• Plushie Compilation #94

    Regardless of how much you like AJ, she has a wonderful color combo and you've got to respect how much she loves her family. Have a header, AJ! You've earned it.

    Plushies you guys! Check them after the break.

    Source 1
    Fuzzlejack 2

    Source 2
    Herp Derp Plush

    Source 3
    Big Derpy Plush

    Source 4
    Singing Fluttershy plush

    Source 5
    Sweetie Belle

    Source 6
    Filly Pillow Pinkie Pie

    Source 7
    Filly Derpy and her muffin

    Source 8
    Filly and adult Rainbow Dash

    Source 9
    Baby Pinkie with a pal

    Source 10
    Twilight Sparkle/ Cheerleader in the winter

    Source 11
    Derpy Plush

    Source 12
    Derpy operation muffins

    Source 13
    Standing Trixie/ Wizard in the winter

    Source 14
    Little Bridesmaid

    Source 15
    Somewhere, Over Miss Rainbow

    Source 16
    Dinky Doo

    Source 17

    Source 18
    Pinkie Pie beanie

    Source 19
    Lyra loves her BonBon plush!

    Source 20
    Dashie With a New Pattern

    Source 21
    Luna with a new Pattern

    Source 22
    Derpy Hooves

    Source 23

    Source 24
    A Rariderpy Pair

    Source 25
    Chibi Twilight

    Source 26
    Crystal Rarity plushie

    Source 27
    Large size rarity, for sale

    Source 28
    Gala dress large size Rarity

    Source 29
    R-Dash 5000 plush

    Source 30
    flying derpy

    Source 31
    Derpy and filly Derpy

    Source 32
    Rainbow Dash Deluxe Beanie Baby

    Source 33
    Rainbow Dash standup Pattern 2

    Source 34
    Pinkie Pie Gala Plush


    Source 35
    Pinkie Plush


    Source 36
    Colgate Plush


    Source 37
    Fluttershy Yay

    Source 38
    Handmade Celestia


    Source 39
    Beatnik Rarity


    Source 40
    Derpy Plush

    Source 41
    Derpy Plushie


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