• Story: Final Battle between Twilight and Trixie

    [Grimdark] Everypony's favorite wizard to hate is back with a vengeance in this epic clash between the two greatest sorceresses in all of Equestria!  Enjoy, also some drawfriend drew this awesome Trixie, if anyone knows who it is let me know in comments so I can give credit. *edit* apparently blogger resized it really tiny, cut it into 2. 

  • Art: Pony Wallpaper Compilation #1

    A good amount of the coming posts will be "catch up", since there is such a massive amount of old MLP content right now, but due to the 3 week hiatus of the show, very little new content.  Here are a few wallpapers I have collected over the last few months.  I'm currently using the Applebloom/Dash karate one!

    Some are pretty strange resolution, but i've found that Irfanview seems to upscale/downscale when you set as wallpaper pretty much flawlessly.  This is something photoshop/normal windows are incapable of for some unknown reason.  Every other program I try gives all sorts of artifacts and nastiness. 

  • News: Moot does not give a shit about ponies!

    I am not completely convinced that this is a 100% legit chat log, but here is the big cheese of 4chan's take on ponies...pretty much nothing! So those praying for the day when /co/ would be renamed /poni/, and the insurmountable rage that would follow spreads ponies to every board on the site, should probably look for something else to wish for!

    I can however confirm that /co/ does in fact have a mod due to my awesome 4 day remaining ban for "pony spam".

    Here is the link to the alleged chat log.   Take it for what it's worth.

  • Story: Luna/Celestia

    [Normal] And last one from (A.J. !rinxooACj.) Luna and Celestia.  They really need to get some more Luna episodes rollin. 

  • Story: Applejack/Big Mac

    And another one by (A.J. !rinxooACj.), this time starring Applejack and Big Mac.  (rated G you sick bastards) 

  • Video: Monty Python Dash and Spinning Apple Bloom

    Fresh from Youtube (kind of), 2 epic pony videos!
  • Story: Priority Mail

    [Shipping] Reka over at /co/ brings us one of the few Fluttershy fics.  We don't get too many of those!  Linked below. (And clean, though there is arguably some DerpyxFluttershy shipping going on.)
    Description: Needs Description

    Priority Mail