• Story: The Grief of a Nation


    Author: Scorch_Mechanic
    Description: What does it feel like to banish your own sister to the sky?
    The Grief of a Nation

    Additional Tags: exile emotions mistake forgiveness elements
  • Cake Compilation

    Remember a few days ago when I asked for Cake?!

    Well here they are! Cake compilation time! 

    I am hungry now.


  • OC Pony Compilation

    Since I was so graciously volunteered to gather and post these I figured I should get off my lazy flank and actually do it. I think you guys have had ample time to sculpt your creations. Read: don't send me any more.

    Just as a side note, though, I think some of you need to read the OC pony creation guidelines in my writing guide. Just saying. Shameless plug.

    - implying you don't love OC ponies Cereal, we all know your secret


    (In after people don't understand a joke) 

  • Cross-Stitch Commissions Open

    Someone named LabbyDragon is doing commissions on these cross-stitch ponies.  The price structure is pretty simple:

    Conbage/pin/keychian- $5

    2x3= $10

    4x6= $20

    5x5= $20

    5X7= $25

    If you are interested, feel free to email her at Kozmkitty@aol.com

    You can also find her website/more examples here! 
  • Tons of Animated .gif Avatars #4

    Another huge animated .gif collection has popped up, this time on deviant art!

    Most of them are avatar size, but there are several normal sized ones as well. 

    You can find them all below!

    Animated .gif avatars #4
  • 6 Million Madmax Comic!

    This goes perfectly with that epic portal crossover that somehow managed to be the only story to pop up on the "popular posts" section since I added it!

    Thanks Madmax!
  • 6 million hits! Rarity Time! And news!

    Rarity sure is amazing! Definitely the BEST unicorn on the show.

    Anyway on with the news!

    6 Star Tags
    I have been messing around with these, trying to decide on what stories should get them... At first the plan was to hand 6 star tags to every 5 star story that has over 50 votes.  Then I realized, they ALL have 50 votes! At least the newer ones.  You all seem to have taken my advice on fics or something, because they are more popular than ever now.  So, I think I might start assigning 6 star tags to stories that are 4.9+ with 60+ votes instead.  If your story meets that criteria, feel free to email me, though Zarkanorf already sent me everything that was eligible I think! 

    Google Docs Cap
    My best e-friend Speckles (who puts up with my constant pony nonsense) has discovered a very simple workaround for Google Docs caps.  If a doc is maxed out, simply replace the "edit" in the URL with "preview".  Apparently back on May 2nd, Google accidentally removed the code that automatically dishes out previews once a document is filled up.  They are fixing it soon, but for now a simple url fix should get you in.

    Is awesome

    The Great and Powerful Trixie
    Last weeks news

    Madmax Comic
  • Story: Helix Aspersa

    [Sad] Snails time! He never gets attention!

    Author: StarmanTheta
    Description: On a schoolday afternoon, Snails admires his secret bug collection while reminiscing on his life and passions.
    Helix Aspersa

    Additional Tags: Character study, Entomology, Resignation, Bugs, Alternate Interpretation
  • 2D Pony MMO Music

    A good amount of the music in the 2D Pony MMO has been compiled on Chain Algorithm's soundcloud page!  There are some really good tracks here!  I'm amazed that this game has come so far so quickly.  Hopefully we get a chance to try it out before season 2!

    You can find all 26 tracks below!

    Chain Algoruthm's Soundcloud

    Or check out the main DA page for the game!

    2D Pony MMO DA page
  • Story: Spacegirl (Update Part 5!)

    [Normal] Based on the To the Sky comic from a few days ago.

    Author: Sunshine Smiles
    Description: A story about Scootaloo in the future, and her cutie mark.
    Spacegirl Chapter 1
    Spacegirl Chapter 2 
    Spacegirl Chapter 3
    Spacegirl Chapter 4
    Spacegirl Chapter 5 (New!)

    Spacegirl (All Links)

    Additional Tags: Sad, Touching, Joyful, Relateable, Emotional
  • Music: 8 bit At the Gala

    8 bit brony is at it again! This time with a remix of At the Gala! Check it out after the break!

    And yes, Rainbow Dash's part remains the best even in 8bit.   /r/ing an entire 3 minute song like that thanks!

  • Streaming Ponies Soon To Be a Felony?

    Apparently a new bill has popped up, attempting to turn any form in internet streaming with copyrighted works into a straight up felony.

    It hasn't actually passed yet, but if something like this does manage to make it through, I wonder what the implications for Season two would be?  I think only a handful of us actually have the hub... most of this community is built around youtube streams of the show.  

    Though the big question is, would this even be heavily enforced?  Isn't it technically illegal as is?

    Anyway, I am in no way a laywer or someone who knows a large amount about this.  I just like poni.

    You can find the full article below!

    New Streaming Bill
  • Story: Crimps and Prance

    [Normal] Cheerilee time! Same author as that AJ story earlier... so hopefully the doc doesn't fill up too quickly.  I'll paste it below if so, but it's really long. 

    Author: Conner Cogwork.
    Description: Cheerilee is becoming frazzled after a long semester. But when a friend recommends a new dance club in Ponyville, she feels she's too old to partake in today's current hip scene... or is she?
    Google Documents
    Crimps and Prance

    Crimps and Prance

    Additional Tags: Dance, 80s, nostalgic, midlife crisis
  • PMV: Kick-Flank

    This one is way cooler than it has any right to be.

    Kick-Flank is below the break!

  • Story: The Lunar Republic

    [Normal] Luna time!

    Author: UncleGrum
    Description: Luna plots to take down her sister's rule, but she is being watched at every turn. She must outwit her sister if she hopes to win.
    The Lunar Republic

    Additional Tags: Plotting, pies, illegitimate heirs, intrigue, shady politics
  • Drawfriend Stuff #83

    Dash shipped with everyone edition, As always.  Lots of Madmax in this one.  I don't know how she draws so quickly. 

    1 Source
  • Story: Ah Ain't Got no Ack-Cent!

    [Normal] Manehatten style Applejack!? Why did this take so long to happen?

    Author: Conner Cogwork
    Description: When Rarity is overwhelmed with making designs for an agriculture exhibition, she turns to Applejack for advice. But when she gives Applejack a hair style treatment in return, the apple farmer lets her accent slip from southern drawl to sophisticated Manehattenite. The result? More fancy parties than you can shake a candy apple at!
    Google Documents
    Ah Ain't Got no Ack-Cent!

    Ah Ain't Got no Ack-Cent

    Additional Tags: Accent, Exhibition, Manehattenite speech, honesty.

    Live Reading
  • Music: Rainbow Rhapsody // Giggle at the Ghostly (Easymix)

    Two new remixes!

    Rainbow Rhapsody (inspired by Notacleverpony's Sonic Rainboom remix)
    Giggle at the Ghostly Remix (Easymix)

    Both found after the break!

  • Massive Color Swap Collection

    Someone going by the name of Durpy over on Deviant Art is in the process of creating a huge gallery of color swap ponies.  It's actually pretty interesting, and probably a ton of work!  You can find it below!

    Color Swap Gallery
  • Pinkie Pie Paper Craft

    Pinkie has now been converted to Paper Craft by the same brony that did the Rainbow Dash/Derpy ones.  You can find the template below, as well as the guide for it!


  • Story: Rocky Road

    [Shipping][Grimdark-slight] m/m

    Author: Midnight Shadow
    Description: Rocky is a bad pony, and makes one fatal mistake at Big Daddy Mac's special club. He has to pay the price, and it is steep. Can he put together his life again and make up for something he can't quite remember, with all he has lost?
    Rocky Road
    Rocky Road Part 2

    Additional Tags:  Life, Growth, Pain, Love, Redemption