event Entries #1 - News, Updates, and Next Prompt!

    Isn't she pretty?
    Well well welly well, here we are again, my friends.  I have the results from the Trixie flash fic event, but first, some news.  Hit the break for the goodness.

  • Random Merch - Transluscent Derpy, Season 1 Poster Scroll, Minty Figure

    We already have transluscent Doctor Whoof and Fluttershy floating around, but the first edition of Rainbow and Derpy never got any love.  Based on the image of Funko toys above, it looks like we may be seeing some of those for all you collectors out there.  Thanks to Violet CLM and everyone else for sending it!  Chances are she will pop up ay Comic Con, according to their list at least:

    56. My Little Vinyls get so clear and sparkly! - $20
    57. My Little Vinyls get so clear and sparkly too! - $20

    Onward to more RANDOM MERCH!  I already used up my Rainbow Dash hot pants yesterday, so we unfortunately don't get to be all controversial today. 

  • Custom Compilation #103

    Alright guys, I have the ultimate plan, but I need your help with it. 

    First off, we need to rob a ton of banks.  It may sound dangerous, but you would do it for Luna wouldn't you? Once that is complete, wire all the money to my paypal account.  From there, I'll win this ebay auction, and use the rest of bank donated money to develop a duplication device.  Chances are this portion of the plan will take a couple decades, but once complete, I'll send everyone who helped bring the plan together a Luna.  Foolproof!

    Have some customs while I go build a list of targets, hire a tech guy to hack into transportation grids, and study police patrols. 

    (Disclaimer: If you rob a bank after reading this post, EQD is not responsible for any jail time, legal battles, or parents locking away your pony merchandise).
  • Comic: The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine

    So, Twilight Sparkle is a colt in this one.  I was a little confused at first too.  This is another one of those giant 40+ page manga-style comics, following the adventures of a rule63 version of the best pony. 

    If that sounds like something you would be interested in, hit up the gallery of all pages here.  The "next" buttons are missing from a few of the pages, so that might be the best way to do it. 
  • Spotlight Music: Cutie Mark Conundrum / Alone

    You guys keep surprising me with how original some of these remixes are.  That first one is completely out there compared to what we usually post.  Give it a shot if you like anything electronic, because it covers pretty much every genre.   Good work c0pp3r gryph0n, your 1337 speak has floored me. 

    And in the second slot, we have some glorious Luna singing from Amadhi.  It's a bit on the short side, but it's Luna.  That instantly adds +2 minutes to any song.  It also has a bit of custom art to go with it.  

    Check them both out below the break!

    1.) Cutie Mark Conundrum
    2.) Alone - Luna's Song [Fox Amoore + Dreamsong]

  • Drawfriend Stuff #811

    >You will never go to Candyland with Pinkie pie

    Have some art while that sinks in!

    [22] Source
    Pinkie Pie, the Queen of Candies

  • Comic: Movie Night / Fool's Mate / Rainbow Rush / Fish Spa

    Honestly I don't get the joke in half of these, but I've been told I am too strict on humor.  Have some comics!  Click for full as always.

  • Story: Hearth's Warming Eve: A Princess Promenade


    Author: Cloud Wander
    Description: The Ponyville Playhouse presents a bold and inspiring new interpretation of the immortal classic, Hearth's Warming Eve. Music! Adventure! Intrigue! And a few surprises!

    During the pause between Seasons Three and Four, let's remember where we began and how much our friends have grown.
    Hearth's Warming Eve: A Princess Promenade

    Additional Tags: Princess Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Discord, Hearth's Warming Eve, Change

  • L.A. Shirts Added to We Love Fine

    A bunch of new shirts have been added over in the pony section of We Love Fine, including some limited edition ones from EQLA for those of you that didn't attend.    If you want to take look, hit them up here!