• Drawfriend Stuff #705

    Thankfully I'm not the only one who thought this when they saw that scene. Man, I really need to go back and play Katamari sometime. Such insane fun!

    Art coming at you!

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    My Little Katamari

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    Mane 6 Firefighters

    [3] Source
    Let me love you

    [4] Source
    Oh Boy, The Wonderbolts!

    [5] Source
    She's Just Going to Teleport

    [6] Source
    MLP - Filly Twilight Alicorn

    [7] Source

    [8] Source
    Beatnik Rarity

    [9] Source

    [10] Source
    Twilight Sparkle - Alicorn

    [11] Source
    Balance of Love

    [12] Source
    the heart of winter

    [13] Source
    Morning stroll

    [14] Source
    Season Three Finale In A Nutshell

    [15] Source
    A Creature No Mare Can Kill

    [16] Source
    Stand up Tall

    [17] Source
    Cancer and Capricorn

    [18] Source
    Cityjack And Country Rarity

    [19] Source
    Applejack and Spike

    [20] Source
    Big Macintosh

    [21] Source
    Hoodie Lyra

    [22] Source
    Solar Flare

    [23] Source

    [24] Source
    Filly Lyra Hooves Painting

    [25] Source
    Littlepip's Last Photo 1

    [26] Source
    Good Morning Rainbow Dash!

    [27] Source
    Chibi Shy.

    [28] Source
    Pinkie Pie

    [29] Source
    Princess shrugs at her subjects

    [30] Source
    Princess Of Magic

    [31] Source
    Sombra Redesign

    [32] Source
    Andalusian's Creed : Bloodlines

    [33] Source
    Lyra's Dreamscape

    [34] Source
    Lightning Dust

    [35] Source
    Twilight is Magic

    [36] Source
    Sparkle Books

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    Earth Ponies

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    Spike and the Gem

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    Soaring Duo

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    Threading the Needle