• KPHO Report on Bronies

    Earlier today I posted up a heads up for all of you to go check out channel CBS 5 News, and now it's up for the world to see on Youtube!

    Head on down past the break to check it out.  Isn't technology wonderful?

    It is now on their website! watch it in high quality here!
  • Discussion: What Other Fanbase Do You Associate With?

    We see crossovers come in constantly.  It seems Twilight Sparkle has visited every fantasy universe in existence at least once! The internet has millions of fan bases.  Some are tiny, while others are massive like ours.

    So, which fanbase do you associate with outside of pony?  I bet there are a ton of Dr. Who fans out there.  Or maybe tomorrow you will be stuck in Azaroth as a panda for the next month?

  • Equestria LA Announces Brenda Crichlow, Andrea Libman, and more!

    The con news just keeps rolling in as EQLA announces additions to their guests of honor list! First off they have managed to nab Brenda Crichlow, the awesome rhyming voice of Zecora, and the ever wonderful Andrea Libman!

    They also have some more information regarding the number of attendees, length of the con, and venue information. Check it all out after the break!

  • CBS 5 News Reporting on Bronies Tonight

    It looks like tonight at 10:00 Pacific time, the AZ News station CBS 5 will be airing a segment on bronies.  I caught a commercial on it while checking on my own box, and it seems to be focused on the meetup groups in the area. 

    So if you have the channel, hit it up! Otherwise, we can probably hit up the video section on their website when its posted.

    Thanks to Boogster for the heads up.
  • Wallpaper Compilation #66

    Hope you have room in your desktop rotation for more wallpapers, cause we have a bunch!

    If you do find one you like, hit the source link and click "Download" on deviant art.  Most people don't display their wallpapers at full resolution. 

    Anyway, have some below!

    Source 1
    Wallpaper ~ The Royal Guards.
  • Animation: MrPoniator's Chaotic Wedding

    It's been awhile since our last MrPoniator flash, but after a long wait he's finally ready to share his latest creation with you guys! Check out the video after the break.

  • Another Hub Marathon This Saturday

    This Saturday at 9:00 AM EST/6:00 AM PST The Hub will be airing another My Little Pony marathon.  View the ponies in their natural habitat, with all the silly hub bumps to go along with it!

    Included in the mix will be the following episodes:
    • Boast Busters 
    • Read It and Weep
    • Hurricane Fluttershy
    • Applebuck Season
    • Suited for Success
    • A Friend in Deed
     Starting off with a bang I see!  Now go make plans! I'll toss a reminder up on Saturday.

    Thanks to Joseph for the episode list^
  • Possible Season 3 Timeframe Announced on Italian TV Blog

    Italian TV Blog "Tvblog.it" dropped an article announcing the release of season two of My Little Pony in Italy, while at the same time hinting at an October release date for season 3 in the states. 

    The specific translated line courtesy of Francesco:
    La seconda stagione é stata trasmessa in originale nel 2011 sul canale via cavo americano della Hasbro, The Hub, sul quale andrà in onda la terza stagione sempre ad ottobre.

    What they say is that The Hub aired the 2nd season on October 2011, and the third season will be aired in October as well.
     They did say "within" 30 days on Facebook a few days ago, so I guess it isn't a long shot at all!  
  • Brony Thank You Ad Premiering at Canterlot Gardens

    Looks like the Brony Thank You Fund was able to get the ad approved for Canterlot Gardens.  For all of you out there curious about what the kickstarter a few months ago would accomplish, this is the first chance you will get at it. 

    Expect it at the closing ceremonies on Sunday afternoon!  The next time it will pop up will be the premiere week of Season 3. 

    Their website can be found here.
  • Poll Results: Choose a Name for Jet Blue Pony

    It looks like Jet Stream took the poll by storm!   Honestly I was rooting for Flight Snack, but it looks like shes doomed.  I wonder if they have any actual plans for the character? Only time will tell I suppose! Maybe we can strike up a deal with them for conventions or something.

    Anyway: Onward to the next poll!  Our collection event ends tomorrow, and we are sitting around 100+ entries right now.  Apparently you guys love collecting pony stuff.  What do you normally focus on though? Head on over there to the sidebar and give us an answer!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #575

    Sentry turrets are creepy as ponies.  I dont remember them with so many wires.  I guess that's a fluttershy though?

    Anyway have some art!

    Source 1
    The Aperture Science Sentry Turret

    And new banner from Tobibirocki!

  • Story Updates September 24th (Afternoon)

    Time to read! Updates below the break.

  • Comic: Twilight and the Cookie Jar / Ready Up! / Applejack's Unease

    Can you resist those eyes? Cause I wouldn't be able to.  We have a mix of cute, ridiculous, and downright creepy this time around.  Click for full!

  • Story: Pinkie Pie Meets the Universe


    Author: Kobrakin
    Description: Have you ever felt like the Universe was out to get you? Well, pat yourself on the back, because you're absolutely right. The Universe is a huge jerk, and its favorite pastime is frying planets with supernovas the moment so much as an amoeba crawls out of the primordial soup.

    Given its track record, what will happen when the Universe stumbles across a certain planet inhabited by magical technicolor ponies? The biggest party ever, if Pinkie Pie has anything to say about it!
    Pinkie Pie Meets the Universe

    Additional Tags: Supernovas, Parties, Galactic Destruction, Friendship
  • Music: Faithful Student // Watch it Go // The Rainbow-Bash 6000 //

    It seems to me I could live my life
    a lot better than I think I am!
    I guess that's why they call me-
    they call me the working man!

    Lyrics related twice today, because not only are these hard-working earth ponies, they also don't speak. The point is that these songs are instrumentals. No words. See?

    1) Radiarc - Faithful Student
    2) Kyoga - Watch it Go
    3) The Rainbow-Bash 6000

  • Canterlot Gardens Announces Andrew Francis and More!

    Even though there is less than a week left till Canterlot Gardens, the folks running the show over there are still trying to pack more into an already awesome lineup! As such, Canterlot Gardens would like to announce that Andrew Francis, the charming voice of Shining Armor and Braeburn, is making an appearance at the event as their latest guest of honor!

    They've also got a ton more to announce in the case of autograph vouchers, Enterplay and their promo card for the event, the Brony Breakdown, and the very first official Fighting is Magic tourney, Quarter Circle Hoof, is opening registration. Got your attention yet? If so, check out the official press release after the break for full details on these and more!

  • Nightly Roundup #448

    Technically we do get enough Luna art to have her as the official roundup pony.  

    Not that we would be biased toward one pony here on EQD or anything.

    Anyway, have some roundup stuff!