• Nightly Roundup #429

    Trixie Tries her best to look cool, but needing a wand makes her look like a fool. 
    I spent all day rhyming, and it was a pain in the flank.
    My brain is on fire, and is dying to blank.

    But looking back at the last few hours, I can't help but see.
    The comments filled with happiness, sophistication, and glee.

    We had a virtual rap battle with hundreds participating.
     A few even went full on musician, with egos inflating.

    Our Tubey Award invasion was a huge success.
    Luna's domination over all is sure to impress.

    And so ends Talk like Zecora day, with a roundup as the cap.
    It took all day for someone to tell me my formatting was crap! 

  • Rainbow Dashia's Song

    I just realized this entire day has been serious business.
    This is not the EQD I know and love, so lets go ahead and fix this.

    Have some Rainbow Dash Sarias song because you look bored.
    Hold on to your hats, you're about to be floored.
  • Story Updates September 5th (Night)

    EQD has been silent for quite a while. My blame falls on TF2 and my gaming lifestyle. 
    Mann Vs. Machine just makes time go by too quickly!  If I keep playing it I'll become overweight and sickly!
    So have some story updates to take me out of my trance.   Below the break you will find stories of pony exploration and romance!

  • DragonCon Voice Actor Panel with Tara Strong

    Tara Strong invades all the conventions, and all of you are her loyal minions.
    Once again someone has recorded her speech, as well as her glorious fan outreach.
    So head on down past the break, and give your overlord a virtual handshake.

  • Instrumental Music: The Lunar War / Her Love is a Dragon / Trixie's Illusion

    It is impossible to tell how pony these songs truly are. As far as I am concerned Trixie was never a dubstep star.
    Rarity on the other hoof, makes sense with an orchestral flair. But I suppose if we take something like that, accepting Trixie's dubstep is only fair.

    1.) The Lunar War - From Rarity To Extinction (Orchestral/March)
    2.) Radiarc - Her Love is a Dragon (Orchestral)
    3.) Blaze - Trixie's Illusion (Dubstep)

  • Comment Rap Battle!

    Source - Tetrapony
    Today we all must speak in rhyme
    To honor one of Zebra-kind
    Whose silver tongue and  knife-sharp wit
    Has charmed us through her clever quips
    Now to you all, a task I pose
    To rhymers new and rapping pros
    A comment battle down below
    (Because Sethisto told me so)

    A challenger you're free to choose
    From the comments that you'll view
    Then click reply and get to writing
    And show them all your Rhyme-Styled Fighting!
    The comment rules will still apply
    So keep clop links from getting by
    Besides all that, anything goes!
    Let's get started! Give us a show!
  • Tubey Awards - Friendship is Magic Nominated for "Favorite Animated Show"

    It's that time of the year once more, to support that show you all love and adore!
    Friendship is Magic deserves to win! Getting anything other than first would be the ultimate sin!

    So head on over to the Tubey website to vote, and show the world that ponies aren't just a scapegoat!
    Navigate to 13-13, the "Favorite Animated Show" section, and invade the checkbox like a ravenous dragon!

    Before the Primetime Emmy Awards we will find out the results, and the world will realize ponies are fine for adults!

    Expect updates on this event until the end of the week. And the next post without rhyming will finally allow me to speak!
  • Story: The League (Update Part 4!)

    [Comedy][Slice of Life]

    Author: Za Raapini
    Description: Ponies playing basketball? In a professional league? On Draft Day Slam Dunk sees his dreams being crushed right in front of him, and he ends up saddled on the laughingstock of the league- The Los Andaluses Kickers. Gritting his teeth against a perceived injustice, he will try to do everything he can to show Equestria he doesn't belong on a team that dwells in the basement year after year.
    The League (New Part 4!)

    Additional Tags: Basketball, coming-of-age , Ridiculous
  • Comic: Book Fortress / The Flank Anomoly / Whatever Happened to Junebug

    Twilight Sparkle as a filly? Can you handle all the cute?  Hopefully you brought your pacemaker, because your heart will soon go mute. 
    It seems you aren't the only one, thanks to Ms. Pinkamena Diane Pie.  Her random antics and sudden appearances can cause the weak of heart to die.

  • Music Remix: CommandSpry fixes Whitetail / First Night Alone - Cherax Destructor and Thatsonofamitch / Perfect Stallion Rock

    We start off today, with a remix of a game you all want to play.
    And in the second slot, a modification of First Night Alone. It's somber feel helps bring about the tone.
    Finally, we finish off with a shock. Enjoy some valentines day themed "Perfect Stallion" rock.

    1.) CommandSpry fixes Whitetail - Rarity Theme
    2.) Cherax Destructor fixes ThatSonofaMitch befriends All Levels At Once - First Night Alone
    3.) Perfect Stallion Rock

  • Weekly Media Roundup 8/27 - 9/02

    Perhaps a week of videos was too much for you to bare?  Maybe a place to find them all compiled will help your brain prepare?
    Saberspark has completed his Weekly Roundup for all of you to browse.  So check it out below the break, assuming time allows. 

  • Story Updates September 4th (Morning)

    Zepplins, Steam Punk Rainbow Dashes, and whatever else you can dream.
    With a keyboard at your finger tips, your stories can take ponies to the extreme. 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #554

    Perhaps there was an age, when Equestria was new.  Where Discord and Celestia were an inseparable two.
    These days have long since fallen into the past. And now the chaotic draconequus  has become an outcast. 
     We may see a them join forces once again in a battle against a terrible foe. But until season three airs, we are out of the know.
     It's not too far away, so relax, rejoice, take heart.  Until we see new episodes, why not check out some art? 

    Source 1
  • Poll Results: Twilight, Rainbow, and Fluttershy get Shirts, Who Else Needs One?!

    It seems the illustrious princess of the Moon has taken you all by storm.   How she beat everyone else with a single episode is a testament to her reform.
    Luna's transformation has garnered her more fans than she had before.  Lets face it guys, the sad Luna personality was really quite a bore!
    The dark and mysterious CANTERLOCK ponysona has helped her win this fight.  Perhaps the citizens of ponyville will be more open to eternal night?

  • Zecora Price Increase

    It looks like Zecora's popularity has caused a jump in price.  So if you are still looking to buy one, you should heed my advice.
    Multiple people are reporting an increase to fourteen ninety-nine.  Unfortunately in the end, this will effect your bottom line. 
    If you want to avoid the extra charge, grab one before it increases.  Especially if you plan on more than one, your wallet will burn to pieces.

    (Thanks to Niccole for the image, and everyone else that sent their Zecora stories in.  Most stores haven't changed their tag yet, so you can ask to match that price.)
  • Nightly Roundup #428

    Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend or just a great weekend in general. Time to kick off another week and since Seth already posted Applejack yesterday I thought we'd go with some Blossomforth to start things off. I've got to admit, she actually has quite the interesting mane.

    Also, I come back from the weekend and no one has sent cake in? For shame!

    Oh well, time for some news you guys! Come and get it!