• Nightly Roundup #938

    Twilight has had enough of the future and has purchased one of Equestrian Innovations' time machines (now with 60% less paradoxes!) and has come back to good old 2014. All those wings all over her body were getting itchy.

    It's good to be back in 2014! Though I do miss my robotic hip. Thanks for participating in this year's antics in the comment section and thanks to those of you who don't like April Fools for tolerating the silliness today. At any rate, back to our regular scheduling and to start things off, this Twilight not only fit our theme nicely this April Fools, but it is also the favorite pony of user SullMaster! Hope you had a happy birthday Sull and I hope you like the Twilight!

    Now on to the short Roundup we have tonight!

  • Changeling Genetic-Recombination Exosuit Finally Overcomes Legal Hurdles

    So, remember those changeling technology suits we were all so excited about back in 2038?  The ones that utilize that amazing new genetic restructuring technology to painlessly and flawlessly transform into other living things? The ones with the release hyped up for two whole changeling-filled seasons of MLP?  The ones that were pulled from the shelves less than a week after they were first sold after that group of nine-year-olds were seemingly irreversibly transformed into a flock of sheep?  Yeah, those.

    Anyway, after seven years of expensive legal mumbo-jumbo, the Changeling Exosuit 2.0 is making its way back to stores, with several notable improvements!

    • Efficiency improvements!  Exosuit interior mesh now has only 1400 essential contact points on the body with which to deliver DNA rearrangement signals instead of the original 1750.

    • Bugfixes have removed the tendency of the user to develop instincts of the species they have transformed into.

    • A new deluxe model is available, allowing for slight anatomical changes in many of the possible transformations, allowing the user to talk even while in animal form.

    • Emergency backups of the user’s original genetic code can now be stored on external devices in case of malfunction leading to accidental data corruption or deletion during use.

    • There are already rumors of a version 3.0, complete with full customization abilities to add new species data or create your own fantasy species, although Hasbro has stated that this technology is unlikely to appear until at least the end of the decade.

    In other news, the Changeling Exosuit development team has in fact (mostly) restored the victims of the unfortunate malfunction from a few years ago to their original state.  One or two of them still make reflexive bleating sounds, but the developers insisted that this is a small side effect and will wear off in the span of a year or so.

    Pick up your Changeling Exosuit 2.0 at any local department store starting next week!
  • Story: Project: Sunflower

    [Sci-Fi][Adventure] Good thing we survived that whole Black Tide thing. Have a history lesson. - EQD R&D Department

    Author: Hoopy McGee
    Description: It is the year 2038, and the Earth is slowly being consumed by a space-borne monstrosity dubbed the Black Tide, which is using nanotechnology to remake the planet into something hideously alien.

    Erin Olsen works for Project Harmonics, humanity's last-ditch effort to find a new world before the Tide can wipe them out. But when that world is found, and it turns out to be occupied, Erin will need to find the courage to face the unknown in order to save the inhabitants of both worlds.
    Project: Sunflower

  • MLP: CCG - "Epic" News!

    Waaay back in 2014 we revealed an awesome new promo version of the villainous fiend Ahuizotl. The first thing that stands out on the card is the image; it's just such a classic picture of Ahuizotl! But, I'm sure none of you have any Objections about the image choice, so that’s not what I’m here to talk about. If you look over the card you’ll notice something interesting: the word “Epic” on the trait line.

    We’ve received quite a few questions over the past decades as to when we'll explain what Epic means, and today is the day! Epic is a new trait that will now be added to some printings of Villain Troublemakers. Here’s the Epic rules definition:

    “At the end of each turn, the player who controls an Epic Troublemaker will score points equal to that Troublemaker’s power."

  • DASHr Officially Breaking into the Hoverboard Industry

    Rainbow Dash based racing automobile manufacturer DASHr has just announced it's big move into the rapidly growing hover-board industry.  Known primarily for their reckless deigns and focus on WINNING no matter the cost, these guys have dominated the Nascar and Formula 1 scene since their inception back in 2021. 

    The world already equates their rainbow maned mascot with speed, but will she be able to take the gold in a brand new arena? Some big name investors have their doubts.  Media superstar and 7 time golden globe actress Loona S. Moona voiced her safety concern earlier in the week:

    "While DASHr's track record for victories exceeds just about everyone, they also top the charts when it comes to crashes and malfunctions.  We all remember their attempt at taking classic engines into the nuclear age. That mess is still being cleaned up.". - Loona S. Moona

    In response, racing legend Celeste Sunnyside tossed this quip out:

    "While Mrs. Moona may be versed in the world of popularity contests and movies, she doesn't understand a thing about engines or technology.  We can't live like we did 1000 years ago forever.  DASHr has done more for the industry than anyone else, even if their methods are a bit unorthodox and ruthless." - Celeste Sunnyside

    Whether this will be a huge success or a massive bust for the company remains to be seen.  The question is, will the general population trust DASHr with flinging them around 5 feet off the ground? Will they drop a 20% cooler reference and ruin everything like they nearly did back in 2022? Only time will tell!
  • Archeology Animation: Fallout: Equestria Series - Sneak Peek / Sparkle Fools!

    Remember good ol' April 1st of 2014?  Remember when Fallout Equestria gave us a sneak peek, Kimmy Sparkle took over Poetess's channel with a full 4 minute animation? Those were some days.  Get them down below or click the images. 

  • Official Magical Match Three Game

    Twilight was SO HAPPY with just two wings!

    All these years later, and people are still addicted to matching 3 objects style games.  Amazing how easy the human race is to entertain at the fundamental level.  Hasbro has released a new one over on their main site dedicated to Rainbow Power.  Hit it up here! (Link Fixed!)

    Thanks to Sweetie Bot for the heads up! 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #12,437

    Remember that episode about Tom getting the sex change operation? It still surprises me that they were able to turn a topic like that into a full on 22 minute episode.  Maybe it was a testament to how difficult it was to think of storylines for the old team near the end of their reign in season 20.

    Anyway, get some art below.  It looks like a lot of you are still drawing oldschool ponies doing oldschool things.  Living in the past in your old ages aren't you?

    [1] Source
    My Little Pin Up- Tom

  • Black Light DJ Pon-3 At We Love Fine

    Oh hey, that old DJ Vinyl figure has a new model.  We Love Fine tossed this one up for all you collectors out there. Apparently a whole bunch of variants are on the way.  Five others are also on the way.  If you want to pre-pirchase her, head on over here!

    And in other news, it looks like a Rainbow Dash shirt snuck into their Emerald City Comic Con stuff.  Hit that up on this page.
  • Fandom Archival Site Goes Live

    Much like when Twilight discovered the Tome of Ultimate Knowledge in season 20 (man, remember the drama over that one?) some white bearded bronies from the early days have taken upon themselves to create an information archive on the fandom's earliest substantial figures as well as modern day stars. It's currently in its infancy and is ever changing, but it's good to see such an effort to preserve our fandom's history is being made.

    You can find the site, AreYouHorseFamous, here.

    Now I need to go lie down, my robotic hip is in need of a firmware update.

    Twitter: RoboCalpain   
  • BronyDoc Announces Bronies Gone Wild - Covering Clop

    In a not too surprising move considering the rise of VR technology and the "Virtual Pony Waifu Rights" protests of 2033, the guys behind the Bronies Documentary have decided to cover a side of the fandom many of you were apparently asking for.  Introducing Bronies Gone Wild, the unbiased approach at analyzing the "dark side" of the pony fandom.

    Some of the backer rewards include a copy of the infamous "Lyra Plushie" from years past, along with an entire virtual pony world created just for you at the 2,000,000,000 dollar mark.  Not a bad price all things considered!

    Find the announcement page over at Bronydoc's main site!

    (And in real life news, the unreleased tapes will be finished by the end of the month, premiering at Babscon and on sale for either $9.99 or "name your price" digital)
  • Doctor Whoof Crossover Movie Finally Announced for 2046

    Let's kick this one off with a throwback image! Man, I can't believe how long ago it was we had the 13th Doctor around.

    Anyway, this is the moment all you Doctor Who fans have been waiting for! After years of licensing issues and paperwork, we're finally getting our Friendship is Magic/Doctor Who crossover film, and starring none other than a ponified version of the 22nd Doctor, Nicolas Cage! He definitely pulls off the "kooky old man" type that they've been going for the past couple seasons.

    While they haven't given away too much about the movie, they did provide this synopsis:
    When the Doctor accidentally sends the TARDIS through a rift in time, he finds himself to be a little horse! Trapped in an alternate earth inhabited by magic talking ponies and caught in a war started by one of his oldest enemies, the Doctor must save the kingdom of Equestria and repair the TARDIS in under 24 hours.
    There's no title yet, but it has been confirmed that M. A. Larson and Steven Moffat will both be returning to write the story, so it's sure to be exciting! The expected release date is late summer of 2046.

    Get ready, fellow whoofvians!
  • Reminiscing on the Great Fandom Explosion of 2016

    We were simply not prepared. M.A. Larson, worried that he wouldn't be able to top giving Twilight Sparkle wings, decided to drop this bombshell when he returned to the world of pony in 2019. Millions of bronies everywhere burned their twaifu plushies in protest and the fandom still hasn't fully recovered.  Remember when they had their first earth pony foal? The analysis community spent the next week figuring out how a pegasus and an alicorn pulled that one off.  The poor kid was doomed from the start. 

    The fateful tweet that started it all can be found over here.  RIP Twilight Sparkle's single status.  At least Luna stayed open for another few seasons. 
  • Archeology Story: Friendship is Optimal

    [Sci-Fi/Alternate Universe][Human] A.I. Princess? Sign me up. - EQD Archeology Department

    Author: Iceman
    Description: Hanna, the CEO of Hofvarpnir Studios, just won the contract to write the official My Little Pony MMO. Hanna has built an A.I. Princess Celestia and given her one basic drive: to satisfy everybody's values through friendship and ponies. Princess Celestia will satisfy your values through friendship and ponies, and it will be completely consensual.
    Friendship is Optimal

  • Hub Announces New Spinoff Series! - DRAGONFIRE

    With pony going strong into 2045 the Hub has announced yet another spinoff series after the success of the CMC Chronicles, Cooking with Pinkie, and Doctor Whooves: Adventures in Time! This one looks to be their biggest hit yet and is sure to add on to the amazing success of the MLP:FiM brand!

    Check on after the break for a video the amazing news!

    Update: Even more amazing! After the success of MLP in Japan over the past 30 years, the HUB surprises us with another spinoff. Pony forever!

  • Equestria Daily App Version 13.0.4

    Development on the Equestria Daily app has been going strong since it's release 30 years ago. But we are always looking for ways to make your mobile experience even better. Now we know how many of you enjoy the Gameloft Pony app. That's why starting with version 13.0.4 we will be introducing gameloft-inspired gems to the mobile app.
    These gems will make your navigation through Equestria Daily on mobile feel even more rewarding. 

    Information below the break!

  • Hasbro Adds ANOTHER Wing to Twilight Sparkle

    It just keeps happening.  Why won't they stop? It looks like once again, Hasbro has tossed another wing on poor Twilight Sparkle, this one jutting right out of her chest.  We dealt with the horn wings, and even the double torso wings, but now they are just going too far.  An official statement was released earlier today:

    April 1, 2045

    Hasbro Adds Even More Power to Main Character SuperArchPrincess Twilight Sparkle Via Additional Rainbow Power Wing

    As many of our stock holders are aware, Twilight Sparkle has been a massive boon for Hasbro Inc over the years, and after several months of intense market research, we noticed a 15% spike in sales on our most recent brushable line when last year's rump wing™ was added.  Introducing the new and improved Chest Wing™, which the 3-12 demographic is sure to love unconditionally.  Expect further improvements as we continue to grow our MY LITTLE PONY™ brand long into the future.

    With how successful our last anti-wing campaign was, I'm thinking we will just have to deal with it at this point.  At least Flash Sentry and their foals will have something extra to make fun of. 
  • Ponibot - Firmware Upgrade 3.0 Releasing Next Week! Patch Notes Arrive!

    The Ponibot Corporation has sent out it's release notes for the newest 3.0 patch arriving next week! I know a lot of you were complaining about the last 2.9c update and removal of unicorn magic due to that obnoxious lawsuit from a while back.  It looks like they may have found a way around that though!  Unicorns are BACK IN ACTION!

    Along with that, a whole bunch of new features and improvements have been rolled out, including a brand new AI software packages that allows you to "unlock" your Ponibot entirely.  

    Get the full release notes below the break!

  • 2010-2045 - A Celebration!

    What a wild ride these last few decades have been!  Who would have thought we'd survive all of that and still come out kickin? With the near death of the fandom in 2019 when we saw the Equestria Girls merger, the "revamp" and eventual failure in 2025 with Gen 5, and the return of Friendship is Magic in 2030, we really have conquered it all these last few years. With season 31 of the main series on the horizon, and season 30 being ground-breakingly awesome as we come to the end, things are really starting to look up!

    There are rumblings that the entire set of episodes was leaked for this fall's lineup over on 15chan.  I wouldn't go digging though, you guys know how they are.  Once we get confirmation expect a post later. If the last few days have been any indication, this is going to be a busy day. So busy in fact, that I made a tag for it

    See you all during usual posting time. Hasn't changed in 34 years!

    (Happy April fools everyone! It was fun!)