• Tumblr Spotlight: Ask Sketchy Twilight Sparkle

    You all probably remember the Drawfriend post from a few days ago, where Twilight Sparkle has an unhealthy obsession with her huuuuge list.  Or it could be healthy, maybe the parchment has special properties that promote a healthy coat?  Who knows! You aren't here for an anatomy lesson, lets talk about this awesome Tumblr!

     Twi is of course, adorkable. She also rolls with a couple of random story arcs, including a full epic meal time parody that actually turned into a Youtube video.   And if you really need your sparkle fix, she even doubles and works has her own personal therapist for a while. 

    While Twilights antics are the focus here, the art style is also really interesting! She tends to be... pointy.  I for one welcome out new spikey overlord though, and you should too!

    Check out the blog here.