• Pony Month In Review - 30+ Pony Events That Happened in February 2016!

    We saw the coming storm of season 6 news, and a TRUCKLOAD of merchandise for the year from Toy Fair. All in all, February was absolutely nuts for official stuff.

    We added an editorial tab at the top for those that missed it. Within, you can find all the posts we do here on EQD, from top 10's to pony history.  Just hover over it and pick one.

    Below the break, we dive into all of the highlights! Best animations, best news, and general interesting things. Go check it all out!

    And catch up on previous months over here.

    Legends of Everfree Annoucned - 4th Equestria Girls Movie

    New Equestria Girls - Legends of the Everfree Coming Fall 2016

    Follow it at the EG tag!

    Fallout Pony Game Gets a Demo! 

    Be little pip, kill raiders

    Rainbow Dash Gets a Day 

    Catch up on all things Rainbow Dash day over here!

    Manehattan a Big Push in Season 6

    Quite a bit of Manehattan appearing here this past month.  This one here, and more in the season 6 tag.

    New Cadance book on the Way - Princess Cadance and the Spring Hearts Garden

    Princess Cadance and the Spring Hearts Garden Announced

     Read about it here!

    Friendship is Magic #25 Officially Released!

    Go grab it here!

    5 Under Appreciated Characters to Explore in Season 5

     Check this one out here!

    Spoilerhorse being cute

    Get it here

    Gameloft adds Griffons, Clowns, #1140 worth of New Micro Transactions, the Fandom Isn't Surprised at All

    A series of updates this month for the pony game to really dig into those wallets of yours. Enjoy buying digital ponies for thousands of dollars! Woo!

     Full gameloft coverage over here.

    Amethyst Star, Twist, Spotlit!

     Slog spotlightin the pones. Get some:

    Amethyst Star
    TWIST - With Interview with her VA! 

    MisterDavie's Videos Take a Copyright Hit, Eventually Return

    If you like gory ponies for whatever reason, it's a thing. And it came back. Some of us were fine with it's absence, but we won a war on copyright at least.

    Infos here.

    Vicodin DIGS DEEP

    Moonbutt depressed? Go read about it.

    4th quarter Financials - Pony Up, EG down

    Get your daily dose of legal jargon and investory things here.

    Fluttershy Plays TF2

     And a bunch of other things. Watch here.

    Guardians of Equestria Announced and detailed!

    A new toyline for both genders involving pony! Get the full report on it at various postings in our Guardians of Harmony label, or just check the high res here

    Aurora Releases Cheap Coco Pommel and Starlight Plushies

    Aurora Coco Pommel Plushie

    With Shiny and Cadance. Get them here!

    Trixie Released from 4DE!

    4de Trixie Plushie Pre-orders Now Available - Trixie No Cape/HatThe Great and Powerful Trixie 4de Plushie With Cape Available now

     Want a Trixie? Cause you better want a Trixie. She is the BEST AND POWERFULEST after all.

    Go get it here.

    Incredible Looney Tunes style animation

    This is AWESOME.

    Go get it.

    Season 6 Gets a May Release Date... but It was Wrong!

    Season 6 will be dropping ponies off on March 26th, Hasbro was wrong. Woops.


    Toy fair dropped a ton of new toys, and we got a compilation of all of it. Head on over here for all toys and a summary of that!

    Or check individual specific posts at our Toy Fair tag. 

    Five Hidden Things in Guardians of Harmony

     Lots of easy to miss things! Or 5 to be exact. Go check it here.

    Deadpool taking part in the "dark side" of the fandom! 

    Clip clop. He really loved his unicorn plushie in the movie.

    Go read it here.

    New Season 6 Griffon Character Announced

    Gabby the Griffon Revealed for Season 6!

     Infos over here!

    Toy Fair's Press Only Presentation Reveals Tons Season 6 Things

     Almost as much as SDCC panels at this point. Get the breakdown here.

    My Little Pony Facebook Posting Lyra and Bonbon Love


    Friendship is Epic game looks.. EPIC. 

    Go check it out over here!

    Friendship is Magic Comic First Looks - Friends Forever #28, Comic #42, and More

    Friendship is Magic #42—Synopsis, Artists, and Writer!MLP: FF 28 Main CoverFriendship is Magic #42—Synopsis, Artists, and Writer!

    EQD's got your scoop on pony comics!

    Friends Forever #28
    Comic #42

    I Shill My Own Oc

    She's cute right? If you don't agree, you lose all your Internets for a week. Sphinx deserves your love and admiration.

    ALL the pony hugs documented and charted

    Which Ponies Hug the Most?

    Ponies love their hugging.  Check it out here.

    Zap2it Reveals the REAL Date for Season 6, ridiculously Early. Few Believe it! 

     Yeah, that happened. See you on the 26th.

    More Returning Characters for Season 6 Revealed

     Get the post here!

    The ridiculous Season 4 German DVD Cover

     Very silly

    Giant Pony Limosine

    Get it over here!

    New Pony Plushies From Multi Pulti

    Multi Pulti MLP Plushie LunaMulti Pulti MLP Plushie Nightmare Moon

    Find them here!

    Rarity Invades Australian Parliament

    Get it over here!

    Equestria Girls 6 Book Title Revealed

    Head on over here to check it out!

    Forbes Comparing Failed Jem to Successful Pony

     Read it here!

    Prime Minister of Canada Hanging with Pony Cosplayers

    Go check it out over here!

    Discord Day

     Get your Discordy things over here!

    McDonalds Ponies Return!

    Mcdonalds Happy Meal Toys Officially Announced for February! Coco Pommel, Suri Polomare, and Starlight Glimmer

    Go get em people!


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